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Chapter 3073 Pompeii! V

3073 Pompeii! V


Outside of the Existential Mines of Cappadocia.

Martial King Adonis held eyes radiating blue tendrils of light as he looked out at the expanse of Planes of Existence and countless domains around him, the Will and controller of his Dominium currently being someone else entirely as all of his Records, Extremes, and Existence were under someone else's control!

All were under the control of the Great Usurper.

With his eyes acclimating to his new vision, Noah Eckert gazed behind him to see the tattered visage of the old Dragon Knight he had taken over with much difficulty, but it catapulted him where he was right now as everything was worth it!

His gaze eventually came to land on the visage of Basileus Anaine as he smiled.

|Used and discarded by my old friend, do you still share hatred, Little Anaine?|

Eckert asked calmly even though he knew the answer.

He didn't leave behind any loopholes as even Anaine…held traces of his oppressive will inside of her!

And within her, he felt the weavings of and controlled Vitalis.

From the old Dragon Knight, he felt the weavings of and controlled Dignity, Knighthood, Valor, and more Existential Extremity Authorities!

From Martial King Adonis, he could feel the weavings of the Exclusive Existential Extremity Authority of the Imperium along with multiple other Existential Extremes, his eyes already looking far ahead to a glorious future.

Other beings were limited in how many Existential Extremes they held in their Dominium as this number was never too high.

But if he could continue Dominating the souls of his Enemies and expand his will into the Dominiums of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of Ent.i.ties of the Existential Dominium Realm…would he not grasp the weavings of and control hundreds of thousands or even millions of Existential Extremity Authorities?

Would he not be able to put together the complex weavings of an Omniversal Authority all by himself?

While others were looking to gain the influence of an Omniversal Authority, he could bring together all those he dominated and gully unleash not a mere influence- but the true power of an Omniversal Authority!

|Mmm…| He went towards the center of Cappadocia where a few Legions of the Imperium still remained as he was expectant of the future.

After all, what better time could there be to grow in power if not in times of war?

And most of all, what about a certain someone?

The weavings of a certain ent.i.ty circled within his mind as he gazed back briefly past the boundaries of Cappadocia towards the Unknown.

He wondered.

'How far ahead are you, Osmont?'


A compet.i.tive spirit still welled up inside of him.

There were many things to be done if he wanted to stand a chance!

|First of all, Little Sister, Europa…it is time for you all to make your return.|


From the depths of his Existential System.

Those he cared deeply for were waiting to come out this whole time!

Entry into the Inner Domain of Pompeii!

This restricted s.p.a.ce showed a great deal of events occurring as the Omniversal Pillagers who had been seeking entry deeper in had a great deal of casualties here.

The spilling Pillars of ash silver light rotated like stanchions of celestial light, covering everything from top to bottom and stretching out on all sides without end.

One had to cross these dangerous spinning Pillars of light if they wanted to make any headway, and the Omniversal Pillagers showed that they were relentless in this pursuit as even after all this time, dozens of Omniversal Pillagers could be seen right outside the region of this dangerous place as a few moved forward and entered the gauntlet every now and then!


Beside him, Sona clicked her lips as they all gazed at this while feeling the oppressive Authority in the surroundings that if one didn't spend a great deal of resources, their existence may just begin to petrify.

|The deeper one goes in, the more concentrated the wonders of the Seed of a Greater Omniversal Authority are. But I didn't expect it to be such a bloodbath…|

Her words echoed out as Noah agreed with them, gazing ahead as he sent his own weavings out!


This was the name of this Domain.

It was also the distinction of the Seed of the Omniversal Authority that was budding here.

He wanted to know.

Why were the Omniversal Pillagers doing everything in their power trying to get behind these dangerous spinning stanchions of light?

Just what lay behind all this danger that even those above Teracosm would wished to get their hands on it?!

|Show me.|

He spoke out with a booming voice as Causality began to twist and distort.

There were possibilities of realities where he would make it past these spinning stanchions of light.

What would he find once he did so?


His Invictus Dominium Wings buzzed as in front of him, a singular ma.s.sive illusory screen of light arose.

It pulled the gazes of everyone here as on this screen, the endless spinning stanchions of light were shown…and then bypa.s.sed!

Through trenches of danger and wonder.

And what was shown to lie behind the stanchions of light…

|Past the Judgment Pillars of Pompei, the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea formed naturally by the Omniverse during the birth of an Omniversal Authority can be accessed.|

|Within the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea, profound effects can be experienced by those who would normally not have access to it.|

|Some of these effects have been deduced on the weavings of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Aitia.|


A glow of purple and blue shone with Noah at the center as the illusory screen began to show a tantalizing silver sea!

|A base effect while within the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea is the pa.s.sive devouring of its waters that allow the advanced growth of Existential Dominiums, Omniversal Constructs, Omniversal Organs, Existential Extremes, and the base Existential Omniversal Glory of an Ent.i.ty that allows one to be recognized by Omniversal Authorities if they have a high enough value.|


Little nuggets of what lay behind the stanchions of silver light showed themselves.

And they were enough to make Noah understand he absolutely had to step deeper into this Domain!

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