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Chapter 3075 Pompeii! VII

3075 Pompeii! VII

Little tiny black worms.

Unknown in origin and nature, with a single one seemingly appearing not that long ago.

And yet the terrifying weavings of a Greater Omniversal Authority seemed nothing to it, with any tendrils of authority sent its way being ineffective as they were simply sucked into the bodies of the small black worms as if they were nothing.

And within moments, from the 27 small black worms, 81 appeared.


Their wailing cries became ever louder and more p.r.o.nounced as their speed became ridiculously fast, all of them now seeming filled with an intent against the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse as they delved deeper and deeper into its Domain- more and more of the millions of Existential Extremity Authorities that made it up disappearing one after another as a horrific scene unveiled itself!

Noah was in the middle of absorbing a pure Source of Omniversal Authority based on Pompeii itself.

His existence felt like it was becoming ever so ma.s.sive, with a value he had yet to fully define slowly increasing as he became ever so aware of it.

Existential Omniversal Glory.

A high amount of it, and one could gain the Recognition of Omniversal Authorities!

And Noah knew that its acc.u.mulation depended on one's Omniversal Organ. It was his Invictus Dominium Wings that allowed him to attain the Recognition of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Aitia, and all the subsequent boons that followed.

The more his Invictus Dominium Wings advanced, the more he played with Causality, the more he would peer into the weavings of Aitia and understand its remaining three components.

If he had the recognition and full understanding of the Omniversal Authority along with everything it contained…

what would happen?



His thoughts were stopped.

The clear Quintessential Codex of Extremity in his hands buzzed.

Its pages fluttered as it flipped open to the records of the Greater Omniversal Authority of Deorcnysse, and the millions of Existential Extremity Authorities recorded as parts of its weavings…they shockingly began to dim as if they never existed to begin with.


And a moment later, Noah felt his weavings begin to vibrate with interminable fervor, his Lineage and all parts of his existence rolling alongside it!

He felt the countless paths he could take dim at an unfathomable rate, whereupon the trillions and trillions of possibilities out there, it felt like half were erased in the span of a second!

These were probabilities of the future!

Of his future!

Their weavings were instantly erased as if they never existed, and even more weavings were closed off as…

|An Unknown Influence is negating many possible weavings of the future!|



What else was there apart from the Unknown Source that was trying to steer him to take on the path of an Omniversal Destroyer?!



A piercing scream echoed out as behind him, tight after the spinning Judgment Pillars of Pompeii, the figure of Sonahasd just crossed through as she clasped her head while a fierce bellow erupted from her, her face twisted in pain as her eyes were glazed with an icy gold light!

Noah's visage instantly appeared beside her even while seas of silver splendor surged inside of both of them, his hand grasping hers as her voice echoed out in pained and exasperated tones.

|All possible weavings are disappearing!|


|Weaving of d.a.m.nation, weavings of greatness, weavings of pain…every one of them!|


Her voice was pained as if she didn't understand.

She had seen the weavings of d.a.m.nation as with Noah, more possibilities opened as she even discovered the workings of what was to come.

They had a clear enemy.

An Unknown Source that may not even be capable of moving by itself. Something that even steered Noah as the perpetrator of d.a.m.nation, and as long as they controlled this while collecting more anomalies for the Initiative, they would be able to overcome it as more possible weavings were flouris.h.i.+ng!

So why…


Even though Noah held her right hand, she clutched her chest with her left as the area where her heart should be ached.

She held no heart, and yet it ached so much!

She felt like she was coming so close to overcoming something that she had been shouldering all these years, only for something even more obscene to show itself.

She didn't understand why.


|It's okay.|


The voice of Noah echoed out serenely as it stabilized the weavings that Sona was seeing.

|Whatever it is, we will overcome it.|

Noah said such words while he turned Sona's gorgeous face towards his.

Golden blue light surrounded her.

Hues of green bathed her.

Her eyes twinkled with gold and blue icy light as her pupils focused, a firm light rising within them as she spoke while gazing deeply at Noah.

|Do you know…all other paths have turned dark as somehow, a singular path is all that remains.|


|That path…has you at its lead. The only thing not consumed and negated completely in all paths. Why is that?|

She seemed to genuinely be asking him a question.

But he…didn't have an answer for her.

He couldn't tell her that even for him, more than half of the possible paths of weavings of the future were already erased as others were slowly following!

Something immensely destructive and unfathomable had occurred as it made things very, very serious.

But he didn't know what.

At least, not yet!

But he wasn't alone.

In the distance, figures of the all Omniversal Pillagers that were devouring the Source of the Sacred Natal Omniversal Sea of Pompeii all trembled while shocked looks spread in their eyes, some of them even letting out bellows that could be heard in the distance.




They weren't the only ones.

Behind, Legions of the Imperium that had begun to enter the Judgment Pillars of Pompeii clutched their heads in shock as they received new weavings of their future paths, this moment coming at a very inopportune time as for some of them, s.h.i.+ning stanchions of light smashed into them soon after!

Far from the Greater Omniversal Domain of Pompeii.

From the Source of the Imperium.

To the Sources of Dignity, Valor, Freedom, and many others of the Sanctus Populi.

Weavings descended as they were all enough to turn things upside down!

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