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Chapter 584: Being Targeted!

The gigantic black sand scorpion took this chance when the small pink fox was completely exhausted to attack it with the poisonous stinger!


The small pink fox did not even have any more energy to move so the gigantic black sand scorpion's poisonous stinger easily crushed it to pieces.

The small pink fox turned into a group of white light and disappeared.


Just when Tang Li Xue relaxedly sat on the gigantic black sand scorpion's back and happily drained its energy with her [Essence Devouring Technique], her vision suddenly became blurry.

Tang Li Xue blinked and opened her topaz blue eyes again, but she was no longer on the gigantic black sand scorpion's back anymore.

It seems she had already won the treasure game and got sent out from it.

"Eh? This is... I have already returned back to Treasure Island?! So fast?! Tsk~! Why did this treasure game end so quickly just when I was having so much fun sucking up the energy from that big scorpion..." Tang Li Xue muttered in displeasure.

Tang Li Xue was not satisfied yet since her energy had not fully recovered yet right now.

"Sigh... Forget it~! At least my energy has already recovered for more than two-thirds." Tang Li Xue shook her head and reached out her paws to take the treasure box in front of her.

But suddenly, her [Extrasensory Perception] gave her a warning of the danger coming from the sand beneath her feet!

Tang Li Xue swiftly used her [Flickering Flash Step] to retreat back after she grabbed the treasure box with her paws!


The sand instantly hardened like metal and turned into sharp spikes!

If Tang Li Xue dodged too late for even half a second, she would surely turn into a fox sieve by this attack!

"d.a.m.n it ~! Who the h.e.l.l dares to sneak attack me?!" Tang Li Xue gnashed her fang and shouted in anger.

A beige-colored fox jumped out from beneath the sand.

However, it was clearly not alone since Tang Li Xue's [Extrasensory Perception] detected six other foxes coming closer quickly toward her.

Tang Li Xue's blood pressure exploded, and she wanted to scold the beige-colored fox for its shamelessness.

Before she could do it, Tang Li Xue suddenly realized the eerie red light shone inside the beige-colored fox's eyes.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply as her hunch felt something extremely wrong.

She immediately decided to not entangle with these foxes and quickly ran away from here!

Tang Li Xue condensed a pair of deep blue [Phoenix Wings] on her back and hastily flew away from there!

But how could the beige-colored fox let Tang Li Xue get away so easily from it?!

The surrounding sand was churning violently all of a sudden, and they turned into several elastic whips!

Several elastic whips bound Tang Li Xue's body tightly just when she flapped its deep blue [Phoenix Wings] and soared upward!

Tang Li Xue glared at the beige-colored fox in fury and flapped its deep blue [Phoenix Wings] toward it!

[Scattered Flame Feathers]~!

ndαsvεl m

Dense deep blue flame feathers were flying toward the beige-colored fox in that instant!

However, the beige-colored fox did not flinch at all.

It skillfully controlled the sand right in front of it, and swiftly created a hardened wall!


Dense deep blue flame feathers exploded as they clashed against the hardened sand wall!

The hardened sand wall was filled with cracks, but Tang Li Xue's [Scattered Flame Feathers] had failed to break through it.

Right at this moment, the other six foxes already arrived at their place.

When Tang Li Xue saw eerie crimson light s.h.i.+ning inside their eyes just like the beige-colored fox, she immediately knew that her previous hunch was right.

"These d.a.m.n annoying mind-controlled foxes~! Why the h.e.l.l are they still persistently targeting me again and again?! Am I offending your master or something?!" Tang Li Xue complained angrily.

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Tang Li Xue knew that she could no longer waste her time here, or these annoying mind-controlled foxes would gang up on her and exhaust her to death.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath and woke up Yaya that still resting in her system s.p.a.ce.


[The user has entered perfect synchronization with Yaya and Phoenix of Pride!]

[Entering War G.o.ddess Mode!]

Meng Yue already warned her to not use this [War G.o.ddess Mode] too much or her beast core would get shattered sooner or later, but she really could not help it.

Under the siege of these seven pretty powerful foxes, she would not be able to get away that easily without her [War G.o.ddess Mode].

[Cyclone Storm]~!

A huge pillar of the violent hurricane was instantly scattering the surrounding sand and blowing away those seven foxes!

Tang Li Xue hastily took this chance to fly away from here with her full speed!

However, one of the seven foxes could actually react extremely fast in this chaotic situation and immediately obstruct Tang Li Xue before she could get away.

[Wind Bind]~!

The surrounding wind formed an invisible barricade to isolate Tang Li Xue!

"You dare to play with wind against me?! Are you sure about that?!" Tang Li Xue sneered mockingly.

[Dissonance Melody]~!

This [Dissonance Melody] could not only make all of the foes in a certain radius feel sore eyes and dizzy, thus decreasing their accuracy by a lot, but it also made the surrounding wind become extremely chaotic, so it would decrease the power of the opponent's wind elemental ability by more than 75%.

This skill was simply a nemesis for all creatures with wind elemental abilities!

The wind fox started to fly unsteadily under the effect of [Dissonance Melody].

Taking advantage of this chaotic moment, Tang Li Xue immediately activated another two of Yaya's skills!

[Traceless Wind Cover]~! (Became invisible by creating a wind cloak with 50% damage reduction effect)

[Wind Guardian Blessing]~! (Increase overall speed by 50%, and grant the user auto-dodge effect)

After turning invisible and using [Art of Concealment] to completely hide her presence, Tang Li Xue easily slipped away from there and flew further away from the desert area.

Since Tang Li Xue felt that the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain was always targeting her for no reason, she planned to get out from the radius of this Crimson Skies Domain as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, that was easy to say but extremely hard to do.

Because this Crimson Skies Domain might at least cover a tenth of the Treasure Island, while this Treasure Island was actually as big as a continent, and it might even bigger than Lightwind Continent.

"I am sure that the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain should be another Apex Predator Fox. d.a.m.n monster~!" Tang Li Xue muttered in frustration.

But Tang Li Xue must admit that the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain should be another brilliant genius on par with Lei Qian'er.

Just like her [Mystic Whisper], the effect of all mind-controlling divine abilities would decrease against any opponents with a higher Spirit stat than the user.

Rather than focusing on controlling the minds of the stronger opponents with higher Spirit stat, the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain clearly chose to focus on magnifying the domain radius, so it could control more targets at once.

Tang Li Xue hated to admit it, but it was truly a brilliant decision in her opinion.

Since you could not win in a one-on-one battle, then you just need to bring the sea of mind-controlled targets to fight a war of attrition.

Imagine if the owner of this Crimson Skies Domain partic.i.p.ated in the war against the human race in the future, and it suddenly controlled all of the human armies with weaker cultivation than it...

Tang Li Xue shuddered in horror and muttered: "What a horrible ability... The user must be another future pillar of the fox race other than Meng Yue and Lei Qian'er."

Tang Li Xue finally understood the difference between mere predator foxes and those monstrous apex predator foxes.

If the predator foxes were the geniuses who could win against the opponents at the same level as them, then the monstrous apex predator foxes could easily turn the tide of the war by simply partic.i.p.ating in it.

But Tang Li Xue did not feel discouraged at all.

On the contrary, her topaz blue eyes were s.h.i.+ning in excitement and yearning.

Because she could faintly feel it, the moment when she took another step forward and evolved to [Rare] grade or Beast Lord level, it would be the moment when she also stepped into the threshold of apex predator level!

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath to calm down her restless mood while muttering with a tone filled with confidence: "I need to be more patient... If I improve myself step by step, I will certainly reach their level sooner or later with the help of my system!"

"For now, I should find a safe place to rest before the violent backlash from [War G.o.ddess Mode] comes." Tang Li Xue whispered to herself as she activated her [Spider Scorpion Transformation].

After flying swiftly for ten minutes or so, Tang Li Xue landed on the mountain area and planned to dig a deep underground hiding tunnel.

But who knew that the moment she landed on the top of the mountain, her [Extrasensory Perception] immediately sensed another incoming danger!

Tang Li Xue hastily used [Moonlight Flickering Flash Step] plus [Breezing Step] to retreat farther in an instant!


The tall mountain suddenly shook violently!

Tang Li Xue quickly flapped the transparent fairy wings on her back and soared into the sky.

Tang Li Xue's expression changed into dread when she realized that the mountain was actually an enormous stone fox bigger than even the previous gigantic black sand scorpion!

As she saw eerie crimson light s.h.i.+ning from the enormous stone fox's huge eyes, Tang Li Xue's body shuddered even more.

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