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Chapter 791 Chapter 791: Fox Clan Leaders Worries!

After tearing apart the pitch-black flood dragon, Meng Yue's twelve azure flood dragons flew swiftly toward Ye Youling!

However, Ye Youling's creepy smile still did not diminish at all as she muttered: "Well, those giant pets are surely troublesome. Luckily, I have a suitable cage for them~!"

Ye Youling raised the palm of her hand and made a grasping motion.

In that instant, Meng Yue's twelve azure flood dragons were covered by a black light curtain and rapidly shrunk!


The black light curtain kept shrinking until it formed a palm-sized black ball while Meng Yue's twelve azure flood dragons were completely sealed inside the palm-sized black ball!

The floating palm-sized black ball fell onto Ye Youling's palm.

Ye Youling could easily catch it, but she deliberately missed it instead!

The palm-sized black ball fell onto the ground and shattered to pieces, then evaporated into black fog.

"Upps, I am really sorry, Miss Meng Yue. It seems that I accidentally 'shattered' your twelve huge pets into pieces." Ye Youling said in a playful mixed with mocking tone to Meng Yue.

Tang Li Xue frowned deeply when she saw Ye Youling's other strange divine ability.

Tang Li Xue had already seen Ye Youling use this kind of strange divine ability to seal the entire huge floating island in one move into a small black ball before in Foxes Hunting Festival.

Despite watching it twice already, Tang Li Xue still did not have any idea about the principle behind Ye Youling's sealing-type divine ability until now.

'What the heck is that? Blackhole? Gravity suppression? s.p.a.ce compression?' Tang Li Xue thought carefully as she watched the fierce battle between Meng Yue and Ye Youling on the hologram projection screen.

"Oh? What an interesting ability~! Let's see if I can do it too~!" Meng Yue exclaimed as her eyes shone in amus.e.m.e.nt.

Meng Yue slowly raised her small tender palm and also made a clasping motion.

Then Ye Youling was suddenly surrounded by the curtain of seven-colored aurora!

The curtain of seven-colored aurora kept shrinking until it formed a beautiful palm-sized seven-colored pearl.

Ye Youling was actually sealed inside that palm-sized seven-colored pearl right now!

Tang Li Xue, Silly Fox, Bingbing, and the other audience thought this fight should be over.


But out of everyone's expectations, the beautiful palm-sized seven-colored pearl suddenly filled with cracks!

Meng Yue tried to stabilize the seven-colored pearl, but it was futile...


The seven-colored pearl exploded to pieces, and Ye Youling was released without any injuries.

"What a crazy battle is this?! Their abilities are completely beyond our common sense!" Bingbing murmured in awe and envy.

Silly Fox did not bother to say anything, but his solemn expression showed that he might be currently thinking about how to fight against Ye Youling and Meng Yue with his abilities.

Ye Youling's abilities could steal and seal Meng Yue's abilities.

But Meng Yue's abilities could create anything and even replicate Ye Youling's abilities.

By the way, Tang Li Xue had already tried to use her [Mirror of the Moon] to copy Meng Yue or Ye Youling's abilities through the hologram projection screen, but she actually failed.

She still did not know if the reason was because she could not copy their abilities through the hologram projection screen, or maybe because she lacked something like their bloodline, Regalia, domain, or something else.

Even Instructor Mei Lan's expression also became serious as she a.n.a.lyzed carefully how to counter Ye Youling and Meng Yue's abilities.


In the middle of the vast ancient library with so many tall bookshelves containing hundreds of books on each of them, two top leaders of the Fox Clan were currently watching the final match between Ye Youling and Meng Yue while playing chess against each other.

One of them was a n.o.ble and elegant fox lady with long straight gray hair tied in a ponytail, and even her fox ears and tails had gray-colored furs.

Tang Li Xue and Instructor Mei Lan knew this n.o.ble and elegant fox lady very well since they had already met with her before.

Yes, this n.o.ble and elegant fox lady was the 'Bookkeeper'.

The other one who sat across from the Bookkeeper was a stunningly beautiful lady with pink long hair reaching her knees.

Her fluffy fox ears and tails also had pink-colored furs.

She has a pair of strange seven-colored star patterns in her pink eyes.

Unfortunately, she wore a black long coat to cover her voluptuous body.

This pink-haired fox lady was also the top leader of the Fox Clan... She had many nicknames, but the Bookkeeper usually called her, 'Chessmaster'.

The Chessmaster moved her chess piece forward on the chessboard, and then she gracefully sipped her tea.

"To think that experimental subject can go on equal ground against Meng Yue. It looks like your project has already progressed very rapidly." Bookkeeper said while watching the battle on the hologram projection screen in front of them.

Chessmaster glanced at Ye Youling on the hologram projection screen and smiled while saying: "She is an exceptional one among all experimental subjects. Moreover, the cost of 'creating' her is actually many times less than nurturing Meng Yue to reach this level."

Bookkeeper frowned deeply when she heard Chessmaster's words.

In Chessmaster's words, the cost to nurture one Heaven's Favored Child like Meng Yue could actually be used to create dozens of Ye Youling.

In short, creating dozens of foxes like Ye Youling was actually more cost-efficient and worth it than nurturing one Heaven's Favored Child like Meng Yue.

But the Bookkeeper did not like that idea at all, so she tried to say something to convince the Chessmaster.

"You should know that such unreliable experimental subjects should be like a double-edged sword, and they could easily backfire anytime, right?" The Bookkeeper muttered as she moved her chess piece forward on the chessboard while glancing at the Chessmaster with a serious expression.

"I know... Of course, I know. But do we really have any other choice?" Chessmaster replied while sneering with an ironic expression.

Then Chessmaster explained in a solemn tone: "The Human Race has become more and more daring in their action because of the Tyrant Sovereign G.o.d."

"Even Undead Race cannot sit still anymore, and they have begun to make many sneaky moves behind our back."

"If our Beast Race still does not do something to get out of this situation, we will surely be left behind and be more oppressed by those two."

"And the first one who would suffer will be us, the Fox Clan, as the eyes and ears of the Beast Race."

"We can only take bolder moves at this point. Only by being braver than the others we would have a higher chance to seize the initiative and win the future for ourselves." Chessmaster murmured coldly.

The Bookkeeper sighed and uttered helplessly: "Anyway, you are in charge of the 'future', so you should be more careful in your every step."

The three top leaders of the Fox Clan were actually representing their respective tasks.

'Bookkeeper' represents the past.

'Writer' represents the present.

'Chessmaster' represents the future.

From those, it could easily be seen that the Chessmaster who was in charge of the Fox Clan's future had an extremely important role in decision-making.

What Chessmaster saw with her eyes was clearly not everyone could see!

The Chessmaster always wanted stability, and she wanted to win Fox Clan's future by picking the choice with the highest chance of winning.

Bookkeeper was completely different than Chessmaster...

The Bookkeeper secretly squinted her eyes when Tang Li Xue, her Little Loki, and her Little Yaya appeared in her mind.

Rather than relying on the double-edged experimental subjects, Bookkeeper would rather choose to put the Fox Clan's future in Tang Li Xue's hands.

A fox cub who could tame a newborn Taotie cub...

She should be far more excellent than Meng Yue and Ye Youling in the future, right?

The Bookkeeper smiled with a relieved expression.

She watched the fierce battle on the hologram projection screen while saying to Chessmaster: "I know your worry. But sometimes, we just have to put our belief in the younger generation. I believe they will never let us down."

Chessmaster glanced at Bookkeeper in an astonished expression.

"How rare~! Those words are not like you at all. Tell me, do you find someone really excellent among our younger generation?" Chessmaster snuck closer to Bookkeeper while asking in a curious tone.

Bookkeeper chuckled at Chessmaster and muttered while staring at Chessmaster with an expression full of confidence: "No... Not yet. But I believe she would be brilliant enough to carry the banner of our Fox Clan in the future."

Chessmaster clicked her tongue in amazement: "You did not even say anything about Meng Yue before. Don't tell me this young fox cub is even more talented than Meng Yue?!"

Chessmaster pinched her chin while smiling brightly: "So interesting~! Then how about if we make a bet?"

The bookkeeper giggled as she smiled at Chessmaster: "All right, then let's see which one of us will win this bet in the end~!"

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