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Chapter 3574 Primordial Mystery (2)

Han Fei said, "Senior, you didn't choose it either."

The Death G.o.d chuckled. "You and I are Immortal in the first place. If we embark on the path of all living beings, there will only be torture in our lives. We can't die even if we want to. And we'll have no emotions. Then what's the difference between being Immortal and being dead? Therefore, I didn't think you would embark on this path from the beginning."

Ximen Linglan couldn't help but look at Han Fei. She didn't speak, but she cast a questioning look at him.

The Death G.o.d said, "The last piece of Primordial Mist is yours."

Han Fei waved his hand, and a black hole appeared.

Han Fei couldn't help but cup his hands. "Thank you, Senior Death G.o.d."

Since he didn't take the path of all living beings, Han Fei naturally couldn't stay in the Sea of Bitterness for long. When he entered this black hole s.p.a.ce with Ximen Linglan, Han Fei found that this was a path to an extremely remote Star River. Here, there was indeed a large area of Primordial Mist.

Ximen Linglan asked, "What is the Dao of All Living Beings?"

Han Fei smiled and didn't hide it. "It's a path destined to be lonely. Once you embark on it, it's probably similar to transforming into the Heavenly Dao."

Ximen Linglan's face changed slightly. "The Heavenly Dao is heartless. You can't take that path!"

Han Fei grinned and said, "Don't worry. Why would I embark on this path? This is not my style."

Han Fei believed that since he still had the Fruit of Creation, he would definitely not walk the path of all living beings.

Hearing Han Fei's answer, Ximen Linglan was relieved.

Another moment later.

Han Fei began to condense Purple Qi Divine Crystals in the Primordial Purple Qi. It seemed to be a huge Primordial Mist, but in fact, Han Fei had only obtained 13 Purple Qi Divine Crystals.

Of course, this number was already a lot. After all, just one of them could make a powerful Sea Quelling G.o.d like Ximen Linglan awaken the power of her bloodline.

Han Fei took out 16 Purple Qi Divine Crystals at once. Perhaps because it was more difficult for a dominator to activate the power of his bloodline, Han Fei swallowed six Purple Qi Divine Crystals at once. In the blink of an eye, the Qi and blood in Han Fei's body soared to the sky.

The boundless Qi and blood quickly spread out, covering the huge Primordial Mist in the end.

Han Fei's bloodline began to tremble violently. The figure of the giant in the darkness appeared in his eyes again. He couldn't see the person's face clearly. He was red all over, and endless blood-colored patterns circulated on his body.

This time, Han Fei took a closer look. Those blood-colored patterns were the manifestation of Dao Patterns.


Suddenly, the Qi and blood in the giant's body seemed to escape out of his body, soaring to the sky and shaking the heavens and the earth. Endless Qi and blood spread infinitely.

Han Fei tried to see clearly, but the scene in front of him began to slowly fade.


Han Fei didn't dare to be negligent. He opened his mouth again and swallowed the remaining ten Purple Qi Divine Crystals. Only then did the scene in front of him become clear again.

This time, Han Fei clearly saw that the so-called Qi and blood were not ordinary Qi and blood at all. There were countless Great Dao patterns, like extremely dense runes.

Han Fei couldn't help being surprised. How many Dao runes were contained in the giant's body? Even the Qi and blood that escaped from his body were made of Dao Patterns.

At this moment, the giant shook the boundless darkness with a single punch. Therefore, as the force of the punch spread out, wherever the power spread, the darkness collapsed, and light was born from the darkness.

The light was abnormally dazzling and drowned the giant in the light in the blink of an eye. In the face of this light power, Han Fei suddenly came back to his senses.

The moment he came back to his senses, Han Fei discovered that his Qi and blood were transforming. Infinite Qi and blood swallowed the Primordial Purple Qi in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, his Qi and blood were mutating, producing countless Dao Patterns.

Han Fei seemed to understand something, and an extremely terrifying inheritance appeared in his mind.

< Name > Heavenly Dao Incarnation

This is a supreme technique that someone comprehended after forcibly absorbing the Heavenly Dao into his body. Humans can be the Heavenly Dao, but the Heavenly Dao is not human. As one day pa.s.sed in the mortal world, an instant pa.s.sed in the heavens. No matter what realm you are in, you must not use this secret technique for more than a day. Otherwise, your temperament gradually turns cold, and you will be in danger of transforming into the Heavenly Dao. At that time, you won't be merciful because all living beings die, won't worry about all living beings because of the dark world, and will finally completely transform into the Heavenly Dao.

First level, Ten Thousand Blood Body

The Dao comes from the heart, and the Qi and blood can evolve into ten thousand Daos. It can temporarily fuse ten thousand Daos into one body and erupt with the most fundamental power in the world.

Please visit ??????el.c??

< Remarks > No matter what realm you are in, you must not use this secret method for more than a day.


This was a bloodline inheritance secret method.

Furthermore, this secret technique was extremely similar to the Dao of All Living Beings, but it was more controllable than all living beings. Its final state should be basically the same as the effect of the Fruit of Creation a.s.similating the world.

Yes, someone had once reached such a realm and pa.s.sed this technique down in the bloodline of the human race. Han Fei seemed to be able to feel that the person who created this technique seemed a little unwilling. It seemed that the path in front of him was very limited. He definitely didn't want to transform into the Heavenly Dao, but the technique he created was a technique to transform into the Heavenly Dao.

This meant that this person didn't have many choices. Even though he knew that this technique was very dangerous, he needed to use it to increase his strength.

Han Fei's heart sank. At such a level, he still had to create such a technique. Did he encounter some tricky problems?


As Han Fei punched the endless deep s.p.a.ce, his heart trembled slightly.

"The first level of this secret technique has increased my combat power by more than 30%."

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