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Chapter 202: The Beginning of Confusion (4)

When I pa.s.sed by them and entered the house, my father, mother, elder brother, elder sister, and Director Sok were waiting for me in the living room with a serious expression.

I naturally moved to my mother's side and sat down. She grabbed my hand tightly.

“Good. Welcome back home, son,” said my dad, sitting at the head seat.

So I greeted him with a brief nod.

My father paused for a moment, then said to me, “Your brother and I have a lot of things to do, so Juyoung, go to Gangwon-do tomorrow with your mother and sister. Chief of staff Dongyoung Ahn will accompany you, along with some other people. It is absurd to ask for the loyalty of the Myongjin members without guaranteeing the safety of their family members.”

In fact, he could have asked my elder brother, sister or Director Sok, or other reliable people within the Myongjin Group.

But my father singled me out for this mission. Besides, he said he would dispatch the chief of staff, who, like Director Sok, was also a close trusted aid of his.

When he announced it, not only my brother and sister but also Director Sok didn't raise any objection. In other words, they also trusted me.

“Yeah, Dad.”

To my surprise, I responded calmly.

Then he continued, “You don't have to do it perfectly because you have something more important and urgent.”

Obviously, I know what my father was referring to. I needed to reach level 1200 as soon as possible.

And I wasn't particularly upset at my Dad's reminder because I had to do it, and I wanted to do it, too.

Anyway, on that day, we moved to the bas.e.m.e.nt study and continued the meeting until late at night.

I woke up a little early at 5 am the next day.

There was nothing unusual in Korea at the moment.

The TV broadcast was normal, and there was not a huge commotion on the internet either. Of course, there were news reports about what happened in Taj Mahal, India yesterday, for the incident was too big to hide, but the relevant news reports were very brief.

The United Nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Korea, China, j.a.pan, and other countries belonging to the G20 said they were cooperating with each other to conduct an investigation and announce the results as soon as possible.

The news reports kept repeating that people should remain calm and go about their daily lives, as usual.

Along with that, all the videos posted on the internet including those on Youtube, began to be deleted not only in Korea but also around the world.

Anyway, I drank a gla.s.s of water, put on the 3rd generation VR device and laid down in bed again.


[You have accessed ‘Revival Legend'.]

Did I access it to hunt as early as 5am? Of course, hunting was important.

It became more important because monsters were even appearing in reality.

But I had something more important to do today.

“Move to Kotum Castle!”

[You have moved to Kotum Castle.]

After moving to Kotum Castle, I went straight to the forge.

“Check status window.”

And in front of the forge, I opened my status window with a low voice.

[Name: Lumen, Asirante

Level: 817

Number of kills: 1285, Number of deaths: 0

t.i.tle: Only Closed Beta Max Level Achiever and 8 others.

Health: 3,612,000 / 3,612,000

Mana: 2,426,000 / 2,426,000

Strength: 4850 Agility: 3950 Health: 22750

Willpower: 13465 Intellect: 27107

Remaining Stat Points: 0

Remaining Skill Points: 0

Traits: IceMan, Mutual Growth, G.o.d of Enhancement.]

In addition to the 700 remaining stat points I obtained from my activities in j.a.pan, I acquired a total of more than 1000 remaining stat points thanks to increasing 37 levels recently, and I invested all of them in Intellect.

As a result, my intellect exceeded 27,000, and my stamina and willpower were also huge.

However, that was not important to me right now. Instead, I paid attention to the G.o.d of Enhancement.

At that moment, a message rang.

[The cooldown of the G.o.d of Enhancement has 1 minute and 15 seconds left.]

Originally, G.o.d of Enhancement went on a 34 day cooldown after I enhanced the Ice Emperor's Guardian Sword from +3 to +4.

And the cooldown was supposed to end today.

So, I waited patiently.

Then, exactly 1 minute and 15 seconds later, I moved inside the auction house and put the + 4 Enhancement Ice Emperor's guardian sword in the enhancement window right away.

I then opened my mouth quietly.

‘Activate the G.o.d of Enhancement.'

[You have activated the G.o.d of Enhancement..

-100% chance to successfully enhance.

-Enhancement Target: +4 Ice Emperor's Guardian Sword.

-Additional requirements: 11,750,000 golden rings, 149.5 million EXP.

-Cooldown generated upon successful enhancement: 71 days]

Aside from the required golden rings and EXP, the whopping 71 days of cooldown bothered me.

Of course, considering that it was a myth-grade item and it was going to be enhanced to +5 enhancement, the cooldown could not be called too long. But I had no choice to feel regrets about it, because even without the G.o.d of Enhancement, I could still enhance the guardian sword immediately using the one100% enhancement success ticket and 2 ancient cooldown removal charms in my inventory.

Anyway, I tried enhancing it immediately, and the visual effect of a hammer striking the +4 enhancement Ice Emperor's Guardian Sword appeared before my eyes.

Soon a message rang.

[You have succeeded in enhancing +4 Enhancement Ice Emperor's guardian sword.

The +4 Enhancement Ice Emperor's guardian sword has now been upgraded to +5 Enhancement.]

‘Check item, Ice Emperor's guardian sword.'

Generally speaking, as the enhancement value increases, more benefits would be provided for each successive enhancement. For example, +3 to +4 enhancement would provide more options than +2 to +3 enhancement, which would provide more options than +1 to +2 enhancement. And this time, it was a whopping +5 enhancement, and of a myth grade item at that.


I let out a sigh of relief before I knew it.

Yesterday's scene was so shocking to me. So, I felt compelled to get stronger faster not only for my safety but also my family's safety.

In that respect, I thought the +5 Enhancement Ice Emperor's guardian sword would be a great addition to my power.

After I was done enhancing the Ice Emperor's guardian sword, I exited the forge right away.

And only then I could see the surroundings and feel some difference from before.

As usual, there were many people making a big fuss here and there.

Kotum Castle was synonymous with a city of beginners.

Of course, there were quite a few people there originally, for ‘Revival Legend' was a really popular game even aside from its hidden secrets.

And it was also the easiest game that would allow the users to exchange golden rings or items for cash. But even taking that into account, there were a lot of people here.

I could overhear them chattering while pa.s.sing by.

“Is it really the same monster that appeared in this game?”


“No way! Don't talk nonsense!”

“It's real. Moreover, after that happened yesterday, the price of golden rings suddenly doubled. And you know my friend Brian?”

“Yeah. The guy in America, right?”

“In the United States, the price of golden rings increased by 2.5 times. But even then, it's hard to acquire golden rings. Why do you think so?”


“So, start this ‘Revival Legend' right now. What's more, you said you have four 3G VR devices, right?”


“Never sell them. Keep them. They might save your life.”

Certainly what happened yesterday seemed to have been a catalyst.

That was natural because n.o.body knew if more powerful monsters would appear even today, or if they would appear in big cities like Seoul, New York, Beijing, and Tokyo at that.

So, I quickly moved to the auction house because I needed to prepare armor to accompany the myth-grade forgotten hero's cloak.

And, of course, I had no intention of selling the robe I was currently wearing.

I bought it for a total of over 300 million golden rings, and my current set of robes might be better than the forgotten hero's cloak while hunting.

Anyway, I had a lot of work to do, so I moved quickly.

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