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Chapter 1216: Tanning Himself

Like the rocky figure on Amah Rock that stared at the horizon, awaiting his beloved’s return, Feng Shengxuan’s eyes were glued onto Nuannuan and Chi Yang’s leaving silhouette until they disappeared from his sight. Only then did Feng Shengxuan turn around bleakly.

As soon as he turned around, the first thing he saw was Chi Zeyao, who had been standing quietly behind him without making a sound. This gave Feng Shengxuan a fright.

Holy sh*t!

Was this cripple trying to scare him?

However, on the surface, Feng Shengxuan still displayed the basic etiquette befitting a guest.

He nodded slightly at Chi Zeyao, who nodded back at Feng Shengxuan before leaving quietly.

Seeing that the sun was quite bright today and that it hung huge in the sky, Feng Shengxuan thought about the solarium that Chi Zeyao made for the Chi family, so he headed there without a second doubt.

If Nuannuan liked men with Chi Yang’s skin color, Feng Shengxuan decided to tan himself into that color too.

In the solarium, the old master and Chi Zeyao often came to bask in the sun. Therefore, Chi Zeyao spared no effort to make this place elegant and clean. Although there were many flowers in the solarium, Feng Shengxuan could only smell the faint fragrance of daffodils.

He did not know if it was because of the heater or the sun outside, but the entire sunlit room felt warm. Since there was no one here, Feng Shengxuan decided to take off his clothes and pants. He casually picked a book and lay down to take a sunbath.

He basked in the sun on the front, back, and side. His skin color on every part of his body must be even!

Feng Shengxuan read the interesting military-related book in his hands as he basked in the warm sun. For a moment there, he forgot that he was in Chi Yang’s house and that there were others in this house. As he started to mistakenly think that he was at his own home, Feng Shengxuan let down his hair so much that he even took off his underwear.

After all, he could not give his entire body the honeyed look and leave that particular area looking pale!

After basking in the comfortable temperature in the room, he covered his face with the book and fell asleep.

Clang! A gla.s.s cup fell to the ground and shattered into pieces.

Feng Shengxuan’s eyes opened instantly under the book. All of his senses kicked in and he was on maximum alert. If his enemies made any move, Feng Shengxuan would definitely be able to kill them immediately.

However, when Feng Shengxuan’s drowsiness faded away, he realized that he was in the Chi residence. It would not be easy for those international mercenaries to sneak into Camino. Even if they entered Camino, they could not enter the Chi residence, which was filled with guards.

He sat up and looked at the dazed Grandpa Chi. Then, he saw Chi Zeyao, who rushed over after hearing the commotion, standing frozen with an equally stunned expression on his face. Feng Shengxuan asked unhappily, “What’s wrong?”

After asking the question, Feng Shengxuan remembered a very serious detail.

This was the Chi residence, not his own manor.

Here, the people would not stop entering just because he forbade them from doing so.

Therefore, Feng Shengxuan felt embarra.s.sed when he noticed that his little brother was also photosynthesizing in the sun. He subconsciously covered his genitals with the book.

Old Master Chi, “…”

Second Uncle Chi, “…”

The atmosphere was awkward.

Second Uncle adjusted his and did not say a word. However, his gaze seemed to be able to pierce through his book from time to time.

Grandpa Chi was even more embarra.s.sed.

Initially, he had come here with tea to read, but he saw Feng Shengxuan, who had taken off all his clothes and lay sprawled on the ground.

In a situation like this, he should have left, but he realized that this kid’s second “brother” actually nodded at him.

Grandpa Chi almost had a heart attack and collapsed, so his hand slipped and the teacup shattered.

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