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Chapter 243: Potie's Personal Domain

Potie was genuinely furious, for it was the first time she had been embarra.s.sed since she joined the Dark Sectors more than two thousand and three hundred years ago.

As the third most respectable person in the Dark Sectors, other than the domain lord and the senior elder, who dared not look at her face to do things, and who dared not bow down to her? After all, even the most peripheral members who were invited into the Dark Sectors were geniuses.

This time, she was beaten by Gu Ding's crew members several times. Three of her most powerful corpse dummies were destroyed, one after another, until nothing was left behind. None of her opponents were killed, only two were out of action. Most infuriating of all, she was wounded by a Rank-11 Gene Body. A Rank-11 Gene Body would usually be the most peripheral member in the Dark Sectors. Their daily work consisted of simple miscellaneous

The shabbily dressed Potie's face was somewhat hideous. “Biggie, are you really that naive to think that with you over there, I can't do anything about that little girl? Don't forget, I'm a demiG.o.d. I have a personal domain. If I can put Gu Ding in it, then I can put all of you in it too.”

As soon as Potie finished, her figure instantly appeared within two meters of Lilliath and the rest. She grinned at the trio and their figures vanished immediately.

The demiG.o.ds in the audience were a little disappointed. Potie's capture of Gu Ding's crew meant they had all come for nothing, and that Deity Position was completely out of the question.

In theory, Potie was a member of the Dark Sectors, basically the enemy of all mankind. Even now with Potie injured, the demiG.o.ds did not plan to do anything about it. There was a saying in Modern Ages that a lean camel was still bigger than a horse. Since the woman was ranked seventh on the DemiG.o.d Monsters, even when she was injured, she was definitely not someone to be pushed around.

“Ross, get me a room. I may need to stay for a while. At least I won't be able to leave tonight.” Potie lowered her voice as she walked up to Ross.

“I see.” The arrogance had completely disappeared from Ross's face and he had no idea that Gu Ding's crew could push the mighty Potie to such an extent.

Robert, Tagore, and Biggie all whipped out extraordinary powers to protect their partners. Together, they slaughtered three corpse dummies with combat effectiveness comparable to deities and these three were not even Rank-13 Gene Body. He was a little scared thinking about it–how strong Gu Ding's crew would be if they survived this.

Biggie, in particular, was absolutely stunning. Everyone knew he was one of the best in Gu Ding's crew, but no one could have predicted that his toughness would go beyond the combat explosion now. After killing Scrogg off so ruthlessly, Biggie still had the strength to face Potie and prove to everyone that he was strong. The weirdest thing was that he was only a Rank-11 Gene Body… Moreover, the imperial projection concerned him more, which was the mark of becoming an extreme powerhouse. As long as Biggie survived, there was a good chance that he would become a true extreme powerhouse in the future and become a pioneer that would lead the entire human race.

The human race was but one among thousands in this world. It was barely a first-cla.s.s race, but nowhere near those that were truly at the top. If an extreme powerhouse appeared, it would be a great help in making the entire race stronger.

Shaking his head to get rid of these distracting thoughts, Ross led Potie away. Although he was only a Rank-7 Gene Body, he was familiar with the demiG.o.ds' personal domain, so he knew why Potie did not leave.

Personal domain was not an Inventory, but a world in another dimension. The portal to this world could only be opened by the domain owner, so there could be an infinite number of portals. The owner of the domain could open his domain from any location on any planet and take their opponents into it. However, whichever way the opponent exited the domain, he could only leave from the position which he had entered. In other words, Potie pulled Gu Ding and his crew into her domain from Red s.h.i.+eld. Whether Potie released them voluntarily, or Gu Ding and his crew broke through Potie's personal domain and escaped, they could only appear in Red s.h.i.+eld or even Squire Square where they were pulled into. That was because the portal they entered and the portal that they exited had to be the same. That was the personal domain's rule.

That was also why Potie would not leave. A personal domain could not move things around, and she could not take Gu Ding and his crew with her. Only when Gu Ding and his crew were beaten unconscious in her personal domain could she use the anti-magic chains to lock up Gu Ding's crew and take them away in her s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

Gu Ding knew what was going on the instant she caught him into her personal domain.

Potie's personal domain was very special. It was a dark world, with only a crescent moon in the sky. In the soft moonlight, Gu Ding saw tombs all over the place, giving a chilling sense of gloom.

“This woman is so hardcore that she set up her domain like this.” Gu Ding could not help but quip.

“The domain is set up in such a way that the means of attack are obvious. It must be where the bodies in the tombs come out one by one to attack.” Neptune also saw nothing new in this attack. “I did a quick scan at the beginning, and there are 321 tombs. Three of them are empty, and the others are ‘inhabited'. Moreover, out of these 321 tombs, three hundred and twenty contain demi-powerhouses, while one contains a Lower Ranking deity.”

“How can there be a Lower Ranking deity's body? A deity is already a complete energy body. Won't the energy disperse automatically after death?” Gu Ding did not think about how to deal with his opponent at first, instead, he asked a question.

“The body of a deity whose soul died directly does not collapse,” Neptune explained. “Don't ask such silly questions at this time. What you should be thinking about now is how to break out of her domain and get out.”

Gu Ding frowned as Neptune mentioned the topic. “More than three hundred demiG.o.ds and one deity. I can't even defeat a demiG.o.d… The Absolute Seal ability only works on organisms, and can only be used once every twenty days. I could have done something if the woman had come in by herself, but there's nothing I can do now. Do you have any good ideas?”

“I can't help it. It's already a dead-end for you to be trapped here.” Neptune gave a pessimistic comment. “There are only two ways to escape. One is to tear her personal domain apart by violence, and the other is to kill all the demiG.o.ds and deities buried under the tombs here. However, you don't have the strength to do either. Therefore, my advice is not to waste any effort and just sit tight.”

“This woman is from the Dark Sectors. Her target must still be Lili. I can't just sit there and wait.” As Gu Ding finished, he activated Ultimate Arts Level 12 and Rage Attack at full force, he also summoned Bronze Grade Combat Armor.

Steel Fist began to slam the ground, one punch after another, hitting the same spot wild and sporadically.

The ground slowly crumbled under Gu Ding's frenzied attack. There was no other sound in the dark world except the roar of Gu Ding's fists. .h.i.tting the ground. Not even the bodies buried in the tombs came out.

“The woman didn't even activate the domain's attack mode?” After Gu Ding bombarded it for a few minutes, Neptune felt odd. “The only explanation is that she must have encountered an extremely powerful enemy.”

The domain was a world that operates autonomously, but there were also two modes of operation in this world. One was the conventional mode in which the energy expenditure of the domain owner was maintained at a very low level. The other one was attack mode, which, once activated, automatically attacks outsiders in the domain. It would not return to normal until the target was dead or the domain owner turned off attack mode automatically. In this case, the domain owner's energy expenditure would be very high.

Potie did not activate the domain's attack mode, the only possibility was that she was in a very intense battle, and her own energy expenditure was so high that she could not maintain the domain's attack mode.

The fact was that, after Gu Ding's capture, Potie had been in combat state with Biggie and the rest. She had no extra energy and no extra vigor to pay attention to her own domain. She was also not worried about Gu Ding escaping, so she ignored him.

Gu Ding had been hitting the ground for about half an hour. No piece of the ground was intact and it had collapsed into a deep pit. Many bodies buried under the tombs were revealed.

Gu Ding had no way to deal with these pure energy body opponents.

Half an hour later, the sudden appearance of Biggie and the rest stunned Gu Ding. “You're caught too?”

“Gu Ding, are you all right?” Biggie looked at Gu Ding, who seemed unhurt.

“What's wrong with Tagore?” Gu Ding frowned when he saw Tagore lying half-dead on Lilliath's shoulder.

“He was wounded by the corpse dummies the old woman summoned,” Lilliath said indignantly. “However, she didn't get anything good out of it either. Three of her strongest corpse dummies had been destroyed by Biggie and the rest, and she was heavily wounded.”

“Where's Robert?” Gu Ding did not see Robert and was a little worried.

“Robert ran out of energy and returned to his original metal ball state,” Biggie said and pulled the metal sphere Robert had turned into from the Inventory. “Robert shouldn't be too much of a problem. We'll have no problem if we can relocate the energy source. However, Tagore's injuries are serious and he needs medical attention as soon as possible.”

Gu Ding picked Tagore up and briefly checked on him. Although Gu Ding was not a doctor, he was still a pharmacologist and knew about common medicine. After the examination, he injected a tube of golden potion into Tagore's body. “I have several tubes of S-grade cell repair agents, they're spoils of war from the Dark Sector' members, which I did not expect to be of use today. However, his injury is more than a simple flesh wound. Cell repair agents can only keep his cells active and make a slow repair. To make a full recovery, we must find a doctor as soon as possible.”

As Gu Ding finished, everyone heard a strange rustling sound not far away.

Lilliath saw a hand reaching out from the earth more than ten meters away…

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