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Chapter 419: Ha ha ha ha

“Marriage certificate?” Ye Erruo was stunned.

“That’s right. I know you don’t want to get married or take wedding photos right now. I’ve been waiting for you for more than twenty years. Let’s get our marriage certificate first, alright?” He pleaded gently.

Ye Erruo’s gaze looked conflicted. “I…”

“What’s wrong? Haven’t you missed me?”

“Later, Brother Jinyan.”

Bo Jinyan’s smile froze, but he did not force her. “Alright.”

“I want to see Yu Lingfeng.”

“Okay, I’ll call him over.”


Soon, a servant brought the soy milk powder and the pair of toy rabbits into Ye Erruo’s room.

Bo Jinyan’s gaze was fixed on the servant.

“I’m going to my room now. Brother Jinyan will call me when Yu Lingfeng arrives.”


Ye Erruo approached the servant and took the bunnies from her. She carefully carried them upstairs and closed the door.

Bo Jinyan’s face instantly turned cold.

He had clearly hypnotized her memories away. Why would she still meet Mo Jiangye? More importantly, why had she agreed to be with a stranger?

Even though they had beautiful memories together, she was still unwilling to marry him?

He was unwilling to let go.

By the time Yu Lingfeng arrived, it was already dark and they met at dinner time.

“Xiao Ruo has been looking for me?” Yu Lingfeng was in high spirits as he walked in with a cage in hand.

All the dishes on the long dining table were Ye Erruo’s favorites. Most importantly, they had been personally prepared by Bo Jinyan. Because she liked seafood, the entire table was filled with seafood.

“What is this?” Ye Erruo was puzzled.

Yu Lingfeng placed the cage in front of her. “Open it and see if you like it.”

Ye Erruo glanced at him before opening the cage. She saw two pink, palm-sized rabbits inside. They were both small and soft. They were so adorable that Ye Erruo’s face flushed with blood. Their fur was really pale and pink. They were… teacup rabbits.

Upon seeing her surprised look, Yu Lingfeng knew that she liked them. He was happy as long as she was happy.

Yu Lingfeng sat on the chair and started eating. “Did you miss me, Xiao Ruo?”

“Yes, I missed you,” Ye Erruo said softly.

Bo Jinyan, who was peeling prawns, paused for a moment before frowning and continuing to peel.

“Wow! Really?” Yu Lingfeng’s eyes sparkled. “Ha ha ha ha ha…”


“Ha ha ha ha ha…” He laughed like a silly child. “Alright. Xiao Ruo missed me. I will stay here tonight. I won’t be going back.”

Ye Erruo smiled gently. “Alright!”

She had something to ask him.

Bo Jinyan placed the peeled prawns on her plate. “I’ll take you somewhere after dinner.”

“I won’t be going anywhere today.” She could not wait to find out more.

Bo Jinyan pursed his lips. “Alright.”

“Jin Yan, you have to hold on to my little sister tight.” Mo Jiangye had already arrived at Blue Tower and had even secretly met his little sister. How fast!

To his knowledge, Mo Jiangye had conquered his sister in one day.

Bo Jinyan looked deeply at Ye Erruo. It was alright. There was no hurry. He believed that she would be by his side forever.

Besides… he was confident that he could make her stay!

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! The servant ran downstairs with her vibrating phone.

“Princess Ruo, your phone is ringing. It keeps ringing.” Afraid of disturbing the princess’s dinner time, she had not paid attention to it at first. In the end, the phone had kept ringing non-stop.

Ye Erruo looked up abruptly…

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