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Chapter 3023 The End (6)

“Alright, leave it to me. But, can I know what it is?”

Gong Zeli kept quiet for a while before nodding. “You can open it.” Yan Shaoqing opened the box and was shocked to see the gift inside. He looked up and asked, “Isn’t this your amulet?”

“Mm.” Gong Zeli nodded. “I think this amulet is rather effective. It has protected me for many years. Now, let someone else use it.”

Yan Shaoqing was shocked. “This is the amulet you’ve been wearing since you were young. It even took a few calamities for you. You… are giving it to someone else?”

Gong Zeli was weak and often encountered bad things when he was young. Madam Gong went to the temple and asked for an eminent monk for an amulet.

This amulet was very effective. Ever since he put it on, his body had been getting better. After that, he encountered a few more dangerous situations but managed to escape.

Gong Zeli had been wearing it ever since.

Hence, this amulet was very, very important to him.

“It’s not anyone else.” Gong Zeli’s eyes were dark. “That’s Mianmian’s child. I hope he can grow up healthily.”

Back then, she saved his life, but he mistook her for the wrong person.

Even if he wanted to make it up to her after finding out the truth, it was too late.

Now, he hoped that this amulet that he had worn since he was young would be able to protect her child.

“Shaoqing, help me send another message to Ah Si. Tell him to treat Mianmian well. If he dares to do anything to let her down, I won’t let him off.”

Yan Shaoqing was speechless.

He didn’t dare to say this to Mo Yesi.

But he felt that Gong Zeli didn’t need to worry about this at all.

Mo Yesi doted on Qiao Mianmian so much that he almost gave her the stars.

“Alright, I really have to go. Let’s meet up again when we have time.” Gong Zeli walked past Yan Shaoqing and said a few words to the crying Madam Gong. Then, he turned around and went to the boarding gate.

After the security check, he turned around and waved at Yan Shaoqing and Madam Gong. He then left without looking back.

Soon, he disappeared.

Yan Shaoqing retracted his gaze and looked down at the wooden box in his hand.

Perhaps when Gong Zeli was completely relieved and let go of Qiao Mianmian, everything would return to how it was before.

He looked forward to that day.

Yan Shaoqing stood at the gate for a few minutes before putting the wooden box away. He turned and said to Madam Gong, who was wiping her tears, “Aunt Gong, let’s go back too.”

Madam Gong was still looking in the direction Gong Zeli left in, before reluctantly looking away.

Yan Shaoqing walked forward and held her hand gentlemanly as they left the airport.

On the plane to Country M. Gong Zeli took out his cell phone and opened a photo alb.u.m.

It was a picture he took secretly.

In the photo, the girl had bright eyes and white teeth. Her facial features were exquisite, and she looked especially good when she smiled. Her smile was warm and beautiful.

Her smile seemed to make the world better.

Gong Zeli looked down at the girl in the photo for a long time. “Mianmian, you have to be happy,” he murmured.

She had to be happy.

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