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Chapter 2068: Chapter 2050: Distraction


“Then your cousin is really pitiful. She’s already so old, yet she’s still being nagged by others. Your cousin must have her own plans. Why must she live under the strange gazes of these people? “

Following her heart couldn’t help but sigh.

They were still in school at the moment, so of course they wouldn’t think about these things. However, when they heard Lan Xue say this about their cousin, they also felt sorry for her.

Depression was something that followed one’s heart and had a basic understanding of it.

Depression didn’t mean that you could be happy just because you wanted to be happy, or that you could get out of the shadows just because you wanted to. It was a condition that happened to your body instinctively.

It was a very serious mental illness.

“Then what about your cousin now? is she still at work? Or is she resting at home? “

Since it had already reached the point of suicide, she definitely couldn’t go to work.

“She’s resting at home. ” Lan Xue shook her head “Right now, my aunt and the others are desperately looking for men. They don’t care if the other party is divorced or married, or whether the other party has children or not. “I really feel sorry for my cousin. Could it be that just because a woman is single until she’s in her 30s, she can’t get married again Or could it be that she can’t find a good man to marry “She can only look for a second marriage or someone with a child. How can there be so many people in this world who have a second marriage with a child? I really don’t understand what my aunt and the others are thinking. “

“Then your cousin is really miserable. Right now, she must be feeling the most miserable. When you’re free, you should send her more QQ messages or send her more wechat messages to comfort her heart. Right now, I’m afraid that only you can understand her. “

“You’re right. I was actually a little afraid to call her in the beginning because I didn’t know what to say, and I felt that everything I said was wrong. Now that I’m sending her wechat messages, even if she sees it and doesn’t reply, it doesn’t matter. At least she will feel better. “

As Lan Xue said this, she took out her phone and took out her cousin’s wechat account.

“Her profile picture has turned gray. It’s obvious that she’s in a bad mood. “

Lan Xue pondered for a moment and suddenly didn’t know what to say, so she raised her head and looked at her two roommates.

“Why don’t you guys think of an idea for me? Help me think of a few words that can be sent to him. I really don’t know what to say. If I accidentally touch his sore spot, won’t I be in trouble? “

Lan Xue was still very hesitant because she was afraid that she really said something wrong. Her cousin was already in a depressed state.

“Don’t talk about other things. Just tell her some happy things. For example, what happened to you in school, or what happy things happened in school. Your cousin might also miss her school days. Maybe she will be happy. “

“You’re right. How could I have almost forgotten? I was thinking about telling her about marriage just now. I wanted her to relax a little. Fortunately, I didn’t tell her. Otherwise, it would have really hit my cousin’s sore spot. “

Lan Xue thought for a while and finally made up a sentence.

“I’ve thought about it. It’s about the game we played last time. I still remember following her heart. At that time, she accidentally got the number one beauty in the world of martial arts. The whole gang was shocked. The news must have exploded. “

“right, right. I still remember following heart’s reaction at that time. It was very funny. You can tell your cousin about this matter. Let your cousin play the game. Playing the game can also distract people’s energy. “

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