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Chapter 1621: Chapter 1620: Happy Ending


Fortunately, whether it was old master Si, Si Mufeng, Mei Ruolan, or their other relatives, they were all very good to them. Especially Mei Ruolan, she directly treated them as her own children.

As for old master Si, he doted on them even more, wis.h.i.+ng that he could bring all the best things to them. When he first found out about Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua’s accident, old master Si was really depressed for a while. He even fell seriously ill and almost didn’t make it through.

It was the Ning family’s two elders who came to persuade him every day. Even Qing Luan and Jin Cheng stayed by his side every day, and only then did he make it through.

However, from then on, elder Si’s health became much worse and he rarely went out.

Five years was neither too long nor too short. Under the joint efforts of Dongfang Hao, Feng Rui, and the others, Shengs.h.i.+ group was advancing towards the top 100 in the world. Shengs.h.i.+ hospital also became a famous tertiary grade a hospital in the country.

Countless people came to visit Shengs.h.i.+ hospital every day.

During these five years, Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua, who had been living in the s.p.a.ce, gave birth to another child, Si Jinyun. Although they had another child, it still did not lessen their longing for Qing Luan and Jin Cheng.

While the two of them were missing the children, the children were also missing them. Every time they saw their children being accompanied by their parents, they would reveal envious gazes.

Seeing this, Mei Ruolan and the others felt a wave of heartache. They also became more concerned and loving towards the two of them.

On this day, the children went to the park to play as usual. The five-year-old Qing Luan and Jin Cheng were very sensible. They brought Si Mufeng and Mei Ruolan’s children to play hide-and-seek on the lawn.

As they were playing, a child suddenly joined them and called out to Jin Cheng in a childish voice, “Big Brother, big brother! ”

Seeing the child who looked exactly like him, Jin Cheng was stunned and couldn’t react for a long time.

Qing Luan also saw the little boy, so she quickly walked over. When she saw this child who looked exactly like her little brother, her eyes widened.

“You, who are you? ” The Green Luan and Jin Cheng looked at the little boy and asked in a trembling voice. At this moment, they were somewhat excited, and their hearts were beating rapidly.

When the little boy saw the Green Luan, his brows and eyes were curved, and he called out in a childish voice, “big sister! You are big sister. ”

The call of ‘big sister’ made the Green Luan stunned, and then tears welled up in her eyes. Her heart also became ecstatic as she said, “little brother, little brother, you are my little brother, aren’t you? ”

The little boy did not answer. Instead, he looked at Jin Cheng and then at the Green Luan. Then, he shouted cheerfully to the front, “Daddy, Mommy, I found my elder sister and brother. ”

Hearing the little boy’s words, the Green Luan and Jin Cheng Mengde turned their heads. When they saw the person standing not far behind them, tears immediately fell like rain.

“Daddy, MOMMY! ”

The two shouted and then ran toward Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua.

Seeing the children running toward them, Si Zhanbei and Sheng Fenghua’s eyes turned red, and they opened their hands.

It had been five years, and they finally saw the children they had been longing for.

It had been five years, and they were finally reunited as a family.

Little Jinyun looked at her parents hugging her brother and sister, and a smile appeared on her face. She was so pure, so dazzling, and so proud.

The Sun shone on their bodies, giving them a layer of golden light. At the same time, it reflected their flower-like smiles, making them look so happy and happy!

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