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Chapter 1822: Take Me Along For the Ride…

“Flight pill?” The little fatty and Ma Ta parroted.

Qiao Mu’s glare promptly shut them up. Ma Ta peeked and saw that Mentor Wei Xu had turned to look at them.

The little fatty and Ma Ta felt a bit discomfited.

This meant that Qiaoqiao had flown so fast because she had secretly taken some sort of flight pill?

Qiaoqiao didn’t share this flight pill with them to punish them for the ferocious beasts they had summoned?

“The mentors want to train you,” Qiao Mu stated expressionlessly.

She would get away with it if it was just her, but it would be too obvious for the mentors if the whole group cheated.

The mentors were only suspicious right now. They still hadn’t figured out why she had been able to fly so quickly and effortlessly.

People who took high-rank flight pills could fly smoothly for four hours at a speed comparable to flying beasts.

This was a special but practical pill that not many people had knowledge of.

Qiao Mu had taken two in total, and she had only produced seven from the rainbow mushroom she had received.

After using up two today, she needed to use the remaining five sparingly.

The rainbow mushroom that she had planted in Paradise Planet had yet to mature, which was why she had to watch her usage.

The little fatty gazed at Qiao Mu forlornly. “Qiaoqiao, if the screwy mentors make us fly again on the way back, can you tie a rope around my waist and just pull me along?”

Qiao Mu twitched her mouth, nearly unable to maintain her poker face!

She hastily calmed her emotions and peered solemnly at the little fatty. Afterwards, she reluctantly gave a nod on account of his miserable state.

The others were at a loss for words.

The little fatty was making an appointment with Qiaoqiao, was he now?

But they wanted Qiaoqiao to string all of them along too.

Since Qiaoqiao took the flight pill, she wouldn’t get tired pulling along a string of people either.

After a short while, Mentor Zhou walked over with a smile.

“Alright, I’ve already made arrangements with a s.h.i.+p heading for Polan Prefecture. Each person has to pay one hundred spirit currency. Come now, hand me the fees one by one. I will hand it over to the captain as one lump sum later.”

Qi Xuanxuan couldn’t help squealing, “We have to pay for this?”

“If you don’t pay how are you going to get to Polan Prefecture?” Zhou Danjin barked back at her.

“Aren’t these the preliminaries of the academy ranking compet.i.tion? How come we poor students have to pay for travel expenses too?”

Zhou Danjin wished for nothing more than to spit in Qi Xuanxuan’s face.

Poor students? Do you have any shame?

Who didn’t know that you bunch of scoundrels made a killing off the underground battle arena tournament.

How dare you bemoan your supposed poverty!

Forget about it!

Mentor Zhou snorted with a sullen face. “Pay up, all of you. One hundred spirit currency per person.”

Qi Xuanxuan couldn’t help but wrangle, “Mentor, we are fighting for the academy’s honor! Why do we students still have to pay for travel out of our own pocket?”

Mentor Zhou fudged a response with a cough. “You guys have witnessed the academy’s situation too! Alright, stop fussing and pay up! I have to get back to the captain since they’re just about to set sail tonight.”

Everybody exchanged glances before reluctantly retrieving their money pouches.

Qi Xuanxuan fought to also pay for Qiao Mu. At the same time, she also couldn’t help but keep nagging Mentor Zhou about the injustice.

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