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Chapter 616: Missed You (2)

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Without further ado, Xiao Chun took out her cellphone from her bag and unlocked it before she handed it over to Xu Weilai and asked curiously, “Who are you calling?”

Xu Weilai smiled mysteriously as tapped opened Xiao Chun’s call log, narrowed down to a particular number and called it.

The call went through quickly and the receiver was obviously in a nightclub, for they could hear loud music blasting away in the background as the man replied, “Chunchun, what’s up?”

Xiao Chun was momentarily stunned when she realised that Xu Weilai had called Xu Shuai, but she quickly recovered from her surprise.

Xu Weilai seemed to have thought through Xiao Chun’s words seriously and had returned with the intention to uncover the truth behind what happened three years ago. This was why she would contact Xu Shuai right after she returned.

Without speaking, Xu Weilai gave Xiao Chun a look before she lowered her voice and instructed, “Chunchun, ask him where he is. Tell him that you’ll head over to find him now.”

Xiao Chun signalled for Xu Weilai to count on her and did as she was told.

After she found out Xu Shuai’s location and made a date with him, Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun headed downstairs. Xiao Chun then drove her G-Cla.s.s Mercedes-Benz out of the garage and chauffeured Xu Weilai over to Pub A.

Xu Shuai was already waiting in the private room by the time they arrive and he smiled and greeted Xiao Chun as she entered the room. However, his smile froze when he saw Xu Weilai strolling in after her.

As far as he knew, Xu Weilai had already gone abroad and he couldn’t imagine why she would show up here.

It was normal for Xiao Chun to ask him out, for they often met up for drinks and dance. However, Xu Weilai was a prim and proper girl who never went to bars, not to mention to visit a club in the middle of the night to drink and party.

He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling when he saw Xu Weilai and Xiao Chun approach him.

All of a sudden, he jumped to his feet and declared, “Hey, I suddenly recall that I have some urgent matters to attend to. I’ll make a move first. Enjoy yourselves, guys. The food and drinks are all on me.”

As he said this, he made a dash for the exit, but Xiao Chun quickly reached over and grabbed hold of his collar before giving him a hard shove. Perhaps because Xu Shuai’s legs caved in, he immediately fell back into the sofa.

“Hey, you can’t leave yet! The rest of your time belongs to me, so you’ll have to push back all your plans no matter how urgent they are.”

After Xiao Chun said this, she then reached over and s.n.a.t.c.hed his cellphone away forcefully before switching it off right before him.

Xu Shuai’s heart wrenched as he watched her destroy his final escape route.

A look of fear appeared on his face and, clutching his chest dramatically, exclaimed anxiously, “Sis, what do you want with me? If all you want is money, then go ahead and name your price. But please don’t rape me, I beg of you!”

Xiao Chun snickered and replied, “Don’t worry. I’m not the least interested in your body. If you sit upright and answer our questions truthfully, I promise that I wouldn’t even touch a single strand of your hair. Otherwise…”

Even without finis.h.i.+ng her sentence, it was already very obvious that Xiao Chun was threatening Xu Shuai.

Xu Shuai’s entire body quivered and he flashed them a gesture of surrender before he groaned in resignment, “Alright, alright, alright. Fire away. I’ll tell you everything no matter what it is. I wouldn’t hide anything from you.”

Xu Weilai had remained silent right from the moment she entered the room but stepped forward when she heard what he said. However, instead of asking him what she wanted to know, she remarked, “Xu Shuai, do you remember that you still owe me ten bottles of alcohol!”


Xu Weilai’s lips curled up into a smile as she resumed, “It’s time for you to pay your debts now.”

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My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again Chapter 616 - Missed You (2) summary

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