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Chapter 904: Waiting for A New Day, Or Death (11)

Li Beinian was stunned when she heard this.

Then, the doctor continued, “The fetus isn’t small anymore. I can’t see the other one yet, but it’s developing quite well. I reckon we’ll be able to see it clearly in a few days.”

Li Beinian was still in a daze. “Twins…” After muttering this, her mind suddenly went blank and she asked again, “Are you able to tell their gender? ”

The nurse laughed when she heard this. “How would we know? They’re only tiny. It’st possible to know only in about three to four months. However, the hospital is explicitly prohibited from informing pregnant women of the gender of their babies.”

Li Beinian’s heartbeat quickened. She subconsciously reached out to touch her belly.

However, there was a layer of gel on her abdomen and it made her fingers wet and sticky.

When the nurse saw this, she drew out a few pieces of tissues and handed them to her. She asked curiously, “Did you really not know that you’re pregnant?”

Li Beinian was a little annoyed.

She really had no idea.

Why was she pregnant out of the blue? There was no forewarning at all.

Furthermore, the doctor said that it had been at least seven to eight weeks. In other words, it had been more than a month. During this time, she hadn’t had her period and she had not realized it at all!

Furthermore, this pregnancy came in a completely different way from that in her previous life. This made it impossible for her to link her previous experience to this pregnancy.

The nurse was understanding as she observed Li Beinian’s changing expression. After instructing her on a few things to take note of, and also reminding her to return the following morning for a fasting blood test, Li Beinian was led out in a daze.

Mu Xichen stood outside the door, his eyes sparkling as he watched Li Beinian walking out in a daze. He stepped forward and took her hand.

Mu Xichen’s hand was a little warm. Li Beinian could feel the thin film of perspiration on his palm, perhaps from nervousness or other reasons.

Li Beinian’s heart suddenly skipped a beat as she subconsciously tightened her grip on his hand.

The man looked at her silently.

The expression in his eyes was obscure and unfathomable. While they sparkled brightly, there was also an obvious solemness in them.

Li Beinian’s heart ached inexplicably and her nose felt a little sore. Then, she took a step forward and fell into Mu Xichen’s arms.

Mu Xichen hugged her back and was about to say something, when Li Beinian whispered, “I’m pregnant.”

She was pregnant.

Her voice was as soft as the buzzing of a mosquito.

Mu Xichen heard the expected answer, but it struck with great impact nevertheless. It shook him up before an overwhelming sense of joy enveloped him.

Quickly, the man calmed down and looked down at top of the pet.i.te head buried in his arms.

Li Beinian looked up, her eyes were slightly red, but there was an unconcealable smile on her lips. “Twins.”

Seeing the smile on her lips, Mu Xichen’s was relieved and he laughed. With excitement, he lowered his head towards hers and gave her a big kiss on the lips, making a loud smacking sound.

Li Beinian blushed. She turned around and saw that everyone was looking at them. Embarra.s.sed, she gave Mu Xichen a shove and said, “This is a hospital…”

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Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 904 - Waiting for A New Day, Or Death (11) summary

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