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Chapter 943: Norka’s Strong Return

The legendary figure became real.

The Great Sage returned!

The fictional hero became a reality.

At this moment, people could easily accept this fact.

The rampant insect monsters had already broken their worldview.

Sun Wukong’s appearance was so logical.

Didn’t heroes only appear in times of national crisis?

Sun Wukong was very strong.

With the help of the Golden Cudgel, he was invincible.

Entering the cave, he easily killed the insect mother. All the insect monsters were eliminated by him, and the crisis in the villages and towns around Suhai city was resolved.

After dealing with one wave of insect monsters, he rushed toward other areas of insect monsters.


Kading star.

A small planet floating in the vast universe.

It wasn’t as big as Earth, at most only the size of Asia.

This was the planet where Norka was born, and also his home planet.

Although the planet was small, it carried all of Norka’s memories.

When he didn’t have the strength, for his family and for the planet, he entered the Great World of Heaven’s secrets alone, wanting to become stronger.

Fortunately, his luck wasn’t bad. He obtained a spot to enter the Huaxia Squadron and obtained a cultivation technique book.

It allowed him to become a well-known expert within a short period of time.

He was very grateful to Jiang Feng. This time, he didn’t go to Earth to help, and he still felt very guilty.

There was nothing he could do. He had his family and his hometown, and the people in his hometown were all so weak. He couldn’t watch his hometown be destroyed.

Noka walked out from a mountain peak.

Looking at his beautiful hometown, he released his perception. Next, his whole body started to tremble, and his face was full of killing intent.

The villages and towns within his perception had all become h.e.l.l on Earth. All the humans had been slaughtered, and blood was everywhere.

“Come out, kill all these insect monsters for me, and destroy the insect mother!”

Noka’s hands turned black, and there was a black hole in each of them. He stretched out his hands and released ten souls.

In the Great World of Heaven’s secret, he was already an expert at the intermediate stage of the exceptional state. In other words, he had the strength of the peak of the early stage of the insightful void realm.

Nurturing ten souls at once was the limit of his strength,

the strength of ten souls was not low. Under his nurturing, their strength was about the same as his. Meng Da’s soul’s strength had already reached the peak of the exceptional state, and it was very powerful.

With his command, the ten souls flew in different directions.

He put on the White Dragon Robe and soared into the sky, flying towards the largest city of karting on Planet Karting.

His speed was very fast.

Not long after, he arrived at Karting City.

The Norin family, the royal family of Karting City.

Norka was the child of the King and a maid. He was also the king’s eighteenth prince. He did not have much status in the royal palace. His mother and he were often bullied.

He was very unpopular. It was because of this that he became angry and went to the great world of Heavenly Secrets.


Karting City was in chaos. The Zerg had invaded in large numbers, and many knights were fighting with the Zerg in the palace. The scene was extremely tragic.

King Noka hid in a hall with his queen, concubines, and children. Listening to the sounds of fighting outside, his eyes were filled with fear.

Noggin’s mother, Iris, was among them. However, she was near the entrance of the hall, and there were no knights guarding her. She was very encouraging.

“King, let’s escape. The Knights are no match for these monsters,”the Queen said to the king.

“Yes, father. Once the hall is taken down, we will all die!”The crown prince, Norwich, echoed.

Norkadin frowned, his face full of despair. “Where can we escape to? There are bug monsters everywhere on Planet Kadin. We can’t escape at all.”

“Oh right, father, we can first enter the underground city below the palace to hide. We will come out after the bug monsters leave.”Norwich suddenly thought of something and said to Norkadin.

Norkadin hesitated for a moment and nodded. “That’s good too. The food stored in the underground city is enough to sustain us for a year.”

After making his decision, Nokadin led the Queen’s concubines and children to the rear hall.

At this moment, Nokadin looked at Iris, who was still standing in front of the hall and looking out through the cracks, and hurriedly shouted, “Iris, you should come with us.”

Iris turned to look at Nokadin, then at the other concubines and princes who were ridiculing her. She pursed her lips and smiled, shaking her head. “My king, Nokadin hasn’t returned yet. I’m going to wait for Nokadin here.”

“Haha… Didn’t my useless brother get a spot and go to the Archaic Mysteries World? I heard that it’s extremely dangerous inside. He probably died inside a long time ago.”

“That’s right. I remember that General Matt also brought some people in, but they all died inside. Nokart doesn’t have any strength at all. If he went in, he would have died long ago.”


The Queen, the concubines, and the princes talked to each other in a very ear-piercing voice.

Norkadin frowned and didn’t say anything. It seemed that he also tacitly agreed that Norkadin had died in there.

Iris shook her head and said, “Norkadin will not die. Norkadin promised me that he would definitely come back!”

The queen sneered. “Ridiculous. Don’t care if she’s dead or alive. Let’s go.”


Just as the Queen finished her sentence, there was a loud crash from the palace gate.

Iris seemed to have seen something through the crack. She was so scared that her face turned pale and she hurriedly retreated.


Just as she took a few steps back, the palace gate collapsed with a loud bang. A few bug monsters with some flesh and blood on their mouths slowly walked in.

Iris was shocked and quickly retreated to the side of the crowd.

“Not good, the bug monsters are coming. Let’s hurry to the underground city!”The queen screamed when she saw this and quickly pushed Alice towards the bug monsters while rus.h.i.+ng towards the back of the palace.

The moment Alice was pushed out, her face was filled with despair.

When the bug monsters saw Alice being pushed out, they rushed towards her crazily.

“Whoosh Whoosh…”

Just as the sharp teeth were about to bite iris, there was a piercing sound in the air. Dozens of silver needles pierced into the bodies of the bug monsters.

In the next moment, all the bug monsters were frozen on the spot and could not move.

In just a few seconds, all the bug monsters’bodies fell to the ground stiffly, without any life.


At this moment, a short figure in a white robe appeared beside Iris. Norka revealed himself and smiled at Iris. “Mother, I’m sorry I’m Late!”


Iris looked at Norka, who had lost his youth and turned into a handsome man. She cried in excitement and rushed forward to hug Norka in her arms.

Some of the princes and concubines who had not completely retreated to the inner hall were slightly stunned when they heard Iris’s voice. They quickly turned around and took a look.


When they saw the white-robed boy who helped iris up from the ground, they were all shocked.

They did not expect that Norka would not die when he went to the extremely dangerous archaic mysteries world.

At this moment, they glanced at the several insect monsters that had died in the hall and were even more shocked. At the same time, they looked at Noka with a worried expression.

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