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Chapter 1284: She Must Have Copied Yours!

Because Jiang Qiran had just arrived at the school, he had not gone to the dormitory to change his clothes. He was wearing a white sportswear, which made him seem independent and out of place in the crowd.

His handsome face was completely expressionless, exuding an aura that made people shudder.

Xia Qianqian saw Jiang Qiran standing beside Ye Linlang and was so jealous that she almost went crazy. When she heard Jiang Qiran's questioning, she felt even more wronged!

What right did Jiang Qiran have to say such things about her?!

At the very least, when she was in the school's entrance examination, she had also gotten first place in the entire school!

Otherwise, how could she have become the learning committee member of grade one Cla.s.s A!

Xia Qianqian took a deep breath and forced herself not to lose her composure.

In the blink of an eye, her eyes turned red and she looked a little pitiful.

"Student Qiran, I know you're Ye Linlang's boyfriend, so I can understand if you want to protect her. But how can you compare Ye Linlang's results with mine?!"

A few students who knew that Xia Qianqian was an outstanding student could not help but feel aggrieved for Xia Qianqian.

"That's right! Beauty Xia is one of the top girls in our cla.s.s!"

"Let alone only in Cla.s.s A, Beauty Qianqian is one of the top girls in our school, okay?!"

When Xia Qianqian heard those people protecting her, she immediately felt proud.

She couldn't help but cast a disdainful look at Ye Linlang, but she quickly restrained herself. After all, there were so many people present, and she still had to protect her ladylike image.

Meanwhile, Jiang Qiran looked at Xia Qianqian and the rest coldly. His thin lips were pursed tightly, and his pair of deep and narrow phoenix eyes slowly narrowed.

"Xia Qianqian, if I'm not wrong, your ranking in this exam is only thirty-five, right?"

Xia Qianqian was stunned for a moment before nodding her head.

After all, there were more than a thousand students in the first grade of Ling Yun High School. With such a large number of students, Xia Qianqian felt that it was already very impressive for her to be able to enter the top thirty-five, alright?!

If someone else had such a disdainful tone, the bystanders would definitely feel aggrieved for Xia Qianqian. However, this person was Jiang Qiran, and it was hard for them to say anything at the moment.

Even if Jiang Qiran wanted to say that the second place in the grade was a slacker, there was nothing they could do about it. After all, Jiang Qiran had pulled ahead of the other party by dozens of points. If it were the province-wide exam, these dozens of points would probably be the difference between thousands and tens of thousands of places.

Xia Qianqian bit the corner of her lips. Her eyes were slightly red, and she looked extremely aggrieved.

"Student Qiran, is it really embarra.s.sing to be in the top 35? It's still much better than some slacker who can't even get into the top 100 honor roll of the school, right?"

Jiang Qiran stood beside Ye Linlang indifferently. His handsome face was extremely cold, as if there was a layer of frost covering it.

"Who said Ye Linlang didn't get into the school's honor roll?"

Xia Qianqian was stunned when she heard that. Not to mention her, even Ye Linlang herself was stunned.

She had just searched around the top 50 for a long time, and then started searching around the top 100, but she really didn't see her name!

At this moment, Jiang Qiran casually pointed with his finger, and suddenly gave out an explosive piece of news.

"Isn't Ye Linlang's name written in the 30th place of the grade?"


Ah --

Ye Linlang followed Jiang Qiran's instructions to look, and only then did she realize that because of the size of the honor roll's red borders, the 30th place was written in a rather cramped manner, and it was in the corner of the section, so it wasn't easy to attract attention.

Moreover, Ye Linlang did not look above the 40th place because she felt that she could not get such good results. Who would have thought?!

Who would have thought that not only did she get into the top 50 in one go, but she even suppressed Xia Qianqian's ranking!

This was really unexpected!

Ye Linlang could not help but hug Jiang Qiran's arm in excitement. If it were not for so many people present, she would have screamed!

"Heavens! I did it! Qiran, I did it! What should I do? I want to run two laps on the field!"

"Am I too lucky?! Should I buy two lottery tickets now? Will I win five million?"

Jiang Qiran looked at Ye Linlang with a smile. The coldness in his expression faded away and had a hint of unconscious doting.

"Silly… you deserve all this."

There was no such thing as luck. Fate had always favored those who were prepared.

Only Jiang Qiran knew how hard Ye Linlang had been working during this period of time.

Moreover, he had also simply flipped through Ye Linlang's exam paper. Other than the variables like composition, Ye Linlang had done well in all the other exams. She should be able to get a good score. It was just that Ye Linlang herself was terrified.

This time, the last big question in mathematics was also quite difficult. She had not managed to solve many of the small questions. It was already good enough for Ye Linlang to solve one.

The situation had reversed too quickly. Not to mention Ye Linlang, even the surrounding crowd was shocked!

Meanwhile, Xia Qianqian could not help but open her mouth wide. She staggered back a step, her eyes overflowing with disbelief.

"How is this possible! … No, this is impossible!"

Seeing Xia Qianqian's unwilling look, Jiang Qiran's pitch-black eyes revealed a hint of mockery.

"What, now that you've seen the actual situation, do you think that if Ye Linlang is a slacker? What about you then? A completely unranked student?"

Seeing that her Prince Charming was actually mocking her in order to protect Ye Linlang, the jealousy that had acc.u.mulated in Xia Qianqian's heart for a long time towards Ye Linlang had reached an extreme level!

"No! I don't believe it!"

Xia Qianqian seemed to have been provoked by something as she stretched out her hand and fiercely pointed at Ye Linlang.

"Ye Linlang, don't pretend that I don't know about you. During the mid-term exam, you were sitting behind Jiang Qiran! You must have secretly copied Jiang Qiran's exam paper, right?! Otherwise, how could you have done so well in the exam?!"

As soon as these words were said, the surrounding people were in an uproar!

A few students who were in grade one Cla.s.s A couldn't help but echo.

"Yeah, Ye Linlang's results used to be above average in our cla.s.s. How could she possibly get into the top 30 of the grade?"

"If Ye Linlang sat behind Jiang Qiran during the exam… Ye Linlang's results are really suspicious…"

When Xia Qianqian saw that someone agreed with her, she finally felt a little more confident.

However, Jiang Qiran's expression was cold and mercilessly exposed the self-consolation that Xia Qianqian used to cover up her ugliness.

"Not to mention that there are two teachers supervising the exam, now there are surveillance cameras in the exam hall. How did Ye Linlang get her scores? Just look at the surveillance cameras. Xia Qianqian, you don't have to hurt others here!"

Xia Qianqian's face alternated between red and white. Her lips quivered a few times, but before she could say anything, Jiang Qiran had already left with Ye Linlang hand in hand!

Suddenly, Xia Qianqian thought of the sports meet this Friday. The homeroom teacher had handed the registration matter to her!

Perhaps… she could take the opportunity to teach that arrogant country b.u.mpkin a lesson!

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