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Chapter 540 The World Projected

One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade.

The sacrifices made by generations of G.o.dfiends and mortal warriors allowed the war to drag on until Meng Chuan grew stronger.

If G.o.dfiends had been afraid of death, with none of them willing to risk their lives, the few Supremacies wouldn’t have been able to defend the numerous World Entrances. The human world would probably have long collapsed after the human Supremacies chose to execute the World Annihilation plan. Countless lives would have been wiped out.

Meng Chuan, Liu Qiyue, and the others might not have even been born if the World Annihilation plan had happened. Only a small number of humans in the grotto-heavens would survive.

Billions of heroes used their lives to earn hope for the entire human race. They are the backbone of humanity.

Meng Chuan looked at the floating painting in front of him.

This painting depicted the countless sacrifices humanity had made. He drew the backbone of Archean Eon Realm’s human race.

Outside the Heaven and Earth Great Hall. Meng Chuan walked out of the hall and stood alone in the square. The square was filled with fog.

He stared into the distance silently, but his heart was filled with joy.

After his body trembled, he had an epiphany, which allowed him to gain basic insights. It was only after painting ‘Backbone’ that he experienced catharsis. His understanding deepened

Nirvana? Nirvana is the ultimate home for all things. It’s the ultimate version of eternity.

Life is most dazzling and exciting. The vastness of s.p.a.cetime becomes interesting because of life. Life is the soul of s.p.a.cetime. Without life, the River of s.p.a.cetime would be gray. With life, the River of s.p.a.cetime is colorful, said Meng Chuan to himself. Life has already surpa.s.sed eternity.

The transformation of one’s heart and mind had a significant impact on cultivators. This had an even greater impact on Essence Souls.

Meng Chuan’s aura was no longer dead and still. Instead, it was warm and bright. This was because Meng Chuan felt that every part of the world was beautiful! Every part was filled with br.i.m.m.i.n.g vitality!

I never expected that I would attain an eighth-level Essence Soul after my spiritual transformation. Meng Chuan sighed in amazement.

He had pondered over his paramount technique for many years. His body was still at the Chaos Hole realm (Supremacy). Who knew that his Essence Soul would reach the Tribulation realm first?

I’ll try out my moves. Meng Chuan pulled out the Tribulation treasure at his waist-Time Saber. After pulling it out, he casually threw it out and made it levitate in midair.

Meng Chuan had already infused the Power of Essence Soul into Time Saber as he controlled

With a thought

A saber beam traveled through the world like a swimming dragon. It sliced through the world, revealing the gray chains that were hidden beyond the world.

After reaching the Tribulation realm, one’s Power of Essence Soul will change qualitatively. I will now be able to utilize such weapons and treasures perfectly. Meng Chuan nodded slightly.

With a weak Essence Soul, one’s Power of Essence Soul was mainly used to cast Essence Soul mystic techniques.

After reaching the Essence Soul Tribulation realm, one’s Power of Essence Soul would change qualitatively. In fact, the Power of Essence Soul became even more suitable for utilizing Tribulation treasures than Tribulation realm demonic power or Tribulation Quintessential Essence. Controlling Tribulation treasures with the Power of Essence Soul was easier and one could unleash greater might.

This was decided by the cultivation system. After reaching the Physical Body Tribulation realm, one’s main goal was to cultivate their body! Every Physical Body Tribulation Eminence’s body was as powerful as a Dharma treasure.

Merely by opening their mouths, they could swallow celestial bodies. They could tear s.p.a.cetime with a stretch of the hand. Sitting cross-legged and allowing enemies to attack them would be fine because their bodies would remain unharmed. This was something only Physical Body Tribulation Eminences could do. Their bodies were their strongest weapons, so close combat was what they were best at.

Essence Soul Tribulation Eminences were different. An Essence Soul Tribulation Eminence’s body was relatively weak, while their Essence Soul was especially powerful. They could create a world with just a mere thought! Each of an Essence Soul Tribulation Eminence’s nine Essence Soul avatars could fight in different places. It was common for a single Essence Soul avatar to cross many river zones to hunt down enemies.

Essence Soul mystic techniques also became even more bizarre and ruthless! Controlling a Tribulation treasure with the Power of Essence Soul made it even easier to deal with enemies from afar.

World treasures were unique to Essence Soul Tribulation Eminences.

At the Physical Body Tribulation realm, one’s Essence Soul is hidden in the body. One’s body is like the world, perfectly protecting the Essence Soul. It’s very difficult to injure a Physical Body Tribulation Eminence’s Essence Soul. After Ancestral Master Archean Eon reached the Physical Body Seventh Tribulation realm, even an Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation Eminence wouldn’t be able to break through the obstruction that’s Ancestral Master Archean Eon’s body with Essence Soul mystic techniques only.

Most Essence Soul Tribulation Eminences relied on Essence Soul Worlds, Tribulation treasures, and World treasures to deal with Physical Body Tribulation Eminences.

A Physical Tribulation Eminence could just charge forward brashly.

My Essence Soul World.

With a thought


Meng Chuan stood in the square in front of Heaven and Earth Great Hall. He had Time Saber by his waist as a huge painting suddenly appeared behind him.

The painting was vast, spanning over 50 kilometers. In the vast painting, mountain ranges could be vaguely seen. There were also rivers flowing, and countless people living in it. As the painting was only about 50 kilometers long, the people in the painting were extremely tiny. So my Essence Soul World looks like a painting? Meng Chuan nodded slightly. This was the first time he was seeing his Essence Soul World.

If it’s not suppressed by worldly laws, my Essence Soul World can expand to 1.5 million kilometers. Meng Chuan carefully studied it.

His Essence Soul World was quite big. However, the size of an Essence Soul World didn’t have any correlation with its strength. Every Essence Soul Tribulation Eminence had their own unique Essence Soul World because each person’s mental state differed. Although some had very small Essence Soul Worldssome Essence Soul Worlds were only 100 feet wide—they could condense them into beads and smash their enemies with them. These small Essence Soul Worlds had equally terrifying strength. Some Essence Soul Worlds might be tens of millions of kilometers wide, but they might have very low strength. On the first day of painting, my Essence Soul reached the eighth level. My Essence Soul has been transforming constantly during the five months of painting. It feels like it has improved greatly. My Essence Soul World shouldn’t be weak, guessed Meng Chuan.

After reaching the Tribulation realm, it was very difficult to determine one’s exact strength. One had to use many methods as reference. Of course, one could determine their exact strength after pa.s.sing multiple Heavenly Tribulations. However, for someone like Meng Chuan—who had yet to transcend a Heavenly Tribulation-he needed to determine his strength by using many different methods.


With a thought, the Essence Soul world around him instantly disappeared.

At that moment, black fog surged out from Heaven and Earth Great Hall and condensed into Guardians.

The three Guardians bowed and said, “Greetings, Eminence Eastcalm.”

“Guardians, there’s no need to stand on ceremony,” said Meng Chuan with a smile.

“There’s finally another Tribulation Eminence in Archean Eon Realm,” said the black-robed, long-browed Guardian excitedly. “We only had Tribulation Eminences rising during Archean Eon Sect’s era. After that era, no Tribulation Eminences were born in the world.”

“It’s a blessing for Archean Eon Realm to have a Tribulation Eminence rising.” Another Guardian looked at Meng Chuan and said immediately, “Eminence Eastcalm, after becoming a Tribulation Eminence, you can obtain more treasures left behind by Ancestral Master Archean Eon-much more than before.”

Meng Chuan smiled.

Yes. Previously, he wasn’t even an Imperial Lord. Now that he had reached the Tribulation realm, he could naturally obtain many more things from Ancestral Master Archean Eon’s treasure trove.

“There are many treasures that ordinary Supremacies and Imperial Lords are not qualified to take. Eminence Eastcalm, you can now choose from them.” The Guardians were very enthusiastic. How long had they been protecting Ancestral Master Archean Eon’s treasures? Due to the rules set by Ancestral Master Archean Eon, the weaker human juniors naturally couldn’t take very much. This was because Supremacies couldn’t utilize much of these powerful treasures’ might.

These treasures would instead bring them disaster in the outer realm. Another Tribulation Eminence had now finally appeared in Archean Eon Realm.

“There’s no rush. I’ll investigate the treasure vault later,” said Meng Chuan. “I still need some time to cultivate.”

The three Guardians exchanged looks and bowed respectfully before retreating. Meng Chuan continued to stand in front of Heaven and Earth Great Hall, deep in thought.

Saber of Nirvana. The soul of this saber move is Nirvana.

But I have a new move now. The soul of this new saber move is life. Meng Chuan grabbed Time Saber—which hung from his waist-and slashed out. He didn’t use the Power of Essence Soul, nor did he use much strength.

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