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Chapter 688: Eighth Tribulation Eminence Opens His Eyes

Archean Eon Realm, in a chamber inside of Heaven and Earth Great Hall.

The white-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan sat cross-legged and looked at the three items on the wooden tray in front of him: a black book, a fragrant cyan fruit, and a silver cube.

There are very few secrets in the River of s.p.a.cetime that I’m not aware of. Meng Chuan looked at the three items in front of him in puzzlement.

After reaching the peak of the Sixth Tribulation realm, he could read White Avian Hall’s books and legacies freely. White Avian Hall had also divulged many of the River of s.p.a.cetime’s secrets to him.

The intelligence detailed many secrets in the River of s.p.a.cetime. There were many secrets regarding the current Seventh Tribulation Eminences, the half-step Seventh Tribulation Eminences, and the peak Sixth Tribulation Eminences. There was also a detailed description of Fiend Mountain, Chaos Turbid River, and the Land of Foulbone, as well as the many high-level inhabited worlds and secrets related to Eighth Tribulation Eminences.

However, there are no records of the three items in front of me. Meng Chuan looked at the items.

The black book’s faint aura alarmed Meng Chuan. It felt like the Eternal treasure—the Great Seal. As the owner of an Eternal treasure, Meng Chuan knew very well that the black book was still quite far from an Eternal treasure. However, it had a particularly similar trait.

The silver cube looked ordinary.

I’ll eat it first.

Without any hesitation, Meng Chuan opened his mouth and sucked, causing the cyan fruit on the wooden tray to fly into his mouth immediately.

It felt a little dry and sapid. Meng Chuan crushed it with a single bite and swallowed it.

This fruit? Meng Chuan frowned in puzzlement. He took a whiff of the fragrance and ate it. However, it felt like countless grains of sand were stirring in his stomach. The countless leptons in his body stirred. His Essence Soul was also composed of leptons.

He felt very uncomfortable from the stirring.

Could it be poisonous? Meng Chuan couldn’t help but have this thought. It’s impossible for it to be poisonous. Hall Lord White Avian gave me treasures that are worth 20 million cubes to build a karmic relations.h.i.+p with me. If he deliberately wants to harm me, it would have huge karmic implications. He wants to reach the Eighth Tribulation realm, so he definitely won’t do such a thing.

Meng Chuan endured the pain. His body and Essence Soul felt uncomfortable everywhere. The feeling of every lepton being stirred wasn’t an excruciating pain, but he felt nausea, convulsions, and panic…

Meng Chuan couldn’t suppress this feeling. He was affected by every stirring lepton, and it was worse than being punished.

If it were a Fourth or Fifth Tribulation Eminence with weaker willpower, the leptons might’ve scattered uncontrollably and caused their deaths. However, Meng Chuan’s willpower had already reached the level required for the Essence Soul Seventh Tribulation realm thanks to his progress on Fiend Mountain. Furthermore, he had a Lepton Undying Body. It was naturally impossible for him to be in any danger of dying, but he still suffered.

This torment lasted for nearly ten minutes.

Meng Chuan raised his eyebrows. He felt like the countless grains of ‘sand’ in his body and Essence Soul had completely shattered. They turned into water that nourished his Essence Soul.

Happiness came after suffering!

The feeling of having his Essence Soul nourished was wonderful. Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul trembled.


The fruit’s power fused with Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul and instantly brought a wisp of his Essence Soul thought out of the River of s.p.a.cetime.

This Essence Soul thought of mine has left the universe?

After all, Meng Chuan had comprehended a complete spatial law. He was very certain that this Essence Soul thought had instantly left the universe. It was like a fish leaving a river. This Essence Soul thought could no longer sense the spatial law.

The moment he left the universe, he instantly rushed into a place. This was a place with concentrated turbulence.

Countless streams of water surged.

There was no way for him to ‘observe’ this place. Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought could only vaguely sense the area. In the turbulent flow, he could only identify ten streams.

These ten streams of water were the ten Origins laws Meng Chuan had sensed when he cultivated! Although he took the direction of the Chaos Hole law, he could sense the other nine Origins laws.


The fruit’s power wrapped around Meng Chuan as it moved forward. It seemed to follow the stream.

Go there.

Under Meng Chuan’s control, the fruit’s power carried Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought into one of the ten water streams.

This stream of water wasn’t the Chaos Hole law stream that Meng Chuan was most familiar with. This was because Meng Chuan was very close to comprehending the Chaos Hole law after he grasped the spatial law, lepton law, and lightning law. There was no need to use the fruit’s opportunity on a nomological path that he was confident of grasping in a short period of time.

Meng Chuan chose the Heaven Splitting law!

The Heaven Splitting law was a law that created the universe. It was very mysterious, and it was very difficult to grasp out of the ten Origins laws.

As it was difficult to see the creation of the universe with one’s own eyes, one could only deduce and comprehend it with their imagination. Therefore, many Seventh Tribulation Eminences grasped laws like the Immeasurable law, Karma law, and Samsara law. However, very few could comprehend the Heaven Splitting law.

The Chaos Hole law devoured everything and returned everything to nirvana. As for the Heaven Splitting law, it created a universe. These were two opposing Origins laws.

Only by cultivating opposing paths could one become truly powerful. It benefited one’s grasp of time and s.p.a.ce.

For example, the Immeasurable law and the Matter law were completely opposite laws that could fuse as one. This was because an Eighth Tribulation Eminence could grasp time, s.p.a.ce, and all Origins laws. They could naturally grasp completely different laws.


The fruit wrapped around Meng Chuan and entered the stream of water.

Meng Chuan only found the stream as vast as the sea after entering. Meng Chuan was completely immersed in it.

The fruit’s power carried Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought as it roamed the area.

Heaven Splitting.

Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought swam in the water, and the water seeped into his Essence Soul. Meng Chuan then vaguely saw scenes.

A towering figure brandished his axe and cleaved out an infinite world.

A black divine dragon tore open a vast world with a swipe of its claw. The black divine dragon glanced at Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought from afar as its whiskers fluttered.

Dragon Ancestor? Although Meng Chuan had never seen Dragon Ancestor before, he could sense that the dark divine dragon had recognized him and was paying attention to him. They even exchanged looks.

Meng Chuan had a strong feeling that it was Dragon Ancestor.

It was unknown what the winding, black divine dragon was good at. It seemed to be sleeping, but the timeline was rapidly moving.

Ten thousand years, twenty thousand years, thirty thousand years…

Perhaps he had only taken a short nap, but hundreds of millions of years had pa.s.sed in the outside world.

Oh? The black divine dragon suddenly opened its eyes, and the timeline completely stopped.

The mark that reflects endless s.p.a.cetime when I created a universe is actually discovered by a little fellow in my homeworld. The black divine dragon revealed a smile. Very few things could touch him. The dragons didn’t dare awaken the Dragon Ancestor unless something major happened.

For example, the Nine Trials PaG.o.da gave out treasures according to his rules. The Dragon Ancestor had never observed Meng Chuan before. At his realm, it was very difficult to see his true appearance after he had completely jumped out of the River of s.p.a.cetime.

Dragon Ancestor noticed Meng Chuan when he saw the mark.

Meng Chuan? He’s a kid with great potential. It’s not difficult for him to reach the half-step Eighth Tribulation realm. The black divine dragon glanced at him. This era in my home universe is a very powerful era. There might be three half-step Eighth Tribulation Eminences appearing at the same time.

He only took a glance and didn’t pay much attention to Meng Chuan. This was because only one in a hundred people could break through to the Eighth Tribulation realm from the half-step Eighth Tribulation realm.

Only an Eighth Tribulation Eminence could be considered his peer.

The black divine dragon closed its eyes again as the timeline continued moving.

Scenes appeared.

Meng Chuan saw 19 scenes. They seemed to be scenes of different universes opening up. Every existence that opened up a universe was extremely terrifying. Only the black divine dragon looked at Meng Chuan. The other existences ignored him.

As his Essence Soul thought roamed the area, the fruit’s strength was constantly consumed.

There doesn’t seem to be an end to this place. Meng Chuan swam through the Heaven Splitting law sea with great difficulty. His Essence Soul thought was constantly affected as the fruit’s strength decreased.

Finally, after holding on for a while, the fruit’s power was completely exhausted.

Meng Chuan’s Essence Soul thought was instantly destroyed.


In a chamber in Archean Eon Realm’s Heaven and Earth Great Hall, the white-robed, white-haired Meng Chuan suddenly jolted awake.

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