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Chapter 1019: Respecting Her Would Humiliate Oneself

Mu Feichi had worked hard to ensure her personal safety, yet Si Wenxuan did not seem to know how to use her own brain and was willing to put herself in harm’s way at every possible opportunity.

Anyone else who had been in such a special position would have wished for nothing more but to spend their every day living in peace.

Although they know they are being silently protected, they would have kept a low profile and moved carefully.

However, Si Wenxuan was something else. She had to let everyone know she was the daughter of the President. She needed everyone to know how important she was, even if it meant disregarding those who were keeping her safe with their lives.

In Yun Xi’s eyes, people like her were extremely selfish and lacked any manners. Anyone with a small knowledge of manners would not cause problems for others voluntarily.

It was no wonder that Mu Feichi never respected Si Wenxuan’s status, because it was not worth any respect.

To give her respect would have meant to humiliate oneself.

However, Yun Xi did not wish to bring unnecessary trouble for herself and her friends, especially knowing Si Wenxuan’s arrogant and stubborn att.i.tude. She could be nothing but trouble.

She was in a precarious position as well due to her relations.h.i.+p with Mu Feichi. Because of this, she was already an enemy in the eyes of Si Wenxuan. Therefore she did not want to provoke her as she knew Si Wenxuan would not be easy to shake off.

She turned around and pretended she did not see Si Wenxuan as she stood in the queue and waited for her turn for food. But Si Wenxuan was angered by what she saw as the arrogance of Yun Xi ignoring her presence.

Was she looking down on her?

Everyone around her had made way for her, yet Yun Xi continued to turn her back to her, completely ignoring her presence.

“Do you have to pretend you don’t see me, Yun Xi? Are you scared of me?”

Yun Xi turned around and gave her a look. With a light laugh, she ignored the arrogant expression on Si Wenxuan’s face.

“I didn’t think I would see Miss Si here. I didn’t think you would dine here, especially with your status.”

Yun Xi had not intended to continue the conversation, but this sentence alone had struck Si Wenxuan where it hurt.

The lady’s expression changed in a second, and she stared at Yun Xi with a chilling gaze.

The more she thought about how Yun Xi had s.n.a.t.c.hed her beloved Brother Feichi from the Mu family and taken her spotlight, the more she refused to accept this.

“Of course my status is different than yours, even if what Brother Feichi said was true. I don’t believe it. You’re just a low-cla.s.s peasant. What right do you have to stand next to him?”

“What do you mean Miss Si?” Yun Xi lifted an eyebrow and her pupils darkened.

She was not willing to let Si Wenxuan’s sh*tty mouth become the move that ruined her plans, particularly now when she’d brought up the topic of Mu Feichi.

At the very least, she had not planned to get revenge through her relations.h.i.+p with Mu Feichi yet.

“We all know you are close to the Young Commander, but what does this have to do with me? It’s fine if you don’t like me, but if you have any feedback please take it to the Young Commander. All of us here have witnessed how close you two were during military training.”

Once the military training was mentioned, Si Wenxuan could no longer hold in her rage. Brother Chi had humiliated her in front of her cohort, and everyone had been there to witness her shame.

And Yun Xi dared to bring this up in front of everyone. She was clearly pouring salt all over her wounds.

“Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Yun Xi. Who do you think you are? Brother Feichi will definitely be on my side. Don’t mess with me.”

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Imperial Commander: His Pretty Wife Is Spoiled Rotten Chapter 1019 - Respecting Her Would Humiliate Oneself summary

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