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Chapter 586 Everything Will Be Better

Gu Yan smiled at Mo Yichen. She was not the only person who was sad today. Mo Yichen was under a lot more pressure than her. She held Mo Yichen’s hand, and Mo Yichen held her hand back. The two people obviously didn’t say anything, but they knew each other.

At this time, only they were each other’s dependence and strength.

“I have to go back to the hotel. I will pack things and bring them there. It is not sure when we will leave. Then when we set off, we won’t be in a tearing hurry.” It was late now, but at this time, Mo Xiangyan already asleep. It was the best time for Mo Yichen to leave temporarily. He would be fast, and it wouldn’t take long to come back.

Gu Yan also thought that it was best to prepare in advance, “Take care, or you can just stay in the hotel. You can come back tomorrow morning. I can deal with it by myself.” She really worried about Mo Yichen. He was the most tired person today. She really wanted him to take a good rest.

It was not sure when he could arrive at the hotel and when he could come back after packing things. It was better to just stay in the hotel. He could come back tomorrow morning. Anyway, Mo Xiangyan was already asleep. In any situation, she believed that she could handle it.

“I’ll play it by ear.” Mo Yichen did not directly agree to Gu Yan, because he was still uneasy about letting her be with Mo Xiangyan. Although Mo Xiangyan was asleep now, if there was something unexpected at night, how could she deal with the situation alone?

Then he said goodbye to Gu Yan and left the hospital in a hurry. He made up his mind to go back early.

It was almost early in the morning, and there were no people on the street. Mo Yichen was standing on the side of the road, trying to get a taxi, but many vehicles came and went carrying people.

After waiting for a long time, Mo Yichen couldn’t hail a taxi. He couldn’t help being a bit angry. He didn’t even get a car at the critical time. If a person was unlucky, would he really be drowned in a tea-cup???

Mo Yichen kicked the trash can beside him fiercely. There was a loud sound in the silent night, but he didn’t seem to feel the dull pain from his toes at all. He grabbed his hair and suddenly yelled, as if he could shout out the depression in his chest with such a shout.

Finally, after venting his anger, Mo Yichen finally calmed down. Although the current situation was very bad, everything would gradually get better again, right? In any case, at least Gu Yan would be by his side and Mo Xiangyan would recover slowly. As long as they were happy, he would be happy, too.

Mo Yichen emphasized it again in his heart. Mo Xiangyan was only fractured and would definitely not have sequelae after recovering. He was still so young and there was still enough time to recover. Everything would be better, and everything would be fine.

Mo Yichen just said to himself from the bottom of his heart to make him calm down as soon as possible. This terrible emotion made him feel uncomfortable, and his inability to control his emotions made him feel that he was a loser. He had never had his feeling before.

Finally, after Mo Yichen calmed down, an empty taxi came. After he got in the car, he secretly said to himself that the situation would always get better, right? Just now, he was just hysterical on the street, but now he took a taxi and went to his destination peacefully.

In fact, the hospital was not far away from the hotel. But if he just walked, he would have to detour a long way. He paid the driver some money and asked him to wait for him downstairs. Then he quickly went upstairs to pack things.

Mo Yichen didn’t make too much effort, because Gu Yan never had the habit of putting things in disorder. Everything was neatly packed together. Besides, they didn’t bring a lot of things. They originally planned to buy things here, but unexpectedly, Mo Xiangyan was hurt before they bought something.

There was no need to buy things now. They could just take back things they brought.

Mo Yichen walked around the room and made sure that nothing was left. Then he dragged his suitcase and walked out of the room. He went to the front desk to check out. The waiter at the front desk was sleepy and dozed at the counter. When she heard Mo Yichen talking about checking out, she was taken aback. Why did he check out in the middle of the night?

Although she was very suspicious, since Mo Yichen wanted to check out, and he didn’t claim the refund of the room rate, she could just do as he said. After she checked out for him quickly, she saw that he sped out of the hotel.

Mo Yichen’s behavior worried the young lady at the front desk. Would he commit a crime in the hotel? What if it was real? She immediately notified the manager, and a large group of people encouraged each other to walk into the room where Mo Yichen and the others had stayed to check.

They watched the room several times, but they didn’t notice any clues. The manager was really upset, but he couldn’t show the anger. After all, the front desk staff was to ensure the safety of the hotel.

But in the middle of the night, he was forced to wake up but found nothing. It was like being tricked. Anyone wouldn’t be in a good mood. The manager didn’t say anything and walked out of the room with a bunch of people. He glared at the front desk staff before leaving.

The taxi downstairs was still waiting for Mo Yichen. After he got into the car, the driver quickly started the car. The driver didn’t have the desire to chat with him along the way and Mo Yichen was not in the mood either, so it was silent in the car. Fortunately, the distance was short, so the suffocating silence did not last long.

When he arrived at the hospital, Mo Yichen was anxious to return. He rushed to the ward. In the first half of his life, he didn’t go through this kind of situation. Worry could really change a person. Mo Yichen was worried because of Gu Yan and Mo Xiangyan. He wouldn’t be relieved until he saw them.

When he arrived at the door of the ward and looked at the entire empty corridor, he was finally relieved. He slowed down and walked lightly, slowly moving towards the previous ward.

The door was left unlatched. Mo Yichen opened the door gently and saw that the light in the room was still on. Gu Yan did not sleep on the sofa as he arranged, but sat on the stool next to the bed. She held Mo Xiangyan’s hand with one hand, and supported her head with the other. Both mother and son seemed to sleep soundly.

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