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Chapter 1018

Huiyue Hai executed Heavenly Thunder Rampage with his spear. The nine rings on his spear shook and dragons made of thunder came into being. When a Hexaunity Sky ascendant like him went all out, it would be really intense. His spear attacks were fast to the limits and continued striking away Tianming's four cardinal G.o.dswords, stopping Hadean Reincarnation without being struck back.

From his boundless experience, Huiyue Hai was far stronger than Huiyue Jie, and was able to react without panicking. After striking away Tianming's four totems, he faced off against the youth with the Grand-Orient Sword. His spear crushed Tianming's sword stance and forced him to back off, and the lightning coming from it considerably damaged him, though the Greenspark Tower helped that recover quickly enough.

Huiyue Hai spat out a mouthful of saliva and mocked, "And to think you dared to fight against me with that meager skill...." Then his cold chuckle became a shriek as a little bird flew past and slashed him, spilling a lot of his blood.

"Sorry. I swear I wasn't jealous at the size of your b.a.l.l.s. I was just doing what my mom told me: strike at your enemy’s weak points first and foremost." Ying Huo laughed heartily. Its Cosmic Blade couldn't be blocked by any lightning armor, no matter how thick it was. It managed to land a hit thanks to its small size, which made it hard to detect. Huiyue Hai had been focused on Tianming the entire time and forgotten that it was still flying around, and that came with a cost.

Huiyue Hai's face immediately flushed red as his thighs closed hard. "Li Tianming, you will die today! Die! I’ll tear apart your sinews and scatter your ashes!"

There was no way for any man to maintain rationality after suffering something like that. Now there would be no resolving this situation until one of them was dead. Tianming didn't fault Ying Huo for being too cruel, either. It was no time for mercy.

When Huiyue Hai exploded with rage, his primalblitz fiends responded in kind. All of them used their totemic calamity at the same time: Violetcloud Blitzh.e.l.l! With five of the fiends as points of concentration, the sixth-level ascendant totems unleashed all of their power in an instant. The purple lightning formed a gigantic pool of purple lightning, which exploded and tore apart Xian Xian's Radiant vines and roots and sent Lan Huang flying. Lan Huang crashed to the ground, suffering quite a lot of wounds despite having Montseabane's protection. Only Meow Meow alone managed to avoid it quickly enough. But the totemic calamity wasn't enough to expel Huiyue Hai's rage. He continued glaring deathly at Tianming.

"Die! Die!" he howled with the Ninering Blitzdragon in his hand, guiding his totems to attack Tianming. Tianming felt an imminent threat; a sixth-level ascendant was not to be regarded lightly. If it weren’t for the fact that Huiyue Hai had been planning to hold back rather than go all out in the beginning, Tianming wouldn't have been able to suppress him at all. Now Tianming had no choice but to struggle with all he had.

"Big Brother!" Feiling cried out at the moment of crisis. Tianming immediately knew what she meant to signal. She jumped off of Xian Xian's tree and charged toward Huiyue Hai, then used Trilife Mirror. Three mirrors appeared, one near the ground, one hanging from the sky, and one floating between them, completely locking him down and causing him even more rage and fury.

"Die!" Tianming roared as he attacked with all his beasts. Meow Meow's abilities descended, locking away the five primalblitz fiends and allowing Xian Xian and Lan Huang to continue their advance. Lan Huang bit the fiends and dragged them into the water before doing repeated death rolls. Then, Ying Huo appeared, shooting feathers with Skyscorch Featherblasts that pierced through Huiyue Hai's body.

Amidst all the chaos, Tianming spread both of his arms and activated all ten of his bane-rings. His eyes shone with the light of sovereignty as six more G.o.dswords stretched out from his hands. The ten different sword totems had all finally manifested, making him look like the emperor of swords.

"T-ten swords?!" Huiyue Hai shrieked at the sight of it, knowing full well what it meant. A bane race with seven bane-rings could become the ruler of the Divine Moon Realm. Eight was the limit of celestial orderians. And recently, someone with nine bane-rings showed up, completely shocking Orderia. Countless elders emerged from seclusion to personally see the Ninemoon G.o.ddess. So what did having ten bane-rings mean? Huiyue Hai couldn't even fathom the consequences as his spirit completely fizzled out, leaving him completely puzzled and powerless. His thoughts led him straight to despair.

How could someone he looked down on have ten totems? It definitely wasn't an illusion. He was seeing it with his own eyes, and he still couldn't figure out how. Since Li Tianming had ten bane-rings, why didn't he reveal it like Li Qingyu and immediately soar to prominence?

"S-stop!" he said in a panic. Little did he know that Tianming had sentenced him to death the moment he manifested all ten totems. If it weren’t for Huiyue Hai's utter shock, he would have broken free of Feiling’s Trilife Mirror, but that moment of puzzlement and panic was enough.

Tianming gathered all ten G.o.dswords together and had them strike the same time as his Grand-Orient Sword. His current sword stance radiated the power of the heavenly path, the strongest strike of the Hexapath Samsara Sword. It was Empyrean Reincarnation; after Tianming's ascension it had come naturally to him, thanks to his Aeonic Grandbane.

When he executed the move, he looked like a G.o.d descending into a mortal realm surrounded by countless divine beings. Even more terrifying were the ten G.o.dswords that all used the same move, completely swallowing up the enemy's totems. Before he got his totems, Tianming's sword strikes could hardly cover such a wide area, so he could only rely on Ying Huo and the rest to fight the totems. But now, his own move was able to completely dominate Huiyue Hai and his primalblitz fiends. Through the heavenly path of reincarnation, a true G.o.d descended to vanquish the fiends with one strike!

"Huiyue Hai, you've seen what you shouldn't have. Farewell!" Tianming roared, his imperial voice shaking Huiyue Hai's ears as the white-haired youth’s power surged.

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