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Come back here you b.i.t.c.h!!!!"

I was running from a vampire that was chasing me for my blood . you know what let me bring you back to the start.

twelve a clock at night

Father i can not wait to become a ceo like you one day"

i used to shower him with compliments just so he knows i'm capable of being nice to employees and i always got ready for school on time to show him i would not be late to meetings or the company. i did a lot of things to be the next owner of the company.

" You think your ready your only 17 you have one one more year and i will glady give you the 45 % share but i still have to give the other percent to your brothers but you will be at the top so make sure you make the best of it."

Next morning

While i was in school i got a call from the office saying that my father was shot, i ran out of the school as fast as i can to the hospital.

Though by the time i made it he was already dead and i know that i can not have the company till im 18 so they gave the company to my uncle, who i thought was a nice man till he took my shares for his own.

" you may be my nephew but yoo are not getting your share cause your father is not alive so he won't interfere".

My uncle knocked me out, but i can still hear stuff i heard him tell my youngest brother to take me to the junkyard and kill me and he said i must not know he killed my father.

I got so angry i could kill my uncle but i know my father would not be happy so i waited to go to heaven to be with my father but instead i was put into a tomb.

it was dark and a lot of dead bodys in there, then i heard a something in the corner it had red eyes and it ran after me i ran as fast as fast as i could.

"come back here b.i.t.c.h!!!!!"

I did not run far enough cause he got me and bit me and ripped half my neck off then he stopped when he notcie something black in my neck.

" Your one of the five powerful immortals of Acadom if i eat you i might get your power, i wanted to be an normal immortal but now i can be an immortal without a immortal hunter after me"

I got eaten up to my stomach then all of a sudden a person in black came and said you ate the powerful immortal you activated the curse you shall be punish.

" What i did not know you grim reapers were alive i thought you were a silly legends that the powerful immortals made up so we will not kill them"

When i blinked the vampire was gone in a flash and the person in a black suit. as i thought about getting revenge i cried so much cause my father ied and i will not be able to see him i just cried and cried till i pa.s.sed out and never woke up again it been around three years in my head and i finally woke up.

Its been over three years and i finally woke up i was still in the tomb and when i looked up i had my body back i had no idea what was happening.

Then when i walked out of the i was in the woods then all of a sudden

"This is going to be the best camping we ever have" yells out the little boy"

Then the little boy suddenly tripped and starter bleeding and i saw the blood drop to the floor my eyesight turned red and i started to run after him, i s.n.a.t.c.hed him up with my hands and took him to the nearby bush.

"Was that a bear honey'' in a horrified voice"

"No whatever that thing was it was not even a animal nor human that thing took our son you motherf.u.c.ker give back my d.a.m.n son.

"Crackle!!! , snap!! , slurp!!!, pop"!!!!!!!

"What was that noise is he killing my son what is he doing what is that"

Then i came out of the bush and they saw blood all me and i moved out the way to get some air, then when they went behind the bush all they saw was his foot,


"IM still hungry"


Crack!!! SNAP!!!!, SLURP!!!!!, SNAP!!!!, CRACK!!!!!

And before she can ask me what, i ate her but the husband got away the last thing he said was " I will come back and kill you in the future" he sounded as if he was going to kill anybody to get to me. A few days pa.s.s then months i was all dried up i could not die but i can feel what it is like to die, i was still taunted because i killed i never wanted to kill anybody it as just tempting. So where i was i promised not to kill anyone.

I made jome after that drink and saw

dio its been a long time it me Richard and Aimi"

I was so happy to see them again AImi was pretty as always and Richard got hot and look like he was part of a gang, he had lots of tattoos and he had one tattoo on his hand as a cross and he pale he had no s.h.i.+rt on so started to blush. I wanted to talk to him alone and asked him to take me to go get tattoos like and he did by the time i we finished i had tattoos all over my body i also dyed my hair we had a good time we ate out and he told me things i missed like him and Aimi dating, then we settled down at his house and i told him i want to go catch up with Aimi and he told me something.

" You know i was so worried about you I could die"

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