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Chapter 601: Delirious Dragon Aspect


Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

The old dragon that Roy mentioned was naturally the blue dragon Malygos, one of the Dragon Aspects of Azeroth.

The dragons, or rather, the Dragon Aspects, were a force that couldn’t be ignored in the world of Azeroth. Many years ago, after the t.i.tans sealed the Old G.o.ds of Azeroth, before they left, they bestowed powerful strength to the leaders of the five dragonflights and got them to protect this world. This was the origin of the Aspects.

These five Aspects were the red dragon Alexstrasza, the green dragon Ysera, the blue dragon Malygos, the bronze dragon Nozdormu, and the black dragon Neltharion.

And Malygos had been empowered by Norgannon, the Keeper of Celestial Magics and Lore and a member of the t.i.tan Pantheon. Thus, he was able to manage the magic energy of all of Azeroth. This powerful authority allowed him to obtain the t.i.tle of Spellweaver.

How much magic energy did the entire planet of Azeroth have? No one could say for sure, but there was no doubt that it was an unbelievably tremendous force.

It had to be known that the t.i.tans had modified Azeroth. They had used arcane energy to cover the entire planet, and this layer of arcane energy enveloped the planet like a dense net, so it was also known as the magic network. Under the operation of the magic network, all of Azeroth was flowing with abundant magic energy. Any creature with the talent to cast spells could absorb the corresponding energy from the magic network and use their magic.

In this magic network, there were some relatively powerful energy nodes known as magic power nodes, which were places like the Well of Eternity, the Sunwell, and even the city of Dalaran. These magic power nodes were the energy convergence points or divergence points in the magic network. In these nodes, the magic energy they could provide was exceptionally abundant. This was why Kel’Thuzad chose Dalaran and the Sunwell as the locations of the summoning ritual.

And all these magic power nodes and even the entire magic network were under the management of the Blue Aspect, Malygos! He was the administrator with the highest authority in the entire magic network!

In other words, Malygos could be called a GM-like existence…

Logically speaking, with such powerful authority, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call Malygos the strongest Aspect. But unfortunately, during the War of the Ancients, the black dragon Neltharion the Earth-Warder had been bewitched by the Old G.o.ds sealed in the depths of the earth because of his authority. During the long period of the Old G.o.ds’ whispers, his thoughts and will gradually became corrupted, and he eventually fell and became crazy. Neltharion tricked his fellow Aspects into giving him their own essence to create a powerful artifact, the Dragon Soul. Neltharion claimed that this artifact would be used to fight against the Burning Legion. The other Aspects didn’t doubt it at the time, so they did as he said.

In the end, after successfully forging the Dragon Soul, Neltharion, who had already fallen, turned around and used this artifact to deal with the other Aspects.

Malygos, the strongest at the time, was the first to bear the brunt. He was struck by the explosive power of the Dragon Soul, became heavily injured, and fell into a coma. His consort Sindragosa was blasted far into the icy north, and most of the blue dragonflight was decimated. It was a tragic disaster.

Blinded and gravely injured, Sindragosa sought desperately to reach the Dragonblight, the place where dragons instinctively traveled to die. Weakened and no longer able to fly, she fell near the peaks of Icecrown and died.

When Malygos woke up from his coma, he received the terrible news that his consort was dead and his children were missing.

Malygos couldn’t withstand this heavy blow. From then on, he lost his sanity. In this state, he naturally couldn’t continue to manage the magic network, nor could he fulfill his duties.

The other Aspects were very sympathetic to what had happened to Malygos, but they were helpless. This was because the power of the Dragon Soul was targeted at the Aspects themselves. The dragons. .h.i.t by this artifact couldn’t be resurrected. Even Alexstrasza the Life-Binder couldn’t help Malygos, so they could only let him stay in his own territory and live his life in a daze. Even if something happened, they would try their best to avoid looking for him.

Roy was now going to Malygos’s lair with Julia and Benia. The Borean Tundra was on the cold continent of Northrend. Although it was a distance away from the headquarters of the Aspects, Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight, it was not too far away. This geographical information had long been stored in the information database of the Burning Legion, and it was very easy for Roy to investigate. So even though it was his first time coming to Azeroth, he could still find the location.

According to Roy’s estimation, the Aspects were very powerful, and they should be at the demiG.o.d level. In other words, they were slightly weaker than demon kings like Roy, Archimonde, and Kil’jaeden because they didn’t have divine sparks, but ordinary demon lords were probably not their opponents.

So along the way, Roy told Julia and Benia to fuse and summon Junia if they saw that the situation wasn’t right.

The reason why he said this was that he had to consider the existence of Wyrmrest Temple. At this time, more than ten thousand years had pa.s.sed since the War of the Ancients, so he wasn’t sure if Malygos was lucid. If he was still crazy, Roy could easily deal with him alone. But if he was sane, or the fluctuations of the battle were too intense, the Wyrmrest Temple would definitely support him.

At that time, it might turn into a battle with the Aspects…

Of course, Roy estimated that even if there was support from the Wyrmrest Temple, it would probably only be Alexstrasza and her red dragonflight. As for the other Aspects, Neltharion was definitely not around. The bronze dragon Nozdormu had been mysteriously missing, and the green dragon Ysera was in her Emerald Dream, leading the druids to fight against the Nightmare Lord. So it was conceivable how many forces Wyrmrest Temple could send.

Under the rapid flying of the three of them, they quickly crossed the ocean and arrived at Northrend. After finding the right direction, they headed toward the Borean Tundra.

On this continent of Northrend, they could indeed see the flying figures of many dragons. After all, Wyrmrest Temple was in the center of the coast, and the sphere of influence of the dragons could radiate to most of the land. When he discovered these dragons, even though they were only some weak young dragons, he still carefully avoided them.

Finally, Roy, Julia, and Benia found Malygos’s lair, the Nexus, in the Borean Tundra.

This place was in the center of the Coldarra in the northwest of the Borean Tundra. From the sky, it was easy to see a magic tower standing on the ground. This tower known as the Eye of Eternity was the entrance to the Nexus, Malygos’s lair.

Perhaps it was because of the powerful and abundant magic energy here, with the Nexus as the center, some crystal clear cl.u.s.ters of magic power crystals could be found in the surrounding terrain. Many wild beasts and creatures nearby were also affected by the magic energy and became natural spellcasters. These magical creatures spontaneously protected the safety near the Nexus, and they would attack any unauthorized intruders.

“Strange. There’s no barrier. Darling, are you sure it’s here?” Julia asked curiously after observing in the sky for a while.

“Let’s go down!” Roy didn’t know the specific situation, so he couldn’t answer Julia.

The three of them folded their wings and landed near the Eye of Eternity. Their landing immediately alarmed the magical creatures wandering around nearby. These creatures didn’t care about the huge disparity in strength and rushed at them fearlessly.

Roy didn’t take action, leaving everything to Julia and Benia to solve. He opened the system s.p.a.ce and summoned Fat Tiger and Rafaro.

The moment Fat Tiger’s colossal body appeared, the tower trembled. After appearing, Fat Tiger switched to his combat mode. His three heads continuously spat out flames and venom to help Julia and Benia eliminate the surrounding enemies.

After Rafaro appeared, he directly covered the sky above the tower, causing his shadow to be everywhere on the ground nearby. Flying in the sky, he said to Roy, “Master, I feel a powerful dragon soul deep underground…”

“Just wait. If necessary, I’ll let you devour this dragon soul. Remember to sort out the memories in it. I want to know how to use an artifact named the Focusing Iris!” Roy instructed.

“Yes, Master!” Rafaro said excitedly.

After arranging for Fat Tiger and Rafaro to stand guard on the ground against possible enemies from Wyrmrest Temple, Roy brought Julia and Benia into the Eye of Eternity and headed for the Nexus underground.

Of the three demons, one was a demon king, and the other two were demon lords. Although this combination had few individuals, their strength was indeed beyond the mark. The defenses in Malygos’s lair couldn’t stop them from advancing at all.

But as they went deeper, the three of them realized a problem. For an Aspects’ lair, this defensive power was a little… too low-level.

The creatures in the Nexus weren’t organized at all. They all rushed forward after seeing the enemy. Roy clearly saw many magic traps and defense weapons, but no one activated them to face the enemy. This gave him the feeling that these guards were just let loose…

“It’s true. Malygos likely hasn’t regained his sanity yet!” Roy nodded. “Otherwise, he should have resisted us when we entered his lair with such fanfare.”

Since Malygos wasn’t lucid, Roy didn’t have any reservations. In any case, he would always deal with the most vulnerable first. Malygos was the most fragile Aspect at this stage, so Roy was prepared to accept this gift…

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