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Chapter 613: Words

“I will take 20% whilst you take 70% of the profits,” Gu Chaoyan said.

Actually, if it were not Prince Muyi who was talking with her, then she would not just 20%, but 50%.

However, Prince Muyi was a nice man, and Zhou Huaijin wanted to help him, so Gu Chaoyan thought about being merciful.

Before Prince Muyi could say anything, the Imperial Master whispered in his ears, “Prince Muyi, just say yes.”

What he was thinking was that no matter what they agreed at the moment, no one knew what would happen in the future. Lady Chaoyan could do nothing about the Feather Mulberry Land, and if the Prince married her in the end, there was nothing like sharing profits…

However, the Imperial Master thought about telling the Prince not to marry her – she was a girl driven out of the family, and she was a businesswoman, who could not be the real Princess Consort, but could only be married as the Princess Concubine. However, that was not something to be discussed right now. They needed to settle the agreement first.

The Imperial Master was making plans inwardly.

Prince Muyi did not say yes after hearing what the Imperial Master said. Instead, he was making a plan of his own.

No matter what his feelings for Lady Chaoyan was, cooperation was work and it should be separated from personal feelings. Therefore, he needed to think about that thoroughly.

He did not have much money at his own mansion, and the money he had was after years of acc.u.mulation.

If everything was invested in this business, he might not be able to get profits or the cost back if he had to share 20% with her. If all the profits were shared by 2/7, then it meant that the entire 15 cities would need to spare a portion and that would be a huge cost.

Prince Muyi was not very sure about the whole situation, but after a long hesitation, Prince Muyi still nodded. He had to do something.

The Feather Mulberry Land was not in a good situation and his money was not really useful there. If he made good use of the money, he might achieve something greater in the future.

When he made up his mind, Prince Muyi said seriously, “Okay, Lady Chaoyan, that is a deal!”

Gu Chaoyan nodded. She was quite satisfied by how Prince Muyi behaved today.

If he said yes directly, then she would have to think about whether this man was reliable, but it seemed that this man was.

Prince Muyi was a nice man, but the Imperial Master next to him was very annoying. She thought about how to get rid of him.

“Manager Song, go and get the paper and pen, we will sign the contract.” Gu Chaoyan said to Manager Song. She was expecting that Manager Song would think about how to write the contract whilst fetching the tools.

When Manager Song was off to get the contract, Gu Chaoyan looked at Prince Muyi and expressed her own principles. “Prince Muyi, if you work with me, I will definitely make sure you make money. But I hate people who betray me, so I hope that nothing like this will happen during our cooperation, or I won’t show any mercy.”

Gu Chaoyan was speaking with an imposing air.

Prince Muyi was a man with integrity. He nodded without much thinking, but the Imperial Master showed a very unnatural expression.

When this matter was done, Prince Muyi turned bashful. He was thinking about asking her to marry him.

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