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Chapter 2661 Leng Ruoxue’s Rage (3)

"No, we can go in by ourselves." Leng ruoxue smiled.

The guard nodded and welcomed Leng ruoxue and her group into the city. At this moment, Leng Xiaoqing and the others were dumbfounded.

If the city guards addressed Leng ruoxue as 'master', then what about the city Lord?

Even though they had been city Lords in the Haotian continent, this place was different from the Haotian continent. Leng ruoxue had only been here for a few years, and she already owned a city like this. They really had no idea how she had managed to survive.

For a moment, Leng Xiaoqing, Leng Xiaoxiao, and the LAN family's old ancestor all felt inferior.

They were both ascendants, but why was the difference so great?

As expected, when they arrived at the city Lord's mansion, Yan kun called Leng ruoxue 'master' with a face full of excitement. This confirmed their guess. Now, they were obviously much calmer than when they were in the ascender's five alliances.?????????ν?l.c??

"Yan kun, how are you?" Leng ruoxue asked with concern after she was led to the main seat in the living room.

"I'm still alright!" Yan kun's face was filled with joy. His master's status in the divine world was so high that he didn't even put the Divine Masters in his eyes. Who would dare to show him any att.i.tude? Hence, he was like a fish in water on the G.o.dly mainland.

Hearing Yan kun's words, Leng ruoxue was relieved. Then, she introduced Yan kun to her subordinates, the Leng family, and the LAN family. After some small talk, Yan kun naturally had to treat them well.

At this time, Yan kun also knew that his master was going to bring these people to the divinity. He couldn't help but feel envious.

Leng ruoxue didn't bring him along when she saw his reaction. She only told him to let her know whenever he was no longer willing to stay in the divine mainland.

Yan kun was overjoyed to hear this, but he couldn't leave the G.o.dly land without him, so he couldn't get there for a while.

Furthermore, Yan kun also knew that Leng ruoxue had a few subordinates who had come to the G.o.dly mainland by themselves. He had also expressed that he would find them as soon as possible to avoid any danger.

Leng ruoxue was confident in Yan kun's ability.

The day after the Yan clan's welcoming banquet ended, Leng Xiaoqing, Leng Xiaoxiao, and the LAN clan's eldest ancestor came to look for Leng ruoxue.

However, after seeing Leng ruoxue, they were at a loss as to what to say. In the end, it was still the mother parasol tree who could not stand it and reproached,""If you have something to say, then say it. You don't look like a man when you're hemming and hawing!"

After being criticized by the mother parasol tree, Leng Xiaoqing went all out and asked directly,""Xue 'er, aren't we living in the G.o.dly mainland?"

"No!" Leng ruoxue smiled. She already knew what they wanted to ask.

"Do I really have to go to that divine realm?" Leng Xiaoqing exclaimed in shock. Previously, they had already learned about this from Leng ruoxue and Yan kun's conversation. However, the two of them had not explained it clearly at that time. Otherwise, they would not have decided to ask about it in person after thinking for a long time.

"Yes, grandfather and the cheapskate old ancestor are all in the divine realm! This is only a branch of mine. " Leng ruoxue replied honestly.

Upon hearing this, the three people who came to clarify the matter were so depressed that they felt ashamed. One should know that they had arrived at the divine mainland much earlier than that la.s.s Leng ruoxue. However, she had already gone to the divine world to develop her career. They didn't dare to set foot on the divine mainland so easily!

Woo...What a difference! It was really not just a little bit worse!

The three old men who had lived for a long time were so sad that they did not know what to say. Before they left, Leng Xiaoqing could not help but ask Leng ruoxue about her abilities. When Leng ruoxue told them that she was now a divine sovereign, the three of them were petrified. When they finally came back to their senses, the three of them left stiffly.

The mother parasol tree looked at the back of the three mechanical figures and felt a little sympathy for them. Moreover, she could also imagine that Xue 'er's strength would definitely not be a light blow to these three people.

"Xue 'er, you really are a monster!" The mother parasol tree sighed.

"Senior, I still haven't told them about your strength!" Leng ruoxue laughed evilly.

"Uh! Xue 'er, let's keep a low profile. " The mother parasol tree said helplessly.

"Alright! Keep a low profile. " Leng ruoxue laughed and teased.

For the next few days, Leng Xiaoqing and the other two, who had found out about Leng ruoxue's strength, locked themselves in their rooms and reflected on themselves. They felt that they had been living a really sullen life. Furthermore, the longer they lived, the less they had the drive to advance. They were always afraid of wolves in front and tigers behind. As a result, until today, their strength had not improved much.

It was undeniable that Leng ruoxue had given them quite a shock. Not to mention the other party's vast territory, just the strength of that little girl was far beyond theirs. This wave behind didn't push forward the wave in front, but directly smacked the wave in front firmly. Towards Leng ruoxue now, they really didn't have any temper at all.

After thinking for a few days, the three of them felt that they could not go on like this. Otherwise, their Leng family and LAN family would disappear from the divinity sooner or later. After thinking it through, the three of them came to look for Leng ruoxue, hoping that she would allow them to enter closed-door cultivation in her house.

That place was filled with spiritual energy. It was definitely a Holy Land for cultivation!

Leng ruoxue agreed. He then moved them into his house.

Who knew that when they heard that their ancestor was in seclusion, many people from the LAN and Leng families also requested to go into seclusion. Because they had been with the people from the city Lord's residence for the past few days, they had more or less heard about Leng ruoxue's past and had been deeply affected.

Leng ruoxue naturally wouldn't stop them if they wanted to improve themselves. She happily agreed to their request. The moment they went into closed-door cultivation, the originally bustling city Lord's residence instantly became quiet. However, at this moment, Leng ruoxue had also received a voice transmission from the ascender Alliance's leaders. Together with the mother parasol tree, they rushed over to the five alliances.

Seeing Leng ruoxue again, the Alliance Masters of the five alliances still felt immense pressure, especially now that there was a beautiful woman with unfathomable strength by her side. The Alliance Masters of the five alliances felt that they could not even breathe smoothly.

Sob ... Why are women so powerful these days? Each and every one of them was stronger than a man. How could a man live?

The Alliance Masters of the five alliances looked at Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree with sorrow and resentment. They wished they could hide in a corner and draw circles. This was too much of a blow to them, wasn't it?

Leng ruoxue couldn't stand the other party's sudden coyness. She said impatiently,""Didn't you say there's news? Where are they?"

Hearing this, the leader of the five alliances immediately became alert and said carefully,""Senior, after I tell you their whereabouts, you must hold back and not be angry!"

The Alliance Masters of the five alliances were afraid that Leng ruoxue would smash the five alliances into pieces in a fit of anger. After all, he was definitely innocent! He didn't want to bear Leng ruoxue's anger for someone else.

"Speak!" Leng ruoxue's Lion-like roar scared the Alliance Masters of the five alliances so much that they were trembling.

Immediately after, the Alliance Masters of the five alliances handed Leng ruoxue a few pieces of paper. On them were the whereabouts of Luo Xian and the others. Leng ruoxue took a look at it and her face turned black.

How detestable! Luo Xian and the others were indeed in the ascender Alliance! In the past, the reason why she had asked the five alliances 'Masters to help her find people was that she felt that the chances of Luo Xian and the others coming to the ascender Alliance were very high. After all, everyone was an ascender, and they would naturally have a good impression of such an organization. But now, they were sending sheep into the Tiger's mouth!

Three alliances! Four alliances!

Luo Xian and the others were in these two alliances. Not only did they have a difficult life, but they were also forced to become slaves! This was something that Leng ruoxue could not tolerate!

Hmph! If you dare to touch her subordinates, you must be prepared to pay the price!

Leng ruoxue was furious. The consequences would be dire. When the Alliance Masters of the five alliances saw Leng ruoxue's expression turn ugly, they were so scared that they did not even dare to breathe. However, they could understand Leng ruoxue's feelings. If it was anyone else who knew that their subordinates were living a life worse than a pig or a dog, who wouldn't be angry?

One must know that when he first saw the information that his subordinate had sent back, he was already a little angry, let alone Leng ruoxue, who was directly involved. Sigh! He truly felt that he was too kind compared to the people from the third and fourth alliances. At the very least, he had never done anything that caused others to detest him. At the same time, he was glad that he had not offended Leng ruoxue because of his son. Otherwise, his ending would not be any better than the two alliances.

After some thought, the leader of the five alliances couldn't help but ask,""Senior, what do you plan to do?"

Leng ruoxue's face was cold and she did not say anything. At this moment, the parasol tree took the paper from Leng ruoxue's hands and read through it quickly. Then, it said furiously,"Xue 'er, what are we waiting for? let's just kill our way into the third and fourth alliances! To dare to bully our people like this, you must be tired of living!"

In an instant, the mother parasol tree transformed from an elegant woman into a fire-breathing Tyrannosaurus!

Xue 'er's people were her people, bullying Xue' er's subordinates was the same as bullying her! Therefore, the parasol tree mother tree naturally felt the same and was determined not to let the people from the two alliances off!

As the most ancient plant ancestor in the divinity, the mother parasol tree had a mild temper most of the time. However, as one of the few G.o.dly venerable rank plants in the divinity, she was rather arrogant and protective. Her violent nature was hidden deep in her blood. However, this time, seeing Xue 'er's subordinate suffer such a fate, it had completely ignited her anger.

Although this kind of thing wasn't uncommon in the divine realm, she wouldn't meddle in other people's business if it didn't involve her. But wasn't this related to her? So how could she bear it!

Seeing that Leng ruoxue didn't have much of a reaction and the woman beside her was the first to fly into a rage, the Alliance master of the five alliances was so frightened that he hurriedly said,""Senior, I don't dare to meddle in your Affairs, but can you not sell me out?"

Sob ... If the ascender Alliance knew that he was the one who had revealed the news to Leng ruoxue, he would be isolated. He was so scared!

"Don't worry, you won't be involved in this. " The mother parasol tree rolled its eyes at the cowardly leader of the five alliances and said.

The Alliance Masters of the five alliances were relieved.

"Senior, let's go to the third and fourth alliances!" At this moment, Leng ruoxue finally spoke.

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