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Chapter 2663 Leng Ruoxue’s Ever-Changing Face (2)

Leng ruoxue and the other two sat in the three alliances 'living room, as steady as a mountain.

Seeing that the Alliance Masters of the three alliances hadn't arrived yet, one of his confidants dared to explain in a low voice,""Seniors, the leader of the three alliances is very cunning and ruthless. However, he is very friendly to women, especially beautiful women. So, please bear with it for the time being!"

It was fine to feel aggrieved, but ... Leng ruoxue suddenly thought of an important question.

"Will the Alliance Masters of the three alliances recognize me?" Leng ruoxue couldn't help but ask. If the Alliance Masters of the five alliances could recognize her, then the Alliance Masters of the three alliances would probably recognize her as well, right? At that time, his ident.i.ty would be exposed before he could save Luo Xian and the others ...

"Don't worry. As long as you don't admit it, the Alliance Masters of the three alliances won't think that you're Leng ruoxue," A certain trusted aide hurriedly replied. Leng ruoxue is in the G.o.d World! Who would believe that he had come to the G.o.dly mainland? So even if they recognized Leng ruoxue, as long as she didn't admit to it, the other party would only think that the woman in front of them looked like Leng ruoxue.

Alright! She understood what a certain confidant meant. Leng ruoxue nodded and expressed that she would act well until she found Luo Xian and the others.

Seeing that Leng ruoxue understood what he meant, the confidant finally relaxed and sat back down properly.

Not long after, hurried footsteps could be heard from outside the living room.

Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree were calmly drinking the tea that they had brought with them until a middle-aged man walked in from outside.

The middle-aged man also saw Leng ruoxue with a single glance and shouted,""Leng ruoxue!"

His heart trembled. Why did the unreliable Alliance master of the five alliances send Leng ruoxue to him as a gift? Wasn't she trying to harm him? The middle-aged man was infuriated by this fact and his anger rose to the top of his head. However, he didn't dare to lose his temper in front of Leng ruoxue. Otherwise, if he really offended this ancestor, even the general Alliance wouldn't be able to save him!

When Leng ruoxue heard the other party calling out her name, she didn't even raise her head. She just calmly did what she was supposed to do. However, a certain trusted aide was already drenched in cold sweat. He might have said it calmly earlier, but when the Alliance Masters of the three alliances recognized him, his heart was beating more violently than anyone else.

Sob ... He was afraid of death!

"Third alliance master, y-you've got the wrong person. She's not Leng ruoxue." A certain confidant forcefully concealed the panic in his heart and said in a calm manner.

"Eh? Not Leng ruoxue? Just look alike?" After hearing the words of a certain trusted aide, the Alliance master of the three alliances worriedly took out Leng ruoxue's portrait to compare. Other than the fact that her temperament did not resemble that ancestor 's, her appearance was exactly the same!

How could there be someone who looked so similar?

The Alliance Masters of the three alliances were still worried. He walked closer to take a closer look, and then looked at the portrait in his hand. He was still full of doubts.

However, the woman in the portrait had the air of a Queen, and the one in front of him was definitely a little white flower that people couldn't help but want to pity. Look at her delicate appearance, how attractive!

? "You're not Leng ruoxue?" After some thought, the Alliance master of the three alliances purposely reached out to touch Leng ruoxue's face. However, Leng ruoxue seemed to be extremely afraid as she hid behind the mother parasol tree. She even put on a frightened expression.

The parasol tree mother tree broke out in a cold sweat. She then grabbed the wrist of the Alliance master of the three alliances and shouted,""What do you want to do? You're not allowed to bully my little sister!"

"Uh! I didn't bully her, I just wanted to confirm if she's Leng ruoxue. " The Alliance Masters of the three alliances spoke the truth patiently. After all, the mother parasol tree was also a peerless beauty! It was necessary to be gentle to a beauty.

"What Leng ruoxue? Which woman's subst.i.tute did you take my sister for? I'm telling you, my sister Wu Xue is not one of those women!" The Wutong mother tree, Hedong s.h.i.+, roared.

The Alliance master of the three alliances could not help but wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. He did not expect that of the two beauties in front of him, one was so weak that she looked like she was going to faint at any moment, and the other was a little chili. However, she was really spicy and flavorful. He liked it.

If the other party really wasn't Leng ruoxue, then he would be very satisfied with these two women. However, he was suspicious by nature and would never let his guard down just because the other party was weak. Hence, he tried to probe her again and wanted to reach out to touch Leng ruoxue's beautiful face.

As for Leng ruoxue, she simply hid in the embrace of the parasol tree. She was so frightened that her little face turned pale. Her beautiful eyes were glistening with tears as she said gently,""Sister, I'm so scared! Let's go home!"

"Xue 'er, don't be afraid! With big sister here, this uncle won't dare to bully you!" The mother parasol tree was sweating profusely, thinking, Xue 'er! Isn't your acting a little too much? However, she was very cooperative with her words and glared at the leaders of the three alliances.

"But this uncle is so fierce! It's like it's going to eat people!" Leng ruoxue said with a face full of fear. The tears in her beautiful eyes swirled but did not fall, making her look even more pitiful.

"Don't be afraid, I won't be fierce! Don't ever think about going home again. This is your home, you can live here in peace. I'll send people to take good care of you. As long as we're here, we'll definitely let you and your sister live a good life!" The three alliance Masters promised.

After testing the waters time and time again, he finally let go of his suspicions that the other party was Leng ruoxue. In his heart, this weak and frail woman in front of him could never be the G.o.ddess of slaughter, Leng ruoxue!

"Really?" Two drops of tears rolled down from Leng ruoxue's beautiful eyes. One of them was even hanging on her thick and curly eyelashes, making people want to love her even more.

The Alliance master's heart softened when he heard her gentle question. Such a delicate beauty would definitely be pampered by others.

Therefore, the Alliance Masters of the three alliances nodded heavily, then turned to one of their confidants, who was petrified, and said,""Go back and tell your Alliance master that I'm very satisfied with his gift."

A certain trusted aide suddenly came back to his senses when he heard this, and he nodded his head somewhat woodenly. One had to know that he was completely dumbfounded by the situation in front of him. This, this was really too horrifying!

How did the Queen-level Asura become a little white flower in the blink of an eye? He rubbed his eyes in disbelief. It wasn't switched? He had been there the whole time and could clearly see that the woman who was hiding in the embrace of the mother parasol tree with a frightened look was definitely Leng ruoxue. However, looking at her helpless look now, which man could reject her?

The confidant's heart trembled violently, and he was even more determined to not offend the two women in front of him. This was really too terrifying! The other party simply had a myriad of changes that were impossible to guard against!

He had decided that he would leave this place as soon as he had the chance, because it was not safe here!

He wanted to leave! He wanted to leave! He didn't want to stay here any longer!

However, he did not need to ask for it as the three alliances 'Masters let him go. Leng ruoxue and the mother parasol tree were naturally held back by the three alliances' Masters.

The moment he heard the order to leave, a certain trusted aide ran away faster than a rabbit. However, Leng ruoxue didn't want him to be too idle and had secretly sent him a voice transmission, telling him to be on standby at all times, or else he would bear the consequences.

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