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Chapter 892: 892: Only Problem with Beds?

Ling Siqi looked helpless as she explained, “But… It’s a house with only one room. The houses in this city are expensive and I am only a student. I have to use all my money to pay for Xiao Chen’s medical bills and I had to hire a nanny for him as well. I didn’t have much money left to find a bigger house, so it won’t fit another bed.”

Di Yunxi nodded his head, “Hmmm… If that’s the case, forget it. I’m not used to living in such a small house as well.”

Ling Siqi was surprised when Di Yunxi was so understanding. Just when she thought that Di Yunxi had forgotten about living with her and would find an alternative, Di Yunxi spoke again and said, ” Then, I would have both you and Xiao Chen move to my place. I have lots of rooms there and it wouldn’t be a problem to fit two more people inside the house.”

Ling Siqi wondered to herself if the number of rooms in the house was their main issue now.

“Plus, Xiao Chen has his grandparents, uncles, and aunt now. All of them missed him dearly. We have a hereditary heart condition like what Xiao Chen had, which was why my father’s health has not been the best. He has been dreaming of seeing his grandson. You are a kind-hearted woman and I’m sure that you wouldn’t want Xiao Chen to be separated from his father. I’m also sure that you wouldn’t want his grandfather, an old, sick man, to be sad because he couldn’t see his grandson.”

How could Ling Siqi argue with that?!

“And my mother… My mother has always been worried sick for the family. When she gave birth to my youngest siblings, they were taken away. My mother always dreamt of our family reuniting, so I would like to ask if it’s possible for you to give me an opportunity to be his father, and a chance for my parents to have a grandson. We will definitely be nice to you and to Xiao Chen. I’m sure that you would also like Xiao Chen to grow up in a complete family since it would be healthiest for him both physically and mentally. There are some children brought up in single-parent families that have been through emotional trauma.”

“Then… I’ll- I’ll need some time to think about it. I…”

All of this was too sudden and she couldn’t deal with it.

“Alright. Think about it.”


Then, Di Yunxi started peeling an orange and even gave half of it to Ling Siqi.

“Have an orange.”

“Thank… Thank you.”

Ling Siqi was shocked as she accepted the orange.

Seeing how Di Yunxi was eating the orange, Ling Siqi continued staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” Di Yunxi asked.

“Nothing…” Ling Siqi quickly turned away.

“Have you thought about it?”

Seeing how she had already finished the last piece of orange, Di Yunxi popped the question.


Ling Siqi was dumbfounded as she stared at Di Yunxi.She couldn’t keep up with what was happening.

“Didn’t you say that you wanted some time to think? I agreed. I gave you the orange so that you could think about it while eating. Now that you have finished, what is your answer?”

Ling Siqi couldn’t understand the thought process of this man.

So he peeled an orange for her, and in return, she would have to live with him? No wait… They should live together?

“I… I haven’t decided yet.”

Di Yunxi pursed his lips and asked gently, “How about… You let me know what you are thinking about? Is it that you are uncomfortable living with me, or that you don’t like it for Xiao Chen to stay with my family? I can help you a.n.a.lyze the problem.”

Ling Siqi didn’t know what to say. Was this something to be a.n.a.lyzed?

Seeing how Di Yunxi was looking serious and would not move on from this if she did not answer, Ling Siqi had no other choice but to say, “Xiao… Xiao Chen might think that you are his father, but…”

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