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Chapter 1386: Courtyard Meeting

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

When Lin Yuan heard what Luo Ya said, he checked the time and said, “I should be arriving at Phoebe Zhennan City in an hour.”

Luo Ya excitedly jumped up from her chair and said, “Then I shall go and meet you at the entrance of Phoebe Zhennan City—”

At this point, she could not help but pause awkwardly.

It would take at least one and a half hours to ride the Mist Reverse Poison Moth from her house to the entrance of Phoebe Zhennan City. However, Lin Yuan was going to be arriving in an hour, and she could not make him wait at the entrance of Phoebe Zhennan City.

As such, she changed what she was going to say and said instead, “How about this? I will wait for you at Phoebe Zhennan City’s largest courtyard. It is the nearest place to my house. I have prepared two Item-Storing Walnut Trees. If that’s not enough, I will be able to return home to get more for you.”


After the call between Lin Yuan and Luo Ya ended, she noticed her father staring at her with a troubled expression.

He was feeling extremely conflicted.

Luo De had never seen Luo Ya so attached to a person, and he had even noticed her eyes s.h.i.+ning when she was talking on the phone.

s.h.i.+ning eyes could not lie! Luo Ya would never be willing to give Huang Yu a try when she was so hung up on this person.

Currently, Luo De was in a difficult situation.

Although he could secretly kill the person Luo Ya liked, she could link him to the


Moreover, the Item-Storing Walnut Tree had always been a precious resource to the Luo family, and all 12 of the Item-Storing Walnut Trees they had were valuable to them. The Item-Storing Walnuts that the trees produced could always be sold for a tidy sum.

Previously, when Luo Ya told him that she wanted the Item-Storing Walnut Trees, he had been glad because he a.s.sumed she wanted to learn how to nurture high-quality Item-Storing Walnuts.

But it seemed he had been wrong. She wanted the Item-Storing Walnut Trees to gift them to the person she liked.

It was said that daughters always had one foot out the door, and Luo De finally understood why.

As he watched Luo Ya enthusiastically prepare to leave, he stood up and said to her grimly, “Slow down, don’t be in such a rush to leave. From both an emotional and logical standpoint, I should meet with this boyfriend of yours. I will go with you to Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard.”

When Luo Ya heard Luo De say that she was going to meet her boyfriend, she immediately looked dejected.

Boyfriend? She was probably just a pa.s.sing figure to him. He had only called when he was coincidentally in Phoebe Zhennan City on business because of their prior arrangement.

However, she was not opposed to Luo De going with her to see Lin Yuan.

He was so outstanding that anyone would be mesmerized when taking a look at him. Once Luo De got one look at Lin Yuan, there was no way he would force her to consider Huang Yu no matter what considerations he had in mind.

Luo De wanted to go with Luo Ya to scare her boyfriend and let him know how unworthy he truly was.

Young man, you shouldn’t aim higher than your station. Becoming the son-in-law of a Cla.s.s 2 Creation Master family isn’t easy!

Hence, Luo De summoned the Platinum III/Flawless Poison Dust Flying Moth.

Luo Ya was slightly confused as Luo De summoned the Poison Dust Flying Moth. She did not know why her father was treating this matter so seriously that he even summoned the strongest fey in the family.

Nonetheless, she was happy with what he did. If she rode the Poison Dust Flying Moth to meet Lin Yuan, at least she would appear presentable and not have to worry about embarra.s.sing herself.

Luo Ya happily hugged Luo De and said, “Thank you, Father!”

Both Luo De and Luo Ya had different thoughts going through their heads. The seemingly kind father and filial daughter rode off toward Phoebe Zhennan Courtyard together.

The two of them were famous in Phoebe Zhennan City.

Phoebe Zhennan City was not considered a large city in the Divine Wood Federation. It was just a city centered around a Cla.s.s 3 Creation Master family.


Besides the Zhang family, Luo De was the head of a Cla.s.s 2 Creation Master family and was considered an aristocrat in Phoebe Zhennan City.

Luo De and Luo Ya attracted looks of respect and envy from the people they flew past.

At that moment, Luo Ya was holding onto a mirror and carefully studying the haggard face that was a result of nine days of inconsistent rest and food. The longer she stared at herself, the more perturbed she felt. She was afraid Lin Yuan’s good impression of her would be negatively affected when he saw how she looked.

She ignored that her father was next to her, took her favorite rouge out of the Item-Storing Walnut, and started to apply it on her face.

The rouge was made of a mixture of amber powder, crushed water-type pearls, flower sap, lotus dew, and the fur from a Gold fey. It was made with Cla.s.s 3 Creation Master skills and was the most luxurious makeup product in a place like Phoebe Zhennan City.

The Zhang family only auctioned off one bottle of such rouge per month and was fought over by all the mothers and daughters from every family in Phoebe Zhennan City.

In order to obtain the rouge, Luo Ya had spent a large sum of Great Lush dollars. The thought of this hole in her pocket still made her heart ache. However, now that it was going to be put to good use by helping her look better in front of Lin Yuan, she felt that the money could not have been more well spent.

Luo De looked at her daughter in shock as she applied the rouge, primped herself, and adjusted her purple fur clock.


He had always felt that he was a loving father to his only daughter. In the past years, she had spent all her time with him apart from when she was training outside of Phoebe Zhennan City.

To his memory, she did not even try this hard to look good when the Zhang family came to attend a banquet held by the Luo family.

A father would still have a soft spot for his daughter even if he knew that sacrifices were necessary for the family’s sake. He could not help but hesitate about secretly sending people to kill the person Luo Ya liked.

When Luo Ya finished applying the makeup and happily admired her pretty face in the mirror, a hoa.r.s.e voice resembling a goose’s squawk said from behind Luo Ya, “Ah Ya! Uncle Luo! Where are the two of you headed? I spotted the Poison Dust Flying Moth from far off. I had to use my spirit qi in order for my Piercing Needle Hornet to catch up.”

Luo Ya frowned.

On the other hand, Luo De’s brow relaxed, and he ordered the Poison Dust Flying Moth to stop flying.

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