Fey Evolution Merchant Chapter 1931 - 1931 The Terrifying Boost in the Mysterious Ancient Tree

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Chapter 1931 - 1931 The Terrifying Boost in the Mysterious Ancient Tree

1931 The Terrifying Boost in the Mysterious Ancient Tree

Without Lin Yuan doing anything and just from the exposure to the spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the Peaceful Calm Air Moss in the bamboo basket had already started to turn from green to white and red.

Lin Yuan placed his hand over the Peaceful Calm Air Moss and circulated his spiritual power to speed up its mutation.

Lin Yuan noticed that the red Peaceful Calm Air Moss had a stronger defense against physical damage than the white Peaceful Calm Air Moss, while the white Peaceful Calm Air Moss had a stronger defense against elemental damage.

No matter the basis of comparison, the red and white Peaceful Calm Air Moss were much stronger than the green one.


Before the Peaceful Calm Air Moss was done transforming its colors, Lin Yuan had used Morbius to control the concentration of the spirit qi to complete the Su family’s order.

Lin Yuan noticed that he only needed half an hour to produce 390 square meters of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss.

If Lin Yuan had not sped up the process, the Peaceful Calm Air Moss could have divided and produced 390 square meters of itself in half a day.

Although this was all extremely simple to Lin Yuan, the Peaceful Calm Air Moss had used up even more spirit qi than the Elemental Sh.e.l.lfish.

It was no wonder that it had been so difficult for the Su family to grow even the green Peaceful Calm Air Moss.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had energy ores and had a continuous supply of pure spirit qi.

Heavy Mountain had noticed a high-grade energy ore mine in the past two months, and Lin Yuan had harvested all of the high-grade energy ores.

Since the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope added the golden discs to the bottom of the spirit pool every once in a while and the hatched Floating Island Whale did not require as much pure spirit qi as it had while it was still in its egg, Lin Yuan could afford the Peaceful Calm Air Moss’ usage of spirit qi, regardless of how much it needed.

According to Lin Yuan’s calculations, by the time Universe evolved to Fantasy Breed and truly took Sky City to the sky, he would have enough of the white Peaceful Calm Air Moss.

As such, Lin Yuan did not need to personally speed up the rate of production of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss. He could just let it grow freely in the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Lin Yuan poured the Peaceful Calm Air Moss out of the bamboo basket and covered the ground of the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He then instructed the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope to harvest the newly grown Peaceful Calm Air Moss every six hours.

Genius pa.s.sed through Klein Hub to return to the Spirit Lock spatial zone. It used the hands made of spiritual energy to drag over 23 Item-Storing Walnuts and said in a child-like voice, “Yuan, Genius is done watching the army of Hundred Questions Beasts complete the task you gave them! But for some reason, the new Item-Storing Walnuts I nurtured all evolved to Gold/Epic just five days after they reached Bronze/Flawless.”

Since the Hundred Questions Beasts were under Genius’ control, none of them would try to secretly evolve the Item-Storing Walnuts.

Hence, Genius was confused and hurriedly reported this occurrence to Lin Yuan when it noticed it.

Lin Yuan’s mind immediately came up with a possible reason, and he instinctively looked at the emerald-green ancient tree in the Pure Land of Bliss.

The emerald green ancient tree had grown after Morbius absorbed the Endless Gem.

The Endless Gem had come from the marsh world, and Morbius had said that the emerald green ancient tree would be able to strengthen the ground and provide plant-type feys with an astonis.h.i.+ng boost.

However, Lin Yuan never expected the astonishment to be to this degree. Because of it, the Bronze/Flawless Item-Storing Walnuts had evolved to Gold/Epic in just five days.

It seemed that from now on, he would have to keep all the rare plant-type feys he had close to the emerald green ancient tree.

Now that he was done with what he needed to do, Lin Yuan used the Merciful Star Peony’s Casted Item Starlight to temper his body and improve the quality of his body.

It was currently the rainy season in the Divine Wood Federation.

Lin Yuan had already been in the Divine Wood Federation for six days, and it had rained four out of the six days. This left Lin Yuan rather frustrated.

When Lin Yuan used Casted Item Starlight to contact the stars to temper his body, he could clearly feel the quality of his body being slowly raised.

Lin Yuan greatly liked the feeling of being improved.

The starlight was radiant, and the moonlight was dreamy.

No one in Sacred Forest City noticed that tonight’s starlight was slightly brighter.

When the sun rose in the east and appeared over the horizon, so there was no longer any starlight to temper his body, Lin Yuan returned to his room in the tree castle and fell asleep.

Lin Yuan was not the only person in the tree castle who was hard at work.

Even when Lin Yuan fell asleep, Liu Jie was still studying the insects that had been strengthened using the Specialization Insect Nest.

When he saw that the sun had risen, Liu Jie started to prepare breakfast for Lin Yuan after getting no sleep.

The Mother of Bloodbath had followed Liu Jie and Lin Yuan to the Divine Wood Federation.

It had not shown itself because it was camouflaged and hidden in Lin Yuan’s hair. It did the same back when it had just become a Path Protector and was following the young man who would have been stumped by a pinnacle Cla.s.s 1 dimensional rift while he trained.

As it looked at Lin Yuan’s sleeping face and listened to the sound of his stable breathing, the Mother of Bloodbath felt a sense of serenity.

In the past, the Mother of Bloodbath had not thought at all about the circ.u.mstances of its birth. It was only when it found out that it possessed the Heavenly Family Fey bloodline that thoughts about its family entered its mind.

Now, the Mother of Bloodbath knew that its parents had not abandoned it at birth.

It now had its parents and many Heavenly Family Fey comrades. Thus, the Mother of Bloodbath could bask in the love it had never experienced when it was young.

But regardless of who it was with, whether it was alone or with its parents, the Mother of Bloodbath still did not feel as at ease as when it was with Lin Yuan.

Since Lin Yuan had used the Silver Stamen Gold l.u.s.ter Ca.s.sia nectar and Earth Center Fine Milk to cleanse his body of impurities and refine his genetic model, Lin Yuan only needed three to four hours of sleep a day.

At eight o’clock, Lin Yuan opened his eyes and waved his hand to summon water that he used to wash himself before he put on a new set of spirit qi clothes.

Although Lin Yuan liked to be clean, he did not have compulsive tendencies.

Most of his spirit qi clothes could repel dirt and did not become dirty even if they were not washed.

Lin Yuan had decided to change his clothes because it was a priority for the elite families in the Divine Wood Federation.

He had changed into spirit qi clothes that Wen Yu had specially designed for him when she learned about the Divine Wood Federation.

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