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Chapter 2694 The Empress Core of All Insects' New Ability!

The sand was Lin Yuan's eyes.

Lin Yuan knew that Liu Jie had been secretly nurturing the Empress Core of All Insects.

Lin Yuan used True Data to pa.s.s through the layers of Overlord Sand and Close Guard Sand to detect the Empress Core of All Insects.

[Sacred Source Name]: Empress Core of All Insects

[Sacred Source Species]: Source genus/Sacred Source species

[Sacred Source Star Grade]: 7

[Sacred Source Type]: Insect


[Final Weapon]: Fuse with a lifeform related to insects. The stronger the procreative ability of the lifeform, the stronger the abilities of the fused ent.i.ty will be. The lifeform's vitality and procreative ability will be used up to become the final s.h.i.+eld of all insects.

[Empress's Revival]: By using up a large amount of vitality, the lifeform's genetic model can be triggered to revive the insect empress' genetic model and will be used on the final weapon. The empress of insects will descend. Before she disappears, the insect-species lifeform will be able to receive the benefit of the empress once.

[Providing for All Insects]: Once all of the insects in the area that were under the control of the Empress Core of All Insects died, their bodies, souls, and wills will gather around the target that is being boosted. They will eventually turn into energy for the target. The target will become stirred up, and its resistance to various elements will be raised.

Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow as he looked at the Empress Core of All Insects.

Lin Yuan genuinely did not like the Empress Core of All Insects and had not wanted Liu Jie to form a contract with it.

Final Weapon was suitable to be combined with Elegance.

Elegance was a powerful production ent.i.ty. After the Empress Core of All Insects fused with Elegance, its power would be significantly boosted. However, it would cause Elegance to lose its reproductive abilities while continuously draining its vitality. Hence, any insect-species lifeform with reproductive abilities would not truly benefit from fusing with the Empress Core of All Insects.

Liu Jie would never use Final Weapon flippantly in real life.

Chubby Pocket was an insect-species carcinoma fey that could fight on its own. It did not have a particularly strong reproductive ability. Thus, it would not receive an impactful boost when it fused with the Empress Core of All Insects through Final Weapon.

Nonetheless, Chubby Pocket's overall power would still be increased by at least twice.

Although Chubby Pocket did not have reproductive abilities, it did contain substantial vitality. The vitality would be continuously used up in exchange for boosting Chubby Pocket's power.

Lin Yuan had not truly understood the Empress Core of All Insects' Empress' Revival the last time that he saw it. This was because the genetic model that would be activated came from the Empress Core of All Insects and not the insect-species carcinoma fey that Liu Jie controlled.

Once this genetic model was activated, the boosted Final Weapon would have the might of an empress.

It was only when Lin Yuan went to the alien insect world and witnessed the might of an alien insect empress that he understood what kind of genetic model would be activated when Empress' Revival was used.

The Empress Core of All Insects had to have come from an alien insect empress that had died.

Although the alien insect that combined with the Empress Core of All Insects would be perpetually boosted—if Lin Yuan had not used the Jasmine Lily and opened the Vitality Imprint as well as the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen's Sacred Sword form's healing abilities—Liu Jie's Insect Queen would have died while in the empress state.

Liu Jie would not have many opportunities in real life to use this ability that required healing-type spirit qi professionals to constantly be present to help sustain the effects.

Lin Yuan asked Liu Jie never to use the Empress Core of All Insects' first two abilities unless he was with him to support him.

Presently, Liu Jie mainly relied on insect-species carcinoma feys to fight.

But as Liu Jie's spirit qi professional rank continued to rise, by the time Elegance reached Eternal Breed, the combat power of Elegance's insect army would be even stronger than insect-species carcinoma feys!

The insect-species carcinoma feys could not be evolved like regular feys even after being transformed into fairies. Moreover, the evolution also needed the fairy bloodline to be balanced while they were being nurtured.

If Lin Yuan summoned the eight-winged Red Thorn now, the pressure from its bloodline would already have put an end to the battle. Additionally, the pressure between fairies was stronger than dragon-species feys.

This was the first time Lin Yuan saw the Empress Core of All Insects' Providing for All Insects.

In Lin Yuan's opinion, Providing for All Insects revitalized both Final Weapon and Empress' Revival and lifted their restrictions.

Providing for All Insects was very compatible with Chubby Pocket's ability Insect Soul Undestroyed.

The insects' souls, bodies, and wills would gather toward Chubby Pocket and turn into its energy.

This energy included vitality.

When Liu Jie used a sea of insects that was composed of many types of insect-species carcinoma feys, it would be able to supply a large amount of vitality when boosted by the Empress Core of All Insects.

Lin Yuan was very happy for Liu Jie.

As long as Liu Jie could finish establis.h.i.+ng his needed environment and estimate the amount of vitality the Empress Core of All Insects depleted while boosting targets, he could use its ability to keep the battle in the palm of his hand.

However, he would not be able to win this battle because the insect armies' bodies had all been ground to dust by the Source Sand.

The Source Sand had a Suzerain metal spiritual ingredient called Spirit-Selling Gold. It had an extremely strong will-destroying effect.

The sea of sand completely annihilated the insect army's will.

Hence, when Chubby Pocket was boosted by Providing for All Insects, it could only absorb the insect souls.

When the Empress Core of All Insects boosted Chubby Pocket, it became the insect species' ultimate weapon. A jet of power that contained the might of an insect empress shot into the ball of sand in the sky that was still spewing sand.

Lin Yuan had not been idle while investigating the Empress Core of All Insects' abilities.

He commandeered the ball of sand to be composed of a large amount of Close Guard Sand and Overlord Sand.

The ball of sand expanded as its interior was coated with layer upon layer of radium. The radium was blended with Red Lotus Soft Gold and Vibrating Gold threads.

Once Chubby Pocket broke through the radium layers, the Vibrating Gold would reflect the damage done by Chubby Pocket.

The Red Lotus Soft Gold could target the spirit and would also torment Chubby Pocket.

The moment that Vibrating Gold and Red Lotus Soft Gold were pierced by Chubby Pocket's horn, they would wrap tightly around the horn. As a result, Chubby Pocket's horn would be stuck in the ball of sand.

At that time, a hand formed from Overlord Sand would emerge from the ball of sand and pull Chubby Pocket in.

The Source Sand did have a main body and returned to Lin Yuan's sleeve.

The Close Guard Sand and Overlord Sand were just a portion of the Source Sand's strength. Regardless of how they were attacked, the Source Sand would not be impacted.

This battle was a demonstration to all the Radiance citizens of the peak of the younger generation's power.

The impending Radiance Knight and Radiance Envoy selections would also be thrilling. However, it was unlikely that a match of a similar caliber would be seen again.

Even the commentators with a wealth of experience had their lips tightly pursed, and their eyes widened as they silently watched what was happening.

The scales of this battle had tipped abruptly. The army of insects seemed to have secured the upper hand and was shaping up to be a devastating catastrophe centered around insect-species carcinoma feys.

With the 12 amber wings flapping behind Lin Yuan, he looked like an angel at sunset.

The army of insects caused the audience to feel extremely suffocated. However, this a.s.sault on the senses was wiped out by the sand in an instant.

Anyone could tell that Lin Yuan had the advantage.

However, the power surrounding Chubby Pocket was growing.

The capable commentators could already see Chubby Pocket's true power and knew that it exceeded Creation Breed power. Its attack had reached Immortal Breed level.

An A-rank spirit qi professional commanded a Myth Breed fey that unleashed an attack two grades above its current one!

Would Lin Yuan, trapped within the ball of sand, be able to s.h.i.+eld himself from such a powerful attack?

When the fairy transformed from the insect-species carcinoma fey crashed into the ball of sand, the vibrations would destroy Lin Yuan, who was hiding within.

Poison Beauty forced herself to calm down and remember that she was in the middle of a live-stream before she said, "It looks like Lord Lin Yuan underestimated his opponent this time. It's not a good plan to seal himself within the ball of sand!"

Poison Beauty and Lu Shuang were Lin Yuan's biggest beneficiaries. They managed to become the most popular hosts in the Radiance Federation because of him.

Lu Shuang and Poison Beauty became friends after an offline event. They decided to live-stream together this time. They connected their channels and commentated on the battles together.

Their channel had entered the Glorious Popularity Ranking and reached the sixth place. It was a big honor for Star Web hosts to made it into this ranking!

When Lu Shuang heard what Poison Beauty said, she felt that Poison Beauty's view was too naive.

As a direct partic.i.p.ant, Liu Jie was choosing to attack the ball of sand in the sky rather than the sand below him because his army of insects had been destroyed, and he had no other choice.

Lu Shuang had battled Lin Yuan in the past. She saw him as a hardened vault who was always hiding more moves up his sleeve.

After using the full extent of her capabilities, she had been under the impression that the Exquisite Rhino Giraffe would be able to kill Lin Yuan. However, all that had happened was that eight tails had appeared behind him.

There was no way that Lin Yuan was staying still within the ball and allowing Liu Jie to attack him at will!

The sand was raining down from the ball of sand in a waterfall that was ten meters wide. Lin Yuan could move himself at any time. There was no need for him to remain in the ball. This was unless Lin Yuan needed to seal himself away for the ball of sand resembling the sun to continue releasing sand.

The two hosts could have different opinions. The more popular the live-streaming rooms with opposing opinions, the more gifts the eventual victor would receive.

However, Lu Shuang did not end up speaking her mind.

Given that the ball of sand in the sky was expanding, it was as though Lin Yuan could tell that Liu Jie was attacking and was trying to defend himself.

Lu Shuang kept her eyes glued to the ball of sand and awaited the next attack—it would decide the result of this battle.

Poison Beauty narrowed her eyes at Lu Shuang. Normally, Lu Shuang would respond with her own opinion after she gave hers. However, Lu Shuang had not picked up and added to what she said.

Poison Beauty was concerned that she had said something wrong.

It might go unnoticed if a small host misspoke. But she was already one of the biggest hosts on Star Web. Even the slightest of slips of the tongue would result in significant negative impacts.

Poison Beauty glanced at the comments and saw that they were mostly discussing the battle. No one had mentioned her.

Poison Beauty relaxed when she saw this.

When she looked back at the battle, Chubby Pocket had slammed into the rapidly expanding ball of sand with incredible force.

Poison Beauty a.s.sumed that the powerful Chubby Pocket would shatter the ball of sand. But to her surprise, all that happened was that Chubby Pocket's horn pierced through the ball of sand, leaving most of its body stuck outside.

After sustaining such immense force, the ball of sand's shape had changed. But almost immediately after, a burst of energy with equal force exploded from the site where Chubby Pocket had pierced through the ball of sand. As a result, cracks appeared all over Chubby Pocket.

Chubby Pocket managed to contain the damage by swiftly absorbing insect souls into its body.

Liu Jie had not antic.i.p.ated this situation.

This was not because Liu Jie had not expected Lin Yuan to be powerful. He was well aware of Lin Yuan's true power.

However, Liu Jie also knew that Lin Yuan had only used the Source Sand so far in this battle.

The Source Sand's counterattack on Chubby Pocket caused a bitter smile to spread across Liu Jie's face.

He was not able to defeat the Source Sand even after using his sacred source lifeform, Elegance, and insect-species carcinoma feys.

Although Liu Jie was rather disheartened, he suddenly remembered something that Lin Yuan had said to him.

"Big Brother Liu, don't allow your thinking to be skewed when it comes to increasing your power. A person's value does not only come from his power. One's combat ability also adds to his value.

"Functional attributes are always more important than individual combat. It is easy to cultivate powerful experts, but mere resources won't be enough to produce a functional-type expert with irreplaceable skills!

"Big Brother Liu, you have already started going down a unique path that will afford you special abilities. This is an important strategic foundation for Sky City. So, there is no need for you to be overly concerned about your strength on the dueling ground."

At the time, Liu Jie had not understood why Lin Yuan said this. But now, he did.

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