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Chapter 2738 Honor Absent Palace Above All!

Green Vine's current body could be described as sky-encompa.s.sing. Its eight vines seemed to form a cage around the sky.

This was especially so for the vines that used Swallow Same Source to consume ent.i.ties far beyond Green Vine's level. Thus, Green Vine's might completely surpa.s.s that of a Sovereign X/Eternal XII lifeform!

The vine that had absorbed the five golden snake scales was swinging above the others, its serpentine shape looming over the ground.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on Green Vine.

[Fey Name]: Perfect Touch Wisteria

[Fey Species]: Strong armor wisteria species/long wisteria species

[Fey Grade]: High Sovereign (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Eternal XII


[Forbidden Growth]: After contracting any lifeform, it can break the limit that comes with the contract. As long as it has sufficient energy, it will be able to continuously increase its power. When it has absorbed the maximum amount of energy, it will be able to comprehend a required Willpower Rune.

[Peak St.u.r.diness]: A large amount of the absorbed energy can be used up to increase the durability of the vines. When injured, the energy can also be used to repair the vines.

[Long Vine Application]: Choose two vines that will be applied to one vine. The vine with the two vines applied on it will be able to gain the two vines' abilities.

[Paralyzing Vine Sap]: When damage is sustained, the vine sap with paralyzing effects can be sprayed out from the wound.

[Brutally Pus.h.i.+ng Out of Soil]: When faced with the opponent's defenses, the seeds' sprouting strength can be activated to help to break past the opponent's defenses.

[Root's Parasitic Restraints]: Pick a target and the target's body will become soil where roots will grow. The roots will absorb the target's vitality to cause harm to the target.

[Splitting Illusionary Spikes]: When the illusionary spikes pierce a target's body, the illusionary spikes will turn into a seed that will germinate in the target's body and produce even more illusionary spikes.

[Avoidance Wedge]: Every time the Perfect Touch Wisteria is injured, a wedge will grow over its surface. Every three layers will turn into a sharp spike that will be able to increase the vines' effects while boosting them.

[Combined Vines Defense]: Pick a target to apply to and help it to defend against external attacks. The Perfect Touch Wisteria's own vitality will be sacrificed to protect the target it is applied to.

Exclusive Skill:

[Swallow Same Source]: Every vine will have the same grade and quality, but they can be separated to act as individual ent.i.ties. Every vine can consume something and take control of its attributes. The swallowed ent.i.ty cannot be spat out, but an even higher-level item can replace it. (Once it gains attributes, the vine cannot be separated again.)

[Broken Vine Replacement]: When a vine is destroyed during combat, another vine can be picked to take on the damage instead to save the first vine.

[Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn]: The energy within the vines can be gathered at a certain spot. An illusionary thorn composed of energy will sprout from this spot. The illusionary thorn will be undetectable.

[Tactile Vine Wood World]: All of the wood-type energy and vitality stored within the vines will be released. The wood-type energy and vitality will transform into a large number of vines. The vines will intertwine and form a world of vines. The main body will fuse with this world to attack targets. Before the wooden world is broken, all the damage sustained by the main body will be reduced and shouldered by the wooden world.

[Entire Body Medium]: Sacrifice the item that the vine had absorbed and release the source of the item through a medium. The released source will not have any knowledge but will possess all of its original power. (Compare the proportion of energy that the source comprises of within the item to determine how long the released source will be able to remain outside.)

[Vine Tempering Garrotte]: Use the long vines to garrotte other lifeforms. If the target's bloodline is more elite than that of the Perfect Touch Wisteria, it can absorb the target's bloodline to strengthen its own bloodline. This will also strengthen every vine that has absorbed an ent.i.ty through Swallow Same Source.

After sensing Green Vine and the aura of the vine, Spring materialized next to Lin Yuan and asked with narrowed eyes, "Lord Saint, where did you find these five snake scales? The Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake's secret treasure shouldn't exist in this world!"

Spring would not question Lin Yuan if he had obtained five of the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake's scales. However, the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake's secret treasures were completely different from its scales.

Divine-kingdom experts produced the secret treasures by tempering their root power and faith power.

The secret treasures were as important to divine-kingdom experts as sacred source lifeforms were to Cla.s.s 1 world experts. Many divine-kingdom experts would rather die than let their secret treasures go.

Ignoring the fact that a divine kingdom Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake would never appear in a Cla.s.s 1 world to start with, it was also impossible for it to appear in a Cla.s.s 1 world that had promoted to Cla.s.s 2!

Lin Yuan's world was part of the East Universe, which was under Honor Absent Palace's rule.

There was no way that she would be unaware of a Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake arriving in the main world!

The only possibility was that this Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake was an inspector in charge of supervising the lower worlds. For some reason, this inspector had taken advantage of his a.s.signment from Honor Absent Palace and released his own secret treasures into this world in order to spy on it.

The most likely event from the past few centuries to catch the inspector's eye was the birth of the faeries!

The thought caused fury to burgeon in Spring's eyes.

They had locked themselves in Epoch G.o.d Palace all this time because they were worried about affecting Lord Saint's awakening.

But the divine-kingdom expert from Honor Absent Palace went so far as to release his own secret treasures!

The consequences would have been unthinkable if Lord Totem G.o.d had not been sufficiently awakened and failed to absorb these secret treasures!

The anger in Spring's eyes allowed Lin Yuan to sense her concern for him.

All this time, Lin Yuan had been unaware of what the five dark golden scales were. Apparently, they were the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake's secret treasures!

Given that Spring had a name for the five snake scales, it was clear that she was well acquainted with them.

When he was with Spring, Lin Yuan did not need to keep his guard up and could ask her whatever questions he had. She would never hide anything from him. If she wanted to keep secrets from him, she would not have appeared and brought up the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake!

"Spring, I don't know much about the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Can you tell me about how the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake is viewed in the Sky Beyond the Clouds?"

Spring hurriedly replied, "Lord Saint, the Sky Beyond the Clouds is just a colloquial name. It refers to the area under the North, South, East, and West Universes. This world you're in is located in the East Universe. If this world and its seas are together compared to the East Universe, this Cla.s.s 2 world is like a drop of water in the sea!"

Spring had chosen her metaphor intentionally. She wanted to give Lin Yuan a proper understanding of the Sky Beyond the Clouds and was not exaggerating in the slightest.

When Lin Yuan heard what Spring said, he could not prevent shock from blooming on his face.

He had asked Fifth Page Falling Rainbow and Keira about the Sky Beyond the Clouds. However, they were restricted by their levels and did not have a comprehensive understanding of the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

But from what Spring said, Lin Yuan now truly understood its vastness!

"Aside from the North, South, East, and West Universes that make up the Sky Beyond the Clouds, countless abyssal domains surround the Sky Beyond the Clouds. These abysses are much larger than the Sky Beyond the Clouds. Innumerable species hide in the abysses and attack the Sky Beyond the Clouds often.

"If you head to the Sky Beyond the Clouds from this Cla.s.s 2 world, you will end up directly in the East Universe. In the East Universe, Honor Absent Palace stands above all the other factions.

"Based on these secret weapons, this Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake has already reached World Emperor/Divine Kingdom. A figure like that is trivial in Honor Absent Palace but is considered a notable expert in the Sky Beyond the Clouds!"

After hearing this, Lin Yuan gained a thorough understanding of the Sky Beyond the Clouds' circ.u.mstances.

This was the first time that he was hearing the names of factions from there.

Based on Spring's expression and tone, Lin Yuan could tell that these five dark gold snake scales should never have appeared in this world.

However, these five dark gold snake scales had helped him significantly! He saw them as his final killing move.

Lin Yuan could use Green Vine's Entire Body Medium to summon the World Emperor/Divine Kingdom Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake. When its secret treasures were used as the source for the summoning, the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake could be maintained for a very long time.

However, Lin Yuan had not expected First Page Crimson to have such a strong ambus.h.i.+ng ability.

If Crimson had not ambushed him, Lin Yuan would have considered using the five dark gold snake scales to summon the Divine Retribution Ashes Scale Snake through Entire Body Medium during the battle.

Spring did not tell Lin Yuan about her plans.

Once they went to the East Universe, Spring was going to pay a visit to Honor Absent Palace.

If not for Lord Saint, two of the Sky Beyond the Clouds's four universes would have been destroyed back then. The East Universe would have been one of the two destroyed universes!

Lin Yuan longed to gain more information on the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

He possessed the mermaid thearch bloodline, and it just so happened that he could ask Spring about the mermaids and Blood species.

Before evolving from Sovereign X/Eternal XII to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom, Green Vine needed to cross two large levels in the form of the birth-horoscope and spirit-fire levels.

Even if it was constantly supplied with resources, this process would still take considerable time!

Lin Yuan waved over two king-cla.s.s mermaids in the distance.

After being called over by a mermaid thearch, these two king-cla.s.s mermaids anxiously bowled in front of Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan instructed the two king-cla.s.s mermaids to carry over the spirit qi crystals he had prepared for Green Vine.

Lin Yuan summoned chest after chest filled with spirit qi crystals that the Wind Speed Rapid Antelope had organized. There were about 10,000 spirit qi crystals in each chest.

After Morbius evolved to Suzerain/Myth, the amount of spirit qi in each spirit qi crystal multiplied by many times!

The two king-cla.s.s mermaids' bodies trembled with excitement. They never imagined that they would be picked by Lin Yuan and given the chance to serve him.

King-cla.s.s mermaids were the equivalent of Turning Wheel Realm Dictators. They had a similar magnitude of power to birth-horoscope experts.

The two of them could handle the task of feeding resources to the evolving Green Vine!

Lin Yuan asked Spring seriously, "You say that I'm the Saint. You should be able to sense that aside from the human bloodline, I possess the mermaid bloodline in my body. Is there anything you can tell me about the mermaids and Blood species? I am very interested in them!"

It went without saying that Spring could sense the mermaid bloodline in Lin Yuan's body.

In the past, she did not think much of the mermaid species. It was only after she discovered the mermaid bloodline in Lin Yuan's body that her opinion of the mermaid bloodline improved.

Spring was already certain that Lin Yuan was the Saint.

Aside from sensing Morbius' aura, Lin Yuan's physique was another point of consideration.

His body did not absorb spirit qi from the environment when he circulated spiritual power. Instead, he could purify the spirit qi.

This body composition fit with Lord Saint's 'Body of All Spirits'.

However, Lin Yuan only exhibited the preliminary version of the Body of All Spirits.

The Saint who possessed the Body of All Spirits could absorb any bloodline into his own bloodline, as well as evolve the various bloodlines at will.

Rather than saying that Lin Yuan possessed the mermaid bloodline, it was more accurate to say that the mermaid bloodline was blessed to be evolved in his body!

Although Spring remained by Lin Yuan's side, she could not reveal much about his affairs.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had specifically asked about the mermaid and Blood species' bloodlines. She could give him a detailed description of them.

"Lord Saint, there are different Species Rankings in the four universes. The Mermaid and Blood species are on three of the Species Rankings. In the West Universe's ranking, the mermaids rank much higher than the Blood species.

"But in the North Universe's ranking, the Blood species ranks above the mermaids. In the East Universe, their rankings are very compet.i.tive! The mermaid bloodline in your body should have come from a branch of the East Universe's mermaids."

Spring paused before continuing. "In my opinion, the Blood species' bloodline is deadlier than the mermaids'. However, the mermaids control the seas. They are the only bloodline that can stand toe-to-toe against the faeries!

"However, unlike the Blood species, the mermaids aren't keen on expanding and prefer to enjoy their days in the beautiful seas. Hence, most of the battles between the mermaids and Blood species are started by the Blood species.

"In the Sky Beyond the Clouds, your mermaid thearch bloodline will be able to advance with ease."

Spring did not say this because it was easy to evolve the mermaid bloodline but because she trusted the composition of Lin Yuan's body.

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