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Chapter 3001  Heavenly Tail Manipulation!

The larger the scale of the World Cleansing triggered by a fey's evolution, the stronger their potential was. It was so strong to a state that even the world could not tolerate it. Genius was in such a state.

However, with Autumn and Winter by its side, Genius could easily pa.s.s the World Cleansing, regardless of how large the scale was.

In the sky, over a dozen black holes appeared, continuously unleas.h.i.+ng dark purple thunderbolts. The thunderbolts gave off a very viscous feeling, but Winter took the lead in blocking them.

The long tail behind Genius flashed with a dreamy brilliance. This brilliance was a manifestation of the extreme density of spiritual energy and soul energy. In the past, despite having a tail longer than its body, Genius's chubby body still gave off a cute vibe. But now, its body suddenly became thinner.

At present, Genius could be described as handsome at a glance, as if he had transformed from a youth into a young man in an instant.

All of this was just the beginning. The long tail behind Genius began to split. Each of its long tails completely shed their previous state between illusion and reality and became an illusory object formed by spiritual and soul power.

At that moment, Genius' grade and quality had clearly advanced.

Lin Yuan used Morbius' True Data to check Genius' grade evolution.

Genius had finally reached Sovereign I/Immortal IX and its new ability was called Heavenly Tail Manipulation.

[Heavenly Tail Manipulation]: Each Heavenly Tail condensed from spirit and soul is like a separate ent.i.ty, capable of operating like an arm. The operation and usage are almost the same as one's arm.

Seeing Genius' newly acquired ability, Lin Yuan couldn't help but be taken aback for a moment. Then, a look of pleasant surprise spread across his face.

If each of Genius' tails condensed from spirit and soul was equivalent to an independent ent.i.ty, then these tails were like smart clones that could concoct potions like Genius.

Previously, Genius was equivalent to a Grade 4 Creator. This time, Genius' Creator abilities would definitely increase. If Genius reached the level of a Grade 5 Creator, its ability to produce potions would be equivalent to that of over 50 Grade 5 Creators combined.

Lin Yuan examined Genius' tails and found a total of 54 of them. In the future, as Genius' spiritual and soul energy increased, the number of heavenly tails condensed behind Genius would also increase. This ability would allow Sky City to have a ma.s.sive collection of Creator resources, completely solving Sky City's lack of Creator resources.

Even so, Lin Yuan still had to recruit more high-grade Creators to join Sky City. The ability of a high-grade Creator extended far beyond mere potions concocting.

Lin Yuan continued to check Genius' new Immortal exclusive skill, Spiritual and Soul Enhancement.

[Spiritual and Soul Enhancement]: Infuse one's own spiritual and soul energy into the contractor, enhancing the contractor's inherent spiritual and soul energy. These spirit and soul energy can give the contractor the same a.n.a.lytical ability as oneself for a short period of time.

Genius' Spiritual and Soul Enhancement was somewhat similar to Spiritual Energy Expansion. However, Spiritual Energy Expansion enhanced Lin Yuan's mental reserve using his own spiritual energy. When injured, Lin Yuan could rely on this reserve to resist and defend himself. On the other hand, Spiritual and Soul Enhancement involved not only spiritual energy but also soul energy.

In fact, the greatest advantage of Spiritual and Soul Enhancement was not only that it enhanced Lin Yuan's spirit and soul energy but also gave him the same a.n.a.lytical ability as Genius. When he encountered trouble, Lin Yuan would use it to help him think and solve many problems.

After Zhi Ling realized that more than half of the energy she had acc.u.mulated had been used up, she could not help but say awkwardly, "Master, I misjudged the situation. It seems that evolving one grade and quality is the limit!"

Before Lin Yuan could reply, Autumn suddenly spoke. "Young Master, you've put away the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower in advance. Now, the energy that should have been bestowed upon it is gathering here. This energy is compatible with Genius's energy. It should be able to be absorbed by Genius. I can try to gather these energies together.

"If Genius can absorb the energy that should belong to the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower, even if it is unable to reach World Emperor, it's still possible for its quality to increase from Immortal to Eternal!"

Upon hearing that, Lin Yuan's heart stirred. "Autumn, if you can do this, try to absorb the energy of the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower for Genius. It will be of great help to me if Genius' quality improves again."

Before proposing this to Lin Yuan, Autumn had already a.s.sessed his own abilities. If he wasn't confident he could do it, he wouldn't have mentioned it to Lin Yuan.

Autumn circulated the energy in his body and released it into the environment. He separated the energy that should have been given to the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower and lured it to Genius.

Winter glanced up at Autumn. The latter acted impulsively but was extremely intelligent; this was something that Winter hadn't considered before. The energy that should have belonged to the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower gathered here as Genius evolved, indicating compatibility between the energies. Perhaps this could indeed help Genius improve!

Winter had always considered himself to have exceptional knowledge, but at this moment, he increasingly felt that he couldn't fully comprehend Genius. If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Winter would not have believed that such a fey existed. Even if Lin Yuan was the reincarnation of the Saint, nurturing such a fey was truly astonis.h.i.+ng.

Lin Yuan could no longer see the upper limit of his growth in this life. This was a good thing for Winter. As a follower, he was excited to witness Lin Yuan's growth.

The energy that should have belonged to the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower was drawn to Genius. Although Genius' conversion rate of this energy was not as high as the energy released by Zhi Ling, it was still able to absorb the energy.

Zhi Ling released energy that was a mixture of spirit and soul. The energy that should have belonged to the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower and pure spirit qi were supplied to Genius in large amounts, allowing Genius to show signs of improvement once again.

As time pa.s.sed, the energy released from Zhi Ling's body was depleted. Genius had evolved from Immortal IX to the pinnacle Immortal IX, just a step away from Eternal.

Lin Yuan held his breath, feeling very nervous. He thought that he had to increase the energy of the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower and let Genius successfully complete its transformation.

If Genius remained stuck at the pinnacle Immortal IX and could not step into Eternal as he wished, it would be very difficult for Genius to enhance in quality unless it obtained such a huge opportunity in the future again.

Lin Yuan's expectations were not in vain. The moment the Business Flouris.h.i.+ng Flower's energy was exhausted, Genius attracted the World Cleansing again. This time, Genius did not undergo many changes, but it obtained another exclusive skill that surprised Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check Genius again.

[Fey Name]: Highest Access Fate-Knowing Beast

[Fey Species]: Fantasy-cat-genus/fantasy-cat-species

[Fey Grade]: High Sovereign (3/10)

[Fey Type]: Spiritual/Soul

[Fey Quality]: Eternal


[Memory Deduction]: When recalling something, it will be able to remember every minuscule detail. From this, it will be able to organize the information and infer the truth.

[Crowded Cat]: If it can control cat-species feys and convince the cats to crowd around it, it will be able to become affiliated with all of the cat-species feys' elements and bodies. Every time the cat-species feys crowded around, it will be weak for some time.

[Spiritual Energy Expansion]: Transfer the spiritual energy into an emergency bank for the contractor. Even though the contractor cannot willfully use Spiritual Energy Expansion to increase his own store of spiritual energy, he can use it to defend himself against spiritual energy damage.

[Master of Cats]: As the new leader of cat-species feys, it can use spiritual energy to form contracts with other cat-species feys, control their lives, and share in their spiritual power.

[Soul Permutation]: Use and change different spiritual energies into soul power.

[Tail Trigger]: When using soul power, a tail can be sacrificed to increase the soul power. Without any tails, Tail Trigger cannot be used.

[True Knowledge a.n.a.lysis]: Use spiritual energy to envelop an ent.i.ty and the composition of the ent.i.ty will be a.n.a.lyzed. Ent.i.ties that have been combined will be a.n.a.lyzed separately. After the a.n.a.lysis, there will be a confirmation from the heavenly will to ascertain accuracy.

[Comprehensive Deduction]: After using the True Knowledge a.n.a.lysis to a.n.a.lyze something, it is possible to anchor many things that have been a.n.a.lyzed by the True Knowledge a.n.a.lysis at the same time and use the revelations of the heavens to infer the corresponding connection between these things.

[Heavenly Tail Manipulation]: Each Heavenly Tail condensed from spirit and soul is like a separate ent.i.ty, capable of operating like an arm. The operation and usage are almost the same as one's arm.

Exclusive Skill:

[Tool Transformation]: Capable of transforming into a tool for the contractor to use.

[Tail of Fate]: 1. Connected Tails: According to the number of tails, lives can be connected. The connected lives can share thinking and intention. 2. Highest Access Tail: Combine all the tails into one. If it craves for knowledge enough, it can sacrifice its spiritual energy to communicate with the heavens and request for an answer.

[Sky Fate Attachment]: The affiliation with heavenly will will be deepened and the fate of the heavenly will will be attached to it to elevate its chances of success when concocting spirit fluids or when performing other actions.

[Linked Fate Protection]: Link the fate of the cat-species lifeforms under its control with fortune. A network will be formed that will protect all the cat-species lifeforms. When the cat-species lifeforms under its protection are evolved, its own spiritual energy will increase and its store of spiritual energy will increase as well.

[Spiritual and Soul Enhancement]: Infuse one's own spiritual and soul energy into the contractor, enhancing the contractor's inherent spiritual and soul energy. These spirit and soul energy can give the contractor the same a.n.a.lytical ability as oneself for a short period of time.

[Sky Fate Fortune Flood]: When the success rate of concocting the spirit fluid and forging is increased by the Sky Fate Attachment, there is a certain chance that it will be favored by the fortune flood, enhancing the level of the spiritual liquid or item.

Apart from being Sky City's largest information repository, Genius was also an outstanding Creator and the leader of a Creator organization.

The Sky Fate Fortune Flood directly increased Genius' Creator-related abilities, giving Genius a chance to create Creator resources that were one grade higher than itself.

The success rate of Sky Fate Attachment was not high, to begin with, so the success rate of Sky Fate Fortune Flood must be even lower. However, it was an exclusive skill capable of transcending grades.

If Genius successfully evolved to a Grade 5 Creator, Genius would have a chance to concoct a potion that only a Grade 6 Creator could concoct and create a precious instrument like the Palm of Blessed Land. There was a possibility it could create a Palm of Blessed Land that could store high-grade blessed lands!

Genius jumped into Lin Yuan's arms and said excitedly, "Yuan, I feel that my spirit and soul have been greatly enhanced. I plan to enter seclusion for some time to see if I can improve my Creator ability. I'll have to use more of the resources you collected when I'm in seclusion!"

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius' head. "Genius, it will be much easier for me to obtain resources in the future. Moreover, there are many resources in this blessed land for you to consume. You can use it however you want. There's no need to save. This time during your seclusion, I'll ensure to provide you with a quiet environment. Let me know about your achievements once your seclusion ends!"

Genius had always worked extremely hard on Lin Yuan's side. This time, its grade had increased by a large level, and its quality had increased by two large levels. There were many things that Genius did not understand before, but now, it could detect and dig into many areas that were previously unknown. This seclusion could take at least a few months or even a few years.

Lin Yuan looked at the time after putting Genius back into the Spirit Lock spatial zone and said, "Zhi Ling, gather all the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies. I'll arrange a place for them to go. Otherwise, it would be too conspicuous for you to follow me like this!"

Lin Yuan knew the value of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies. If news of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies spread, the other powerful species would also be able to see their value. Lin Yuan did not want to cause unnecessary trouble because of the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies. It was better for species like them to stay hidden.

Their growth also required absorbing pure spirit qi. An environment like the Spirit Lock spatial zone with a high concentration of pure spirit qi could help the Wisdom Eye Brain Dragonflies to rapidly progress.

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