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Chapter 3068  So It Was Him!

Wu Xuan gritted her teeth at the mention of Traveling Dragon Palace.

Traveling Dragon Palace's suppression of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall over the years had almost caused Bizarre Plant Demon Hall to leave Diverse City. If not for the fact that Bizarre Plant Demon Hall had to pay a huge price to move out of Diverse City, Wu Xuan would have probably made the decision to leave.

Wu Xuan originally thought that Bizarre Plant Demon Hall would continue to live in Diverse City and that Traveling Dragon Palace's suppression of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall would continue.

Unexpectedly, in order to expand, Traveling Dragon Palace actually went beyond Diverse City to develop in other large cities. In the process of developing their forces, they provoked Extreme Wood City's major faction, Gray Smoke Stronghold.

The two sides fought to the death in Extreme Wood City. Only then did Bizarre Plant Demon Hall see the light.

If not for that, even if he knew that this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder was being auctioned, Wu Xuan would not have dared to come here to fight for this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder.

Even though most of Traveling Dragon Palace's resources had been transported to Extreme Wood City, Traveling Dragon Palace's resource trade fair had yet to begin.

However, a starving camel was still bigger than a horse. Under such circ.u.mstances, it was very likely that Traveling Dragon Palace would fork out more resources than Bizarre Plant Demon Hall.

Chan Jing's expression darkened when he heard Wu Xuan's words.

"Palace Master, my cousin has been contacting Extreme Wood City. My cousin said that Gray Smoke Stronghold is about to launch a thunderous attack on Traveling Dragon Palace. Gray Smoke Stronghold has also joined forces with many factions to issue an ultimatum to You Tao.

"You Di should also know the situation in Extreme Wood City. He shouldn't have any intention of targeting Bizarre Plant Demon Hall anymore, right? I will ask the manager of Diverse Auction House to see if Traveling Dragon Palace has anyone partic.i.p.ating in this auction. I just gave Manager Lu two jars of Poison Bee Wine. He will definitely help with such a small favor!"

When Wu Xuan heard this, she wanted to say that the auction for this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder had already begun. What was the point of asking now? Could it be that there was still time for Bizarre Plant Demon Hall to gather resources?

Bizarre Plant Demon Hall had already begun to resist Traveling Dragon Palace. But because they were suppressed by Traveling Dragon Palace all year round, Bizarre Plant Demon Hall was still very afraid of Traveling Dragon Palace. This fear had basically fused into their bones and was very difficult to eliminate in a short period of time.

Before long, Chan Jing, who had left to look for Manager Lu, returned happily.

"Palace Master, I asked the manager of Diverse Talent Market and he said that Traveling Dragon Palace's people were not present. Traveling Dragon Palace has always been high-profile so we need to show our hand now.

"Traveling Dragon Palace knows about the news but has given up on suppressing Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. I think Traveling Dragon Palace is already at the end of its rope and can't take out any extra resources!"

If Traveling Dragon Palace wanted to suppress Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, the compet.i.tion for resources between the two sides would also determine if Traveling Dragon Palace would truly end up suppressed by Bizarre Plant Demon Hall.

Once Traveling Dragon Palace was suppressed by Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, Traveling Dragon Palace's reputation would completely collapse!

Wu Xuan relaxed and began to bid. However, not long after, she realized that the bidding sounds were once again coming from the VIP room where the two Cla.s.s 5 professionals had just been bid.

The people in this VIP room had bought no less than 20 talents in this trade fair. There was a bid for every talent.

Even if the premium was more than double, they would not relent. They were like lunatics.

Now, the factions in the VIP room had their eyes on this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder.

If it was any other auction item, Wu Xuan would most likely give up due to the current conflict between Bizarre Plant Demon Hall and Traveling Dragon Palace. However, this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder was too important to Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. Even if bidding might offend this resource-rich faction, Bizarre Plant Demon Hall had to fight to the end.

What Wu Xuan and Chan Jing did not know was that You Di had made up his mind to bid for this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder after learning of his existence.

Although this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder was not very useful to the Wandering Dragon Palace, it did not matter if he was useful or not. This Cla.s.s 5 Breeder could not be left to Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. If Traveling Dragon Palace let Bizarre Plant Demon Hall win this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder, it would be equivalent to telling the other factions in Diverse City that Traveling Dragon Palace had been kicked out of the ranks of the top factions in Diverse City.

You Di had not come because he had used Sun Yin to establish connections with a faction with a Grade 6 Creator. You Di no longer cared about Bizarre Plant Demon Hall.

There was naturally no need to deliberately target forces that they did not care about.

As long as he could gain a firm foothold in Extreme Wood City with the help of this faction with a Grade 6 Creator, all the previous resources would be worth it.

Traveling Dragon Palace had become a force that spanned two cities. It was much stronger than the other first-rate factions in Diverse City.

At that time, Traveling Dragon Palace would deal with Bizarre Plant Demon Hall with lightning speed and not give the fiends a chance to secretly move out of Diverse City.

After bidding again and again, Wu Xuan looked at Lin Yuan's VIP room with a livid expression and cursed.

"d.a.m.n it. Who's the one who's still targeting this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder despite the double premium?"

Since the price had doubled, Wu Xuan did not continue bidding.

Bizarre Plant Demon Hall could no longer withstand such a price. The other party did not hesitate to raise the price endlessly.

Wu Xuan could not help but think, Can it be that Zhao Chen is deliberately raising the price because Traveling Dragon Palace did not come?

Thinking of this, Wu Xuan hurriedly shook her head. As the City Lord of Diverse City, there was really no need for Zhao Chen to do this. This did not benefit Zhao Chen at all. Moreover, the situation of the two Cla.s.s 5 professionals who had been bid for was too bad. Zhao Chen could not let such goods stay in his hands forever.

Wu Xuan said after a while, "Chan Jing, go and find out who's sitting in this VIP room later. It's best if you can directly communicate with the faction that bid for this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder and see if you can spend resources to hire this Breeder to serve Bizarre Plant Demon Hall for a few months every year."

Chan Jing looked at Wu Xuan awkwardly. This was not a pleasant job.

It was not difficult for him to come into contact with this faction. He could send Manager Lu a few more jars of Poison Bee Wine later and get Manager Lu to help introduce him.

Among the thousand-odd types of bee poison in the Poison Bee Wine, a few had certain addictive and soul-stimulating effects.

This was the key to the Poison Bee Wine that the major factions had been pa.s.sionate about all these years.

The addictive nature of the Poison Bee Wine secretly increased its value. However, even if he successfully came into contact with this faction, how could he ask this faction to lend this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder to Bizarre Plant Demon Hall?

What if this faction was not a local faction of Diverse City?

With Zhao Chen's ability, it was not difficult for him to invite the factions outside of Diverse City to partic.i.p.ate in the trade fair.

He knew that this mission was not easy to do. But since Wu Xuan had given the order, Chan Jing could not refuse.

Chan Jing originally thought that it would not be difficult to contact this faction through Manager Lu. But after finding Manager Lu and making his request, Manager Lu actually rejected it without thinking.

He did not even accept the Poison Bee Wine that he had sent over, which made Chan Jing feel a little awkward.

"Old Lu, we're old friends. I've helped you a lot before. Why are you rejecting me now that I'm begging you?"

Seeing Chan Jing's displeased expression, Manager Lu knew that he had obtained many benefits from Chan Jing, so he smiled apologetically.

"Chan Jing, you're wronging me! You've helped me a lot, but I've also helped you a lot! I can't introduce you this time because the guest you want to see was brought here by Sun Youcai.

"The City Lord specially instructed that this person be treated as an esteemed guest and not be disturbed by any factions. If I help you, the City Lord will be unhappy. I still want to keep my position."

At this point, Manager Lu's voice lowered.

"In the past, the City Lord would welcome guests everywhere at such a trade fair, but this time, the City Lord seems to have stayed with this VIP the entire time and accompanied him for two days. Do you want me to introduce you to such a person? Do you think my life is too easy?"

With that, Manager Lu patted Chan Jing's shoulder and left.

Manager Lu looked calm on the surface but he was extremely dissatisfied with Chan Jing. Who did he think he was? He actually dared to bring up the gifts he had given him previously!

If not for Traveling Dragon Palace's loss of power and the possibility of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall rising, Manager Lu would have directly fallen out with Chan Jing.

As the manager of the Diverse Talent Market, he was also a top figure in the City Lord Manor.

If the people from Bizarre Plant Demon Hall dared to make trouble for him, the City Lord would naturally stand up for him!

When Chan Jing heard Manager Lu mention Sun Youcai, he subconsciously thought of the young man walking beside Sun Youcai.

Could it be that this young man was personally accompanied by the City Lord of Diverse City, Zhao Chen, for two days?

Chan Jing could not help but s.h.i.+ver at the thought.

At this moment, Chan Jing suddenly understood why Sun Youcai was so protective of this young man and even reprimanded him for falling out with him.

Fortunately, Manager Lu did not introduce him to this young man. If Zhao Chen had known about the previous conflict after meeting him, the methods Zhao Chen used to please this young man would definitely not be as gentle as Sun Youcai's.

This matter had spread to Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. Wu Xuan wanted him to befriend this faction and obtain the qualifications to rent this Cla.s.s 5 Breeder.

Not only did he not do a good job but had also offended this young man with an extremely powerful background.

Even if he was an Elder of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, his days in Bizarre Plant Demon Hall would definitely not be good!

After partic.i.p.ating in this trade fair, Lin Yuan was invited by Zhao Chen to the City Lord Manor.

Zhao Chen knew that Lin Yuan had come to Diverse City for the first time and wanted to hold a banquet to entertain him. He had invited the reputable top factions of Diverse City to introduce Lin Yuan, but the latter rejected him.

Lin Yuan had never been prepared to walk to the front of the stage and befriend the top factions in Diverse City.

Traveling Dragon Palace was the one that should be developing in Diverse City.

Traveling Dragon Palace was a top faction and was familiar with the other top factions in Diverse City.

After leaving Diverse City this time, Lin Yuan would probably have fewer chances to revisit Diverse City.

Diverse City was too far from North of the Lonely River. Even if it was winter, it would take a long time to travel. Lin Yuan did not want to spend too much time on the road.

Seeing that Lin Yuan had no intention of getting to know the other factions in Diverse City, not only did Zhao Chen not feel regretful, but he was also very happy.

If Lin Yuan did not interact with the other top factions in the city, he would come to him first if anything happened in the future.

After treating Lin Yuan to the most luxurious banquet, Zhao Chen said softly, "Brother Lin, although my family has a Grade 5 Creator, I didn't have the chance to use the Grade 5 Creator resources.

"I'm a spirit contractor and several of my contracted feys are stuck at the breakthrough point. I need Grade 5 Creator resources to advance. You have a Cla.s.s 5 Creator with you. Can you ask him to help me customize a batch of potions according to my feys' actual situations?

"I've acc.u.mulated a lot of resources over the years. I should be able to pay you. I'm willing to pay a premium of 1.5 times. You can choose any resources in my treasure vault!"

At this point, Zhao Chen's tone was basically pleading.

Zhao Chen looked overbearing on the outside. But in fact, Zhao Chen was not overbearing. Zhao Chen's overbearingness was only the appearance he displayed in front of those who were inferior to him. In fact, Zhao Chen was flexible.

Ever since he found out about Lin Yuan's means, he had never put on airs around Lin Yuan. Instead, he had always kept a low profile.

Zhao Chen's att.i.tude was so humble that even Sun Youcai felt inferior.

Lin Yuan was very interested in the resources that Zhao Chen had acc.u.mulated over the years. Even if Zhao Chen did not make this request, Lin Yuan would most likely ask Zhao Chen if he was interested in trading spiritual ingredients for Creator resources.

Lin Yuan said casually, "The Grade 5 Creator beside me is good at refining pills with strange flames. Moreover, he has just become a Grade 5 Creator, so his ability is limited."

Zhao Chen subconsciously thought that Lin Yuan was going to reject him.

 "Before I leave Diverse City, I'll send a rather experienced intermediate Grade 5 Creator over to your residence to help you evolve your feys. If you need anything, you can just tell him."

Lin Yuan did not intend to publicize his relations.h.i.+p with Sun Yin. Ever since Sun Yin came into contact with the Dragon Plum Family and moved into Traveling Dragon Palace, he was already standing on the surface.

Lin Yuan and Sun Yin had not entered Diverse City together, so no one knew about their relations.h.i.+p.

However, if Lin Yuan allowed Sun Yin to come to the City Lord Manor, his relations.h.i.+p with Sun Yin would be exposed.

Sky City had many Grade 5 Creators, so it was easy for Lin Yuan to a.s.sign a Grade 5 Creator to a mission.

Zhao Chen looked at Lin Yuan in shock. Even his father had to plead with Grade 5 Creators to work for him!

Zhao Chen had grown up watching those Grade 5 Creators grow up in an advanced manner. How did an intermediate Grade 5 Creator become a tool that Lin Yuan could use at will?

At that moment, Zhao Chen felt that his worldview had been overturned.

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