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Chapter 3070  Vine Bloodline Metamorphosis!

When it was young, s.h.i.+ny was mischievous and playful. Back then, the Spirit Lock spatial zone was still small. All the lifeforms in the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the Golden Lotus Brocade Pearls included, were pranked by s.h.i.+ny. This made Chimey hate s.h.i.+ny. It did not like to play with it at all.

Now that s.h.i.+ny had grown up, it no longer had the temperament it had when he was young. This made Chimey enjoy increasing its strength with s.h.i.+ny.

Lin Yuan did not keep s.h.i.+ny in suspense and took out the brocade box containing the Five-Colored Ripping Wind.

Before Lin Yuan could open the brocade box, s.h.i.+ny sensed the pure wind elements' aura inside. s.h.i.+ny could not help but swoop down excitedly on Lin Yuan's head and dance around in a circle.

s.h.i.+ny could directly sense the benefits of the Five-Colored Ripping Wind in the brocade box. It could even use this opportunity to reach the Holy Spirit level.

There were some problems with the evolution of s.h.i.+ny's divine kingdom. The main reason for this was that s.h.i.+ny's divine kingdom did not have a holy spirit.

Once s.h.i.+ny'ss divine kingdom had a holy spirit, the situation would be completely different!

With the holy spirit's support, s.h.i.+ny's divine kingdom's evolution speed would definitely increase greatly from its original foundation.

Furthermore, s.h.i.+ny who had absorbed the Sacred Golden Wind could easily absorb the Five-Colored Ripping Wind which was also an utmost pure wind element.

With s.h.i.+ny mastering two utmost pure wind elements, the evolution and breeding speed of the divine kingdom's lifeforms would increase.

Lin Yuan opened the brocade box so s.h.i.+ny could eat the crystallized Five-Colored Ripping Wind.

s.h.i.+ny needed a certain amount of time to absorb the Five-Colored Ripping Wind. It would not take too long for it to fuse with an utmost pure wind element.

Even though s.h.i.+ny had already grasped an extremely pure wind element, it was still rather difficult for it to absorb the Five-Colored Ripping Wind. s.h.i.+ny needed to use the Sacred Golden Wind to fuse the Five-Colored Ripping Wind with itself.

While s.h.i.+ny was absorbing the Five-Colored Ripping Wind, Lin Yuan summoned Green Vine.

Compared to its original body, Green Vine preferred to appear beside Lin Yuan in human form.

The Vine Wood True Source that Lin Yuan had traded with Zhao Chen was not only suitable for Green Vine but also for Red Thorn.

However, compared to this kind of wood-type treasure, Red Thorn paid more attention to improving its fairy bloodline.

Green Vine had always been the strongest among Lin Yuan's feys.

However, as increasing one's strength at the Divine Kingdom level required faith power, the speed at which Green Vine increased its strength had slowed down. Until now, Green Vine was still a step away from the Holy Spirit level. This made it a little depressed.

Before stepping into the Divine Kingdom level, Green Vine was a fey that purely fought for a living. After reaching the Divine Kingdom level, it obtained a divine kingdom ability called Bloodline Abundant Harvest.

The power of the divine kingdom's bloodline made Green Vine an expert at extracting bloodlines. As long as the corpse of any lifeform was placed in Green Vine's divine kingdom, Green Vine could refine the power of the bloodline by providing it with faith power.

The strength of the bloodline power was also related to the faith power provided by Green Vine.

The transformation of Green Vine from a pure combat-type fey to a functional-type fey was a good thing for Lin Yuan.

After providing Green Vine with the Vine Wood True Source, it was a sure bet that Green Vine would enter the Holy Spirit level.

Compared to Green Vine improving its combat abilities, Lin Yuan hoped that Green Vine could strengthen its functional abilities.

The higher the level he reached, the more Lin Yuan felt that functional abilities were more important than combat abilities.

Of course, a large part of the reason Lin Yuan felt this way was that he had Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter by his side, so he did not have to worry about his own safety.

If Lin Yuan could not even guarantee his own safety, he would definitely not think that way!

Green Vine bowed to Lin Yuan.

"Yuan, it's been a long time. I realized that even with the large amount of resources you provided for me, the evolution speed of my divine kingdom still can't increase. The level of the divine kingdom is still miniature and the degree of evolution is less than 2%!"

As it spoke, Green Vine looked at s.h.i.+ny in admiration. At the Divine Kingdom level, Green Vine found it difficult to move.

Lin Yuan could sense Green Vine's distress and said seriously, "You've just reached the divine kingdom not long ago. Which lifeform in the Sky Beyond the Clouds doesn't need a long time to evolve from the Divine Kingdom to the Holy Spirit level? You really don't have to belittle yourself! As long as you continue to work hard to improve like you're doing now, you will definitely be ahead of the others!

"Moreover, your bloodline is outstanding to begin with. Every vine can absorb something to strengthen itself. Season Cycle gave you the bloodline of a higher faerie After absorbing Season Cycle's bloodline, even if you haven't reached the Holy Spirit level, you're still able to roll grades to fight."

Lin Yuan could sense Green Vine's lack of confidence. What he needed to do now was to give it confidence.

Lin Yuan took out the Vine Tree True Source and said, "When you absorb it later, your bloodline should improve according to your current foundation. At that time, the evolution of your divine kingdom will definitely accelerate correspondingly. If you encounter suitable resources in the future, I'll provide them to you!"

Lin Yuan did not have much contact with Bizarre Plant Demon Hall. But because of Traveling Dragon Palace, Lin Yuan and Bizarre Plant Demon Hall were destined to become mortal enemies!

Lin Yuan did not need to deal with Bizarre Plant Demon Hall personally. Traveling Dragon Palace would most likely be able to deal with them on their own.

Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, a faction formed by plants, definitely had spiritual ingredients that could improve Green Vine and the Jasmine Lily.

Even if they did not, the corpses of Bizarre Plant Demon Hall's experts would be quite beneficial to Green Vine.

After clearing Bizarre Plant Demon Hall, Lin Yuan would use the resources he obtained to strengthen his feys and increase his strength.

The development of the faith country was already on the right track. Every second, the faith country produced a large amount of faith power that would be stored by the Realm Abyss Red Lotus.

Through this faith power, Lin Yuan could raise the strength of all the core members of the faith country to pinnacle Holy Spirit level.

If one wanted to take another step forward after reaching pinnacle Holy Spirit level, it was not something that could be achieved with just the acc.u.mulation of resources. It also depended on opportunities.

When Green Vine saw the Vine Tree True Source in Lin Yuan's hand, it happily took it and began to absorb it.

When absorbing the Vine Wood True Source, Green Vine transformed into its original form. Green Vine in its true form was huge and strange. The eight vines contained special auras. These eight auras were shocking and each of them surpa.s.sed the level of Green Vine.

It was not easy to find items for Green Vine in the main world but it was undoubtedly much easier to find items for Green Vine in the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

After continuous changes, Lin Yuan finally confirmed the existence of the eight items that were most compatible with each other. This allowed Green Vines to develop in all aspects without any obvious shortcomings.

The Vine Wood True Source was extremely suitable for plant-type feys. It was not difficult for Green Vine to absorb the Vine Wood True Source.

After Green Vine changed into its original form, its aura began to break through continuously.

The eight vines of Green Vine became visibly thicker.

To Lin Yuan's surprise, four new vines emerged from the main trunk of Green Vine.

Green Vine had four more vines and could absorb four more advanced items through these four vines, which was equivalent to multiplying the strength of the original Green Vine.

This was the effect of the Vine Wood True Source improving Green Vine's bloodline.

The moment Green Vine reached the Holy Spirit level and condensed a holy spirit, its size tripled. A fierce and wild aura surged over.

Lin Yuan used True Data to investigate the Holy Spirit Green Vine.

[Fey Name]: Perfect Touch Wisteria

[Fey Species]: Strong armor wisteria species/long wisteria species

[Fey Grade]: World Emperor (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Holy Spirit

[Divine Kingdom Grade]: Miniature


[Forbidden Growth]: After contracting any lifeform, it can break the limit that comes with the contract. As long as it has sufficient energy, it will be able to continuously increase its power. When it has absorbed the maximum amount of energy, it will be able to comprehend a required Willpower Rune.

[Peak St.u.r.diness]: A large amount of the absorbed energy can be used up to increase the durability of the vines. When injured, the energy can also be used to repair the vines.

[Long Vine Application]: Choose two vines that will be applied to one vine. The vine with the two vines applied on it will be able to gain the two vines' abilities.

[Paralysizing Vine Sap]: When damage is sustained, the vine sap with paralyzing effects can be sprayed out from the wound.

[Brutally Pus.h.i.+ng Out of Soil]: When faced with the opponent's defenses, the seeds' sprouting strength can be activated to help to break past the opponent's defenses.

[Root's Parasitic Restraints]: Pick a target and the target's body will become soil where roots will grow. The roots will absorb the target's vitality to cause harm to the target.

[Splitting Illusionary Spikes]: When the illusionary spikes pierce a target's body, the illusionary spikes will turn into a seed that will germinate in the target's body and produce even more illusionary spikes.

[Avoidance Wedge]: Every time the Perfect Touch Wisteria is injured, a wedge will grow over its surface. Every three layers will turn into a sharp spike that will be able to increase the vines' effects while boosting them.

[Combined Vines Defense]: Pick a target to apply to and help it to defend against external attacks. The Perfect Touch Wisteria's own vitality will be sacrificed to protect the target it is applied to.

[Climbing Vine Armor Transformation]: Its body will transform into an armor and its body will be linked to the target's energy source. In its armor state, its bloodline will be boosted and the effects will show after the armor state is removed.

Exclusive Skill:`

[Swallow Same Source]: Every vine will have the same grade and quality but they can be separated to act as individual ent.i.ties. Every vine can consume something and take control of its attributes. The swallowed ent.i.ty cannot be spat out but it can be replaced by an even higher level item. (Once it gains attributes, the vine cannot be separated again.)

[Broken Vine Replacement]: When a vine is destroyed during combat, another vine can be picked to take on the damage instead to save the first vine.

[Energy Gather Illusionary Thorn]: The energy within the vines can be gathered at a certain spot. An illusionary thorn comprised of energy will sprout from this spot. The illusionary thorn will be undetectable.

[Tactile Vine Wood World]: All of the wood-type energy and vitality stored within the vines will be released. The wood-type energy and vitality will transform into a large number of vines. The vines will intertwine and form a world of vines. The main body will fuse with this world to attack targets. Before the wooden world is broken, all the damage sustained by the main body will be reduced and shouldered by the wooden world.

[Entire Body Medium]: Sacrifice the item that the vine had absorbed and release the source of the item through a medium. The released source will not have any knowledge but will possess all of its original power. (Compare the proportion of energy that the source comprises of within the item to determine how long the released source will be able to remain outside.)

[Vine Tempering Garrotte]: Use the long vines to garrotte other lifeforms. If the target's bloodline is more elite than that of the Perfect Touch Wisteria, it can absorb the target's bloodline to strengthen its own bloodline. This will also strengthen every vine that has absorbed an ent.i.ty through Swallow Same Source.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Bloodline Abundant Harvest]: When the divine tree growing in the divine kingdom consumes a corpse and its bloodline, fruits bearing the bloodline power will grow on the tree. The concentration of bloodline power in the fruit will be linked to the faith power supplied to the tree by the divine tree. The more faith power is supplied, the stronger the concentration of bloodline power in the fruits.

[Vine Bloodline Metamorphosis]: Separate a portion of its vines and plant them in the divine kingdom. Implant the condensed bloodline fruits into the separated vines. The vines will undergo specialization according to the absorbed bloodline and become a special lifeform that wanders in the divine kingdom. (Although lifeforms that do not grow from the divine kingdom will not be rejected by the divine kingdom and affect the natural evolution of the divine kingdom, their bodies will turn back into nutrients to nourish the divine kingdom after they die.)

The divine kingdom ability that Green Vine had obtained after reaching the Holy Spirit level, Vine Bloodline Metamorphosis, surprised Lin Yuan. This ability was a defensive ability against divine kingdoms.

Lin Yuan had seen many divine kingdoms and holy spirits, but this was his first time seeing such an ability!

Green Vine had always despised the slow evolution of its divine kingdom. However, with Vine Bloodline Metamorphosis, no matter how slow the evolution of Green Vine's divine kingdom was, its defense would be the strongest for a very long time!

Not only that, but the special lifeforms produced through the vines and bloodline of Green Vine would not affect the subsequent evolution of the divine kingdom.

After these special lifeforms died, they could still create value to nourish the divine kingdom.

From a certain point of view, Vine Bloodline Metamorphosis could also be considered a special functional divine kingdom ability.

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