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Chapter 1683: A Rematch With Lan Xihe

Lan Xihe answered truthfully, “Emperor Chong Guan left a seed behind for the successor of Chong Huang Hall.”

Lu Zhou nodded.

Lan Xihe was not only powerful because of the Great Void Seed, but she was talented as well.

“With your talent and the Great Void Seed, why did you only become a supreme being now?” Lu Zhou felt it was strange.

Lan Xihe smiled. “Indeed, I could’ve become a supreme being a long time ago. However, I spent a lot of time correcting a mistake I made in my cultivation. Back then, my projection in the White Tower Council made such a mistake as well…” Then, she sighed before she continued to say, “It’s probably fate. Humans are bound to make the same mistakes.”

Lu Zhou asked, “Have you entered the Pillar of Destruction?”

Lan Xihe shook her head and replied, “No. It’s not the right time yet. To enter the core to comprehend the Great Dao, one’s cultivation has to be very stable.”

Lu Zhou nodded before he asked again, “There are 12 famous Dao Saints in the Great Void. Why did you choose Zhu Honggong to become the Commander of Xihe Hall?”

Lan Xihe said, “Apart from him, I have no other choice. The other disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion are already attached to the other halls, and the 12 Dao Saints are far inferior to the disciples of the Evil Sky Pavilion. I have to think about the future, not just the present.”

These words sounded like flattery.


Lu Zhou said, “That wicked disciple of mine looks cowardly, but he’s in fact much more profound than what he shows. With him as the Commander of Xihe Hall, you can rest a.s.sured.”

Lan Xihe replied with a smile, “Of course, I can rest a.s.sured since it’s Pavilion Master Lu’s disciple.”

“Then, I can also rest a.s.sured to leave him in Xihe Hall.”

“He will have a chance to enter the core of the pillar to comprehend the Great Dao.”

“That’s good,” Lu Zhou said with a nod. Then, he changed the topic and asked, “Is the Sacred Temple recruiting all the owners of the Great Void Seeds to maintain the balance?”

This was a huge question in Lu Zhou’s heart.

Lan Xihe replied, “It seems so. However, the ten halls can hardly guess what’s going on in Great Emperor Ming Xin’s mind. Now that two pillars have collapsed, the temple is probably anxious.”

Clearly, Lan Xihe was also unaware of Ming Xin’s true purpose. Lu Zhou felt the matter was not so simple.

100,000 years ago, the Great Void exiled the Four Emperors of the Lost Lands. However, today, they were allowed to return and fight for the positions of commander of the ten halls. It did not make sense to Lu Zhou at all.

At this time, Lan Xihe said, “There’s another reason why I invited Pavilion Master Lu to Xihe Hall.”

“What is it?”

“Back then, my projection became the Tower Master of the White Tower Council. When I fought you back then, I lost after receiving only two out of three moves from you. I still can’t forget it until now,” Lan Xihe said. Her voice was as calm as water when she spoke, but her eyes burned with fighting spirit.

‘Why is this woman so compet.i.tive?’ Lu Zhou thought to himself with a slight frown as he said, “Victories and defeats are common occurrences in war. If you’re too obsessed with victories and defeats, it’ll be disadvantageous to you when you comprehend the Great Dao in the future.”

“It’s precisely because I’m obsessed that I have to resolve the knot in my heart. This matter has always weighed heavily on me, making me feel suffocated,” Lan Xihe said.

‘She’s not just compet.i.tive, but she’s obsessive as well!’

Lu Zhou rose to his feet and stared at Lan Xihe unblinkingly as he asked, “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure.”

“As you wish.”

Lu Zhou flashed and appeared outside the main hall. He hovered at a low alt.i.tude and looked around.

The female attendants in the surroundings raised their heads and looked at the sky. They were all curious even if they did not know what was happening.

It did not take long before Lan Xihe appeared across from Lu Zhou.

This would be their second battle.

Upon seeing Lan Xihe, the female attendants and guards were surprised.

Then, a female attendant hurriedly said, “Go and look for Mr. Ouyang. It seems like something big is about to happen.”


The others quickly retreated a safe distance away.

The two opponents looked at each for a long time before Lan Xihe said, “Please make your move. Let’s determine who’s stronger with one move.”

The last time Lu Zhou fought Lan Xihe in the White Tower, he had relied on his item card. This time, he had enough power on his own to defeat her.


A white lotus bloomed under Lan Xihe’s feet. Then, her weapon, the Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel spun around her.

Lu Zhou finally understood how powerful her weapon was at this time.

The Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel resembled the light disks. Although Lan Xihe had just become a supreme being, with the weapon, it was as though she had gained another two light disks. In other words, she could unleash greater power with her weapon.

As Lan Xihe’s weapon spun, the sky above Xihe Hall seemed to tremble.

Cultivators walked out one after another to look at the sky.

Meanwhile, Lu Zhou still did not move.

Lan Xihe, on the other hand, was already preparing to attack. The best defense was to attack.

Lu Zhou watched quietly as the Lan Xihe’s weapon rose to the sky. Since he had just become a supreme being through the four power cores, he wanted to understand the light disk more.

While Lu Zhou was still observing the Sun, Moon, and Star Light Wheel, Lan Xihe flashed and appeared above him. Then, she pushed her hand out before the Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel separated and stacked up on top of each other. Then, they formed a concentric circle before they flew out along with her astrolabe.

Lan Xihe did not underestimate Lu Zhou when she saw that he was not moving. When she recalled the scene in the Cloud Domain, she was not certain she could defeat him.

When Lan Xihe appeared near Lu Zhou, a halo appeared around Lu Zhou, illuminating the sky.

“Daoist robe?” Lan Xihe saw that Lu Zhou’s divine mark robe had dispelled more than half of the power of the law in her three wheels. The three wheels were not struggling against the robe. She suppressed the surprise in her heart before she pressed the three wheels and the astrolabe down.

“Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel!” Lan Xihe cried out.

The wheels like light disks were far stronger than just vitality energy. They contained the power of the Great Dao.

As soon as Lan Xihe’s words fell, the wheels flashed even brighter than before they released an even more powerful energy. With that, they regained much of the power of the law.

Lu Zhou’s divine mark robe continued to flutter in the wind.


Just like gla.s.s, the s.p.a.ce in front of them began to crack.

The divine mark robe protected Lu Zhou against the surging power outside.

At this time, the wheels merged and returned to Lan Xihe’s hand. It was like the sun, and its power swept out toward Lu Zhou, tearing through s.p.a.ce.

Lu Zhou raised his hand, and Unnamed in the form of a s.h.i.+eld, flas.h.i.+ng with faint blue arcs, flashed on it.


Xihe Hall shook along with the world.

Some of the female attendants who were watching the battle from afar fell to the ground. There were also those who turned pale, blown away by the shockwave.

The barrier around Xihe Hall began to flash as it dimmed, looking as though it was going to disappear.

The others could not help but worry upon seeing this.

Meanwhile, surprise flashed in Lan Xihe’s eyes.

The power from the three wheels was blocked by Unnamed.

Lan Xihe did not expect Lu Zhou not to attack at all and only defended. She also did not expect Lu Zhou to be so powerful. With Unnamed and the divine mark robe, the power from the wheel could not touch Lu Zhou at all. It parted when it was about to reach him. She had already gone all out, but she could not even make him move. Although she had mentally prepared herself for this result, she still could not get rid of the stubbornness in her heart.

The white lotus bloomed again.


Following that, white lotuses flew out, covering the sky within 100 miles of Xihe Hall.

The intense white light burned everyone’s eyes, causing them to close their eyes.


At this time, a powerful energy pushed Lu Zhou and Unnamed back for about 300 feet. Following that, leaves after leaves appeared around the s.h.i.+eld.

One, two, three… eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen!

“Fourteen leaves?!”

The tips of the leaves flashed with a faint blue light. Following that, an even more terrifying power swept out.

Lu Zhou used up all the divine Dao power in his blue avatar as he pushed forward.


Lu Zhou’s voice was thunderous, and the soundwave it generated made people dizzy.

The three wheels were instantly defeated, and the Star Wheel even fell from the sky.


All Lan Xihe could do was defend against the s.p.a.ce-crus.h.i.+ng power. However, she was distracted since she had to protect the wheels as well. As expected, she was sent flying.

The powerful force shattered the s.p.a.ce and the buildings in the surroundings like gla.s.s. The rubble and debris from the destroyed buildings were pulled into the cracks between the s.p.a.ce and disappeared completely. The speed at which the s.p.a.ce mended itself slowed down for a moment as well. After a few seconds, its speed finally returned to normal. In just a moment, the s.p.a.ce returned to normal again.

However, Lan Xihe had yet to regain her footing. The Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel kept spinning, shattering the s.p.a.ce. When she finally regained her footing, she let out a m.u.f.fled groan and clutched her chest. She waved her other hand and said, “Withdraw.”

With that, the Sun, Moon, and Star Wheel disappeared.

Lan Xihe watched quietly as the s.p.a.ce returned to normal.

The battle was over. With just one move, the winner had been determined.

Lu Zhou still held onto Unnamed. Its power was still there, surprising everyone. When silence returned, he finally put his hand down, and Unnamed disappeared. He stood with his hands on his back as he looked at the pale Lan Xihe.

Surprise and admiration could be seen in Lan Xihe’s eyes when she looked at Lu Zhou. After a long time, he finally said, “I’ve lost.”

Lu Zhou said, “I’ve said it before. You’re too obsessed with victories and defeats. It’ll be difficult for you to comprehend the Great Dao.”

Lan Xihe sighed softly.

Lu Zhou continued to say, “You still have a long way to go, but it’s not impossible for you to become a divine emperor in the future.”


The female attendants felt strange when they heard these words. In their opinion, there was only one person in the Great Void who was qualified to say such words, and it was none other than Ming Xin, the Temple Master of the Sacred Temple.


A figure flew away from afar. However, before he arrived, his voice rang in the air.

“Holy Maiden, you mustn’t! You mustn’t!”

“Mr. Ouyang?” Lan Xihe looked over. She turned and saw Ouyang Ziyun flying over with an anxious expression on his face.

As soon as Ouyang Ziyun arrived, he quickly bowed to Lu Zhou and said, “Pavilion Master Lu, I admit defeat on behalf of the Holy Maiden.”

“Admit defeat?” Lu Zhou looked at Ouyang Ziyun. After thinking for a long time, he finally realized he had met Ouyang Ziyun before. He said, “I remember you. I met you that year in the Qin clan’s southern training hall in the green lotus domain, right?”

Ouyang Ziyun revealed a puzzled expression and asked, “Did we? Senior, you must have mistaken me for someone else.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it. I won’t force you,” Lu Zhou said expressionlessly.

“Pavilion Master Lu, you must be joking,” Ouyang Ziyun said as he shook his head and smiled, “By the way, we’ve all seen Pavilion Master Lu’s strength in the Cloud Domain. How can the Holy Maiden be a match for you?”


Lan Xihe looked at Ouyang Ziyun and said, “Mr. Ouyang, you came too late.”

“Too late?”

“I’ve already lost the battle,” Lan Xihe said.


Ouyang Ziyun looked around and finally noticed a few decimated buildings. However, there were no rubble and debris on the ground as though they had disappeared into thin air. He looked at Lu Zhou in surprise and asked, “You’ve recovered your strength?”

“Recovered my strength?” Lu Zhou naturally noticed the strangeness of Ouyang Ziyun’s words.

Ouyang Ziyun realized he had misspoken and hurriedly said, “Sorry, I meant to say Pavilion Master Lu’s strength has improved again. It’s really surprising.”

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