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Chapter 288: Yun Chujiu, Who Had Nothing Left to Live For

The elders of Spirit Radiance Sect tensed up. How did Yun Chujiu get sucked in again? Could it be that this ancient mystical realm wanted to take revenge on Yun Chujiu?

This ancient mystical realm had existed for tens of thousands of years, so it was inevitable that it would produce a weapon spirit existence. If it wanted to take revenge on Yun Chujiu, it was likely that Yun Chujiu would be doomed! Could it be that even the teleportation jade token would lose its effect?

The more the people from Spirit Radiance Sect thought about it, the more they felt that things were not looking good. Although they did not want Yun Chujiu to become some Little Ancestor Yun, Yun Chujiu has the rare heavenly Thunder Root Spirit. Was she going to die just like that?

Although the people from the Heavenly Gates Sect were also a little surprised, this matter had nothing to do with them. They just treated it as a pastime and put it aside after a short discussion!

Elder Zhang's eyes revealed a trace of viciousness. ‘Yun Chujiu, you better pray that you don't run into people from the Heaven Gates Sect, or else your life will be taken! How dare you humiliate my grandson? How audacious!'

The grandson of Elder Zhang was Zhang Xiong, who was forced by Yun Chujiu to write a confession at Middle Peak's cafeteria previously. After Zhang Xiong went back, he told Elder Zhang everything that happened!

When Elder Zhang came, he had already given an order to the people of Heavenly Gates Sect. After entering the mystic realm, if they encountered Yun Chujiu, she should be killed without mercy! As for the other members of Spirit Radiance Sect, they would s.n.a.t.c.h the pills and demonic beast cores that they had gathered. If the opportunity was right, they could kill them! The prerequisite was that they could not be seen by others!

“Achoo! achoo! Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d is scolding me?!” Yun Chujiu, who's face was full of despair, sneezed twice!

Why did she have nothing to live for?

Yun Chujiu felt that the place where she was teleported to was too much of a pain in the *ss!

The place where Yun Chujiu was teleported to was a desert that stretched as far as the eye could see! Although it was not noon yet, the sunlight was scorching and it felt like fire burning on her face!

The place where Yun Chujiu fell should not be far from a water source because there were several huge cacti growing there, and Yun Chujiu was directly teleported into the flower heart of a huge cactus!

It was not that Yun Chujiu had not considered jumping off it. Although the distance from the ground was very high, the ground was covered with sand—it would not hurt her if she fell. Sadly, there were more than a thousand desert scorpions lying densely on the ground!

These desert scorpions were Tier 3 demonic beasts. Each of them was more than three feet long. Their entire bodies were black, and their two pincers emitted a cold light. The stingers on their tails were even more terrifying!

Yun Chujiu felt her scalp go numb. If she were to jump down, she would be killed at any moment!

d.a.m.n it! It was forbidden to fly there. Otherwise, she would be able to fly away on the chopping board! She was really worried to death!

Crack! Rip!

Yun Chujiu sadly realized that because she sneezed twice, the stalk of the flower she was on was about to break!

On the ground, the poisonous stingers on the tail of the desert scorpions stood up high and glared at Yun Chujiu! They were just waiting for Yun Chujiu to fall before they got to enjoy a delicious meal!

The desert was already extremely hot to begin with, and Yun Chujiu was sweating profusely. What should she do? What should she do? Should she crush the jade token? The ‘Little Ancestor Yun' t.i.tle was not more important than her life!

Crack! Crack!

There was only a sliver of connection on the flower stalk left. The scorpions on the ground began to stir. They began to fight for the more advantageous position, preparing to s.n.a.t.c.h the fat meat in their mouths!

Yun Chujiu gritted her teeth. ‘Forget it, I'm not going to do it anymore! It's more important to survive!'

Yun Chujiu used force and crushed the jade token!

Then… There was no ‘then'!

There was no f*cking reaction at all!!

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