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Chapter 5667: Chapter 5667 was dug out

Translator: 549690339

The students were depressed, and so were the lecturers, especially director


He felt that this experiential learning was not going well at all!

First, he lost three students while crossing the river, and then he lost another student while collecting the lightning strike stones. The most unfortunate thing was that the two lightning strike stones in succession were produced from very few places.

Generally speaking, the production of lightning strike stones was directly proportional to the number of lightning mushroom. Clearly, the number of lightning mushroom in these two places was not small, so why was the number of lightning strike stones so small?

Was It really just bad luck?

Instead of ordering everyone to leave immediately, director Xiaofu took a few lecturers and carefully observed the waste stones on the ground.

Hei Xinjiu’s expression was the same as the others, but her heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t see anything wrong, could she?

One of the lecturers held a piece of waste stone and said, “Director Xiaofu, there is still some residual temperature on this piece of waste stone. It is obvious that the power of thunder and lightning inside has just been absorbed. ”

A lecturer beside him echoed, “That’s right. The same goes for this piece of rock in my hand. Could it be that there are still some lightning-eating mushrooms that haven’t been drawn out?”

Director Hao of the middle school shook his head, “Even if there aren’t any lightning-eating mushrooms that have been drawn out, it’s impossible for them to absorb so many lightning-striking rocks in such a short period of time. There must be something else going on here. ”

Director Xiaofu frowned. “Dig it up and we’ll know what’s up.”

As he spoke, he released a giant wolf of spirit energy. The four legs of this giant wolf had already materialized.

The students cried out in surprise. Even the upper academy senior students inside could only materialize three claws of the Spirit Energy Beast. As for Min Die and the others, they could only materialize half a claw pitifully.

Under the command of director Xiaofu, the huge spiritual wolf waved its four huge claws, causing dust to fly into the air. Soon, a few deep pits were dug out.

Director Xiaofu and the others examined it carefully. Although they found some tiny gaps left by the mycelium, they thought that it was left by the thunder-devouring mushroom and did not suspect anything.

Even so, Hei Xinjiu was frightened and decided to hold back for now. There was no hurry.

Therefore, the next day, when she found a new lightning stone, Hei Xinjiu did not let Xiao Mogu make a move. She looked at the crowd with a pained expression.

Especially when she saw that the lightning power hidden underground had been activated and wasted, her heart ached even more!

Although this guy looked happy for the crowd, his heart was bleeding. This was originally hers!

This fellow was unwilling and attacked again the next day.

This time, this fellow had learned his lesson. He only allowed Xiao Mogu to absorb the lightning energy hidden underground by the Thunder Devouring Mushroom and did not touch those lightning stones.

Although doing this would reduce the lightning energy absorbed, it was still better than nothing!

As expected, this time, it did not attract the suspicion of everyone. Hei Xinjiu could not help but heave a sigh of relief. A mosquito’s leg was also meat. One should be content with what one has!

In the blink of an eye, another three days had pa.s.sed. The students were

already familiar with it. The shadow of the death of their companions had also been washed away by joy.

They felt that this thunder valley was nothing much, so there was no need to worry too much.

The students of the upper house and the middle house were increasingly dissatisfied with the people of the lower house. They looked at the people of the lower house with eyes full of disdain.

They felt that although the lower house had more people to contribute in killing the thunder-eating mushroom, the number of kills was about the same as theirs.. However, due to the large number of people in the lower house, they had a huge advantage when they picked up the thunder-eating stone, this was really too unfair!

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