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Chapter 1982 - 1982 Just To Meet You

1982 Just To Meet You

Ning Nuo thought of what they had done and was unwilling to see them. Hence, although Lin Yu invited them up, he ignored them.

Mr. and Mrs. Ning drank cup after cup of coffee. In the blink of an eye, it was almost time to get off work.

The two of them had already asked Sister Ai many times, but all they received was the same polite answer. “President Lin is still in a meeting. Please wait patiently for a while. Have some fruits.”

His beloved sister’s att.i.tude was very good, and it was inappropriate for Mr. Ning to get angry.

Sister Ai was smiling on the surface, but she despised them in her heart. To be able to protect a daughter like Ning Luyao and target Ning Nuo, how could they be considered good people?


Such people should be properly taught a lesson. She simply applauded Ning Nuo and Lin Yu for doing this!

Such people could not be spoiled. The more they were spoiled, the more they would push their luck.

Finally, it was almost six o’clock. Seeing that almost everyone in the company had gotten off work and left, Mr. Ning finally couldn’t hold back his anger. “What’s going on in your company? Does President Lin want to see me or not? Give me an explanation! Isn’t this an insult?”

Sister Ai smiled and said, “Calm down. I’ll ask President Lin if his meeting is over.”

Mr. Ning said, “Hurry up. I’m a busy man!”

Sister Ai thought to herself, ‘If you knew you’d receive this kind of treatment, why’d you do those things back then?’

A moment later, Sister Ai returned and said, “This way, please.”

“That’s more like it!” Mr. Ning said.

Mrs. Ning tugged at his sleeve, indicating for him to soften his att.i.tude in front of Lin Yu. She didn’t want him to be too tough. Otherwise, things would get out of hand.

Mr. Ning naturally understood. He didn’t need her reminder and followed Sister Ai into Lin Yu’s office.

Lin Yu was not as enthusiastic as he had imagined. He even looked at them indifferently, not showing the slightest respect to his parents-in-law.

The last time Lin Yu saw Mr. Ning slap Ning Nuo, Lin Yu had already blacklisted him and wouldn’t forgive him.

He would never forgive the couple for helping the evildoer and disregarding Ning Nuo since they were young.

Mr. Ning was a little unhappy with his att.i.tude, but since he had a favor to ask, he couldn’t just let the atmosphere freeze.

Lin Yu said calmly, “Why are you looking for me?”

Mr. Ning swallowed his anger. “President Lin, our daughter, Ning Nuo, was raised by us. We’ve spent a lot of effort on her all these years.”

“So?” Lin Yu’s voice was even colder.

Did they know that Ning Nuo had always relied on herself to earn money for her living expenses when she was studying abroad?

The tuition fees were completely funded by scholars.h.i.+ps and Old Madam Ning.

How dare they say that?

“Now that you’re with Ning Nuo, you can be considered half a son to me. I don’t have much to say about your matter. I just hope that you’ll treat Ning Nuo well. As for the rest, I’m her father, after all. The company’s development is facing some problems right now. Yao Yao’s boyfriend has already invested some funds in the company. I hope that you can be like them and take into consideration how difficult it has been for me as a father.”

When Mr. Ning said this, Sister Ai, who came over with coffee, couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

When he was suppressing Ning Nuo, why didn’t he remember that he was her father?

Lin Yu said calmly, “I’m sorry, but the industry you’re in is completely different from mine. I’m indeed powerless.”

Mr. Ning actually wanted money, but he also wanted his dignity. He couldn’t say it so bluntly.

Lin Yu simply pretended not to understand and played along.

He had a new understanding of them in his heart. How could such people be worthy of being Nuo Nuo’s parents?

Mr. Ning’s heart tightened at his words.

He didn’t believe that Lin Yu didn’t understand. He must be doing it on purpose!

Madam Ning said, “It’s indeed our fault for what happened to Nuo Nuo last time. We shouldn’t have helped Yao Yao like that. However, we were also muddle-headed for a moment. After all, we thought that the child was innocent. Don’t involve the children in the adults’ matters. Lin Yu, we still think highly of you and Ning Nuo. This time, we want you to help your father-in-law with his business. No matter what method you use, it doesn’t matter as long as you can help us out. After all, if the Ning family does better, Ning Nuo can be better too. The two of you will benefit from it too.”

Madam Ning’s att.i.tude was better than Mr. Ning’s, and she was also more eloquent than him. If Lin Yu didn’t know how she had been treating Ning Nuo, he would’ve thought that she was a good mother.

Unfortunately, Lin Yu wouldn’t fall for it.

He said calmly, “It turns out that… the two of you are so concerned about Ning Nuo. Coincidentally, Nuo Nuo has encountered a lot of problems recently. My company has also encountered some financial problems. Why don’t the two of you help us tide through the difficulties first and then we’ll repay you? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone to work together?”

Madam Ning was dumbfounded.

Mr. Ning was furious at his repeated evasions. “Lin Yu, as my son-in-law, it’s fine if you don’t help, but you’re still making excuses to stop us. What are your intentions? Don’t you have any filial piety?”

“Didn’t you say that we should help make things better for Nuo Nuo? We need your help now. If you’re unwilling, there’s no need to say such things.” Lin Yu’s voice was lazy, but there was a hint of grievance as if he had really suffered a lot. “If you really don’t have the ability to help us, we won’t force you. We’ll think of other ways. Of course, because we’re facing a lot of difficulties now, we can’t help you for the time being.”

Mr. and Madam Ning were speechless.

Why did they feel like they had fallen into Lin Yu’s trap?

After so many years of acting, Lin Yu should have saved up a lot of money. Moreover, Zhou Cheng doted on him so much seeing as he gave him such a big company. It was impossible for him not to have some money.

Even if he gave the Ning family the money in his pockets, it would be enough for their family to rise for a hundred generations.

However, Mr. and Madam Ning were the ones who went off-topic. They couldn’t even help their daughter and son-in-law. How could they expect them to help them?

Lin Yu continued calmly, “Sigh, the outside world thinks that I’m from a big family, but so many of my employees have to put food on the table. Who knows about my difficulties? If you don’t help me, I won’t blame you. It’s okay. Nuo Nuo and I will think of a way ourselves.”

Mr. and Madam Ning were furious. They couldn’t get the moral high ground at all as Lin Yu had taken it all!

The two of them knew that they were getting more and more frustrated as they spoke, so they could only say, “Forget it. We’ll come to see you guys again in the future. We’ll leave first today.”

After they left, Ning Nuo walked out from behind the screen. She felt ashamed to have such parents. She also felt guilty to Lin Yu for having to take time out to deal with such people.

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