Madam's Identities Shocks The Entire City Again Chapter 2232 - 2232 Reaping the Karma

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Chapter 2232 - 2232 Reaping the Karma

2232 Reaping the Karma

The Lu family was not at the top of the independent continent. However, in the past few years, because of Lu Zhi and Ji Lingfeng, not many people dared to provoke them.

Lu Yiming could not think of who he had offended. His eyes were blurry as he said, “Are you mistaken? I’ve not offended anyone…”

Jian Jin crossed her arms and looked at him in amus.e.m.e.nt. She might as well be more straightforward with him. “CEO Lu has never cared about how stupid you are, but you seem to be even more stupid than he thought. You came just because Ji Ziyin asked you to? Before coming, did she tell you that she provoked CEO Lu not long ago and pulled a series of cheap tricks, and was even warned by him?”

Lu Yiming was shocked. It was obvious from his expression that he had only just heard the news.

Ji Ziyin had never mentioned this to him!

She only sobbed and told him that she had been tricked by a newcomer from the research inst.i.tute and that the research inst.i.tute wanted to expel her.

Lu Yiming remembered that Lu Zhi knew Feng Yu and wanted to ask him for help.

He had no idea what was going on, let alone that Ji Ziyin had offended Lu Zhi!

Lu Yiming’s back was covered in cold sweat. He had already realized the seriousness of the matter.

Lu Zhi was serious this time!


Jian Jin had always exuded the image of an older sister and did not have the patience to teach him how to be a person. She only sneered and looked at him mockingly. “Looks like Ji Ziyin didn’t tell you anything.

“Young Master Lu, you should be more careful!”


Jian Jin was not stingy with stabbing him in the heart. “Originally, the Lu family had nothing to do with this matter, but you insisted on looking for trouble. Now that the Lu family is involved, think about how to answer to Old Master Lu and Madam Lu on your way back!”

After all, the Lu family had been doing well for a long time.

They really thought that only they had the final say in the independent continent. In fact, it was strength that really mattered.

People like Qiao and Boss were awesome wherever they went.

Lu Yiming’s face turned pale.

Jian Jin could not be bothered to entertain him anymore. Before leaving, she said, “I won’t send Young Master Lu off. Young Master Lu, be careful on the way back.”

Lu Yiming watched as she got into the elevator. The elevator door closed, and before he could stop her, Jian Jin had already left.

He opened his mouth, but his heart was in a mess.

Lu Yiming was extremely frustrated. As he walked out, he found Ji Ziyin’s phone number and called her.

“Who exactly is the newcomer from the research inst.i.tute you told me about?”

Qiao Nian stayed in the villa for the next few days.

Every day, she would team up with Qin Si to play games. Otherwise, she would take the time to throw the little guy a few programming books to read. Occasionally, when the little guy came with questions, she would take him to practice on her computer.

Gu San saw that she was not affected at all. She was living so carefreely!

She did not care that the outside world was about to turn upside down.

In the beginning, the Ji family was unwilling to give up on Ji Ziyin, such a good seedling. They fought with the research inst.i.tute and also thought of ways to reconcile with Nan Tianyi.

However, the effect was not very good.

Feng Yu’s att.i.tude at the research inst.i.tute was unyielding. He had no intention of changing his mind.

Nan Tianyi also insisted that the Ji family give an explanation.

The three forces were in a stalemate for a few days.

Ji Lingfeng made a tough choice in the end—he gave up on Ji Ziyin!

The Ji family spread the news and began to nurture Ji Nan and Ji Hongfeng, someone from the side branch, to give the Nan family an explanation.

However, the Ji family did not want to give up on the research inst.i.tute.

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