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Chapter 2895  Just in Time, Come and Help Me Take a Look

"Short-sighted!" Leonard gritted his teeth as he paced around the room. "I originally only needed to sacrifice a few people to settle this matter. But now I have to sacrifice my trump card in the independent continent. You're really… If the Empress still didn't have a use for you, I would have dealt with you today, even without Qiao Nian doing anything!"

Ji Ziyin was embarra.s.sed.

She was in the wrong, so she could only accept his scolding.

She waited for Leonard to finish before pursing her lips and saying, "Elder Leo, what happened has already happened. I've done something wrong and will personally apologize to you after this. But what should we do now… If she catches that person and that person rats me out, I will never be able to become the patriarch again. This will also ruin the Empress's plan."

"So you know it would ruin the Empress's plan?" Leonard wanted to strangle her.

Ji Ziyin did not say anything even after being scolded. Her att.i.tude was very respectful.

Leonard had finally seen through her little scheme. He suppressed his anger and coldly said, "Don't use the Empress to suppress me. I won't clean up your mess for you! If he rats you out, you'll be a useless chess piece. You know the consequences of a useless chess piece, so you'd better think of a solution yourself!"

Ji Ziyin did not expect this. Her heart raced.

She was about to beg him to save her when she heard the busy sound.

Leonard had hung up.

Ji Ziyin looked at her cell phone.

As expected, the other party had already ended the call.

Her lips and face were pale. Panic and uneasiness spread in her heart…

Not daring to delay, she gritted her teeth and unwillingly dialed a number.



At the same time, in an ancient castle manor in Continent M.

The man in black quickly walked to a luxurious lounge and pushed open the gorgeous and heavy door in front of him.

What greeted his eyes was a large living room in a purely medieval style. The crystal lights on the six-meter-tall roof were grand and gorgeous.

The light shone in, and the chandelier reflected a mesmerizing mystical l.u.s.ter.

Shadow stopped in front of a woman wearing a large hat, crossed his arms, and respectfully said, "Empress, I have something to report."

"You came at the right time." Nie Qingru seemed to be in a good mood today. She waved at him. "Come and help me take a look."

Shadow responded in a m.u.f.fled tone and looked at the open brocade boxes on the table. The brocade boxes were full of expensive gemstones and jewelry.

The jewelry was expensive, many of which were heirlooms that could not be found outside.

Nie Qingru picked up a ruby necklace and sized it up under the light. Then, she tilted her head and asked, "What do you think of this? Does it look good?"

Shadow did not study women's jewelry. He took a quick look and lowered his head respectfully. "Yes."

The corners of Nie Qingru's mouth curled up, and a rare smile graced her face as she put the necklace back into the box. "Since you think it looks good, I'll take this."

Shadow went forward and closed the other boxes silently.

Nie Qingru put aside the brocade box with the ruby necklace and returned to her usual cold and indifferent self. She asked him, "You just said you had something to report. What's the matter?"

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