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1819 Grim Reaper’s Shadow, Lan Haifang’s Fall, Immortal King Arena

“Chu Kuangren!”

Lan Haifang was overflowing with anger and hatred when she spotted the figure in white behind Lil Fox.

She shrieked, and the endless evil ghouls and souls gathered before throwing themselves at Chu Kuangren, attempting to drown and destroy him.

Chu Kuangren remained standing as he channeled the Immortal’s Core energy in him.

Then, sword qi swept across all directions. Following a loud blast, the sky and land cracked as the countless evil ghouls disintegrated instantly.


Lan Haifang was pushed back by the sword qi as well.

“I never thought you would become the Restricted Area Young Overlord. How surprising.” Chu Kuangren smiled.

Lan Haifang responded with a vicious grin. “Chu Kuangren, you have no idea how much I resent you. Even if it cost me my life, I will drag you to h.e.l.l with me!”

She screamed, and black flames were ignited all over her.

It was a secret technique that ignited her soul.

Although it boosted her power greatly, its side effects were terrible as well. A slight misstep would obliterate her soul.

The crowd cried out in awe.

“d.a.m.n! What did Chu Kuangren do to Lan Haifang to the point that she has to ignite her soul just to fight him?”

“She’s trying to drag him down together!”

“Oh my G.o.d!”

“Is this what people mean by when you can’t get it, you destroy it? The hatred of love?”

Someone with a more vivid imagination filled the gap with their thoughts. They believed Lan Haifang wanted to destroy Chu Kuangren because her love for him was not reciprocated.

However, Chu Kuangren was unfazed.


Lan Haifang charged toward Chu Kuangren with a vicious look on her face and unleashed all kinds of Immortal Techniques and divine abilities.

At the same time, her soul energy was used to transform into invisible blades.

Her Immortal’s Core and soul energy were activated together.

Even a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal would have to take her attacks seriously.

“It seems like you’ve grown strong over the years, but it’s not enough.”

Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign forward, and sword qi started to swirl at his fingertips.

As he raised his hand, sword qi was fired out.

All the Immortal Technique and divine abilities that Lan Haifang used were negated and mitigated by his sword qi.

“Soul Obliteration!”

Lan Haifang shouted and unleashed her invisible soul energy, attempting to drown Chu Kuangren with it.

Her attack was invisible and undetectable. It was a vicious strike and was much more terrifying than other Immortal Techniques and divine abilities.

“Hmph,” Chu Kuangren scoffed.

He then channeled his soul energy as well, and a violet bell manifested above his head. The powerful and deep bell chime echoed in the air.


The clash between two different soul energies stirred up a terrifying soul storm.

The cultivators who were not great at Soul Dao cultivation felt like their heads were going to explode from listening to the bell chime.

“Leave! We must leave!”

“d.a.m.n it! The attack on the soul is not something we can handle!”

Many sky-prides and Prodigies retreated with horror.

Nevertheless, the battle between Chu Kuangren and Lan Haifang continued.

In terms of cultivation level and Soul Realm, Chu Kuangren was stronger, and Lan Haifang was not his match at all.

“I’ve endured the pain of ten thousand evil ghouls devouring me just so that I can get my revenge, yet I’m losing now? There is no way I’ll lose! Chu Kuangren, take this!”

Lan Haifang jumped higher into the sky and ignited her soul even more.

An ominous shadow was conjured behind her.

The ghastly shadow wielded a scythe and had a black robe on. It emanated a calamitous and ominous presence.

“This is the Grim Reaper Shadow I’ve cultivated through absorbing millions of evil ghouls. It’s so powerful that it can kill a Great Perfected Arch Gilded Immortal! Chu Kuangren, I will now use it to end you here once and for all!”

The Grim Reaper Shadow disappeared all of a sudden and reappeared before Chu Kuangren.

The scythe in its hand glinted as it swung it at Chu Kuangren.

The frosty glare from the scythe gave people chills.

“Using evil ghouls against the Ghost Emperor? How foolish of you.”

Chu Kuangren raised his hand and unleashed the Ghost Emperor’s authority.

The Grim Reaper Shadow froze for a moment. Then, Chu Kuangren pointed his sword hand sign and unleashed the Immortal Destruction Sword Qi.


The Grim Reaper Shadow was obliterated.

Lan Haifang suffered the repercussion, with blood gus.h.i.+ng from her mouth. She was in disbelief. “How? How did it… No. I still have one more attack!”

Her eyes narrowed and glinted in violet.

She had activated the unique Violet Eye technique of the Violet Moon Tribe from the Soul Restricted Area. As part of the Blue Ocean Tribe, she cultivated it as well.

On top of that, her Violet Eye was much stronger than common Violet Moon Tribe cultivators as it contained the power of a million evil ghouls.

Not only could it freeze one’s soul, but it could also devour one’s mentality.

Her eyes glowed, but Chu Kuangren remained standing on the spot, unaffected by her stare.

With the Chaos Green Lotus’ protection, Lan Haifang’s trick would never be able to hurt him.

“It’s over.”

Chu Kuangren no longer wanted to continue the battle, and the Green Lotus Mark on his forehead shone.

The Light of Destruction erupted.

Lan Haifang’s body disintegrated under the light and disappeared with an excruciating shriek.

Another Restricted Area Young Overlord had fallen.

“Lil Fox, you’ve grown strong.”

Chu Kuangren turned around to Lil Fox behind him and smiled.


Lil Fox looked at him with delight. His praise meant a lot to her.

Then, Gu Linglong, Lan Yu, and the others arrived at the mountain peak.

They all looked at the Source Rejuvenating Pills and the Source Rejuvenating Supreme Pill in the center of the lake. Everyone was shocked.

“The Source Rejuvenation is really something else.”


“With the Source Rejuvenating Pill, my Arch Gilded Intent will improve!”

Lan Yu glanced at the other cultivators surrounding the lake.

She stepped out with outstanding battle intents sweeping across the field. She said indifferently, “Everyone, please leave. My master has occupied this location.”

Everyone exchanged a quick look before they shook their heads and left with regrets.

Fortunately, Lan Yu did not force them to leave the pills they had taken earlier.

After the crowd left, only Chu Kuangren and company were left.

The lake continued to produce Source Rejuvenating Pills, and it was a great Opportunity of Fortune to them all.

After a quick discussion, Chu Kuangren decided to take the Supreme Pill in the center of the lake. As for the others, they could get the other Source Rejuvenating Pills.

As days went by, the battles in the Thala.s.sic Mountains Battlefield went on fiercely.

On that particular day, dazzling light surged in the deepest part of the battlefield. An arena engraved with countless runes formed, with extraordinary Daoist Rhymes ringing around it.

When every Heavenly Champion in the Thala.s.sic Mountains Battlefield saw the arena, they then a message from the will of the Immortal World.

“That’s the Immortal King Arena!”

“The final battle shall be held at the arena. The last one standing will be the victor of the Battle of the Heavenly Champions, and he or she will be crowned as the Immortal King, becoming the Immortal World Ruler.”

“The final moment has arrived!”

The Heavenly Champions could not wait for the final battle to start.

They had cultivated and fought for many years all because of that particular moment.

They would either become the Immortal World Ruler or the cannon fodder of the future Immortal King.

Today, the answer would be revealed.

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