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Chapter 2382  Slash the Void Ruler, I Will Be Back

"Void Ruler, have a taste of my Sword Twenty-six!" Chu Kuangren shouted.

He unleashed a slash with the Human Ancestor's sword that contained the sword intent of the past and present. It became the strongest slash in history!

Countless sword intent surged and formed a ma.s.sive sword in the air, resembling the entire Sword Great Dao. It was as though Chu Kuangren wielded the Sword Great Dao itself.

The boundless Void Grand Calamity clashed with the ma.s.sive sword, releasing an unprecedented explosion that was similar to the one that started the universe.

Countless energy exploded in a single point, stirring up a scorching energy storm before collapsing rapidly like a black hole.

Daoist law and Daoist law clashed as energy clashed with another energy.

The dazzling light from the explosion, the blinding Immortal Sparks, the brilliant sword rays, and countless astonis.h.i.+ng scenes happened before everyone's eyes.

The clash was terrifying. It also contained many astonis.h.i.+ng secrets. Those with higher cognizance benefited a lot from the clash.

As two extreme forces clashed, the sword ray and Spatial Daoist law energy fell into a stalemate. The Void Ruler roared as he tried his best to resist the sword qi.

Chu Kuangren, too, grunted and increased his sword intent.

Suddenly, ancient swordsmen appeared behind him, and the ma.s.sive sword formed by countless sword intents released an even stronger sword aura.

Chu Kuangren was no longer fighting alone. He had gathered the wills of all the swordsmen from past to present.


A loud shout came from the void. It belonged to an ancient swordsman. "Slas.h.!.+"



As the shouts went on, the sword intent surged higher.

Terrifying energy waves swept the field, and the sword chime buzzed across the universe.

"Slas.h.!.+" Chu Kuangren bellowed.

His slash had reached the peak of its power.


The Spatial Daoist law energy was torn apart!

Drowned by the sword intent, the Void Ruler felt an unprecedented fear in his heart — something he did not feel even when he fought the Primal Infernal Dragon.

However, he felt it now, and it was the fear of death.

"d.a.m.n it! Am I going to die?"

The Void Ruler lost his arrogance, pride, and all sense of control. All that was left in him was anger, fear, and nervousness.

He quickly summoned spatial barriers in front of him, but none worked.

The sword ray easily broke the barriers.

The slash was beyond his ability to counter, and it hit his chest.

As endless sword qi gushed into his chest, it ripped his body apart and ground his Great Dao to pieces. The attack forced him out of the Great Dao Fusion state.

It became more difficult for him to withstand the slash after he exited the Great Dao Fusion state.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Blood mists exploded from all over his body.

While covered in blood, the Void Ruler was knocked out from the sky. His aura was greatly weakened.

The rampant sword ray drowned him, grinding him down to his last breath. It felt like he could die at any moment. Everyone's eyes were glued to the scene.

"Did he do it?"

"Did Chu Kuangren just kill the Void Ruler?"

"He's monstrous!"

"He killed even the Void Ruler! How terrifying!"

Everyone gulped in disbelief.


When the sword ray that drowned the Void Ruler exploded, the Tempest King, Human Empress, and the others breathed a sigh of relief.

"He did it…"

The others were astonished as well.

The achievement of killing a Source Being would be for life, and Chu Kuangren's name would be written in the history books.

Even his future generations could brag about it forever!

"I really thought he's just a slightly stronger Monarch, but this is far beyond my expectation."

"He's not just monstrous; he's ridiculous!"

"The Void Ruler died at the hands of a Monarch? I bet it's the most depressing death for a Source Being."

Everyone lamented. However, Chu Kuangren did not release the Human Ancestor's sword just yet because, in his mind, Lil Ai said, "Master, the Void Ruler's vital signs are still active."

The Void Ruler was not quite dead.

He had taken a terrifying hit, but he did not die from it.

It was really difficult to kill a Source Being.

"Infinity Domain!"

Soon after Chu Kuangren expanded his domain to its limit, he sensed a subtle energy fluctuation in the void.

Without a second thought, he attacked with his sword qi again.


The void exploded, and the Void Ruler fell out with a thump. The Void Ruler glared at Chu Kuangren. "You noticed me? That explains why you can injure me to this extent."

He looked wretched covered in blood, and his aura was at its weakest.

It felt like he could die at any moment, but he did not.

The others were, once again, shocked.

The Tempest King and the others immediately turned solemn. They prepared all kinds of cultivation techniques to unleash another round of attack at the Void Ruler.

However, the Void Ruler ignored them all and glued his eyes on Chu Kuangren. "Young Human Monarch, tell me your name!"

"A dying person doesn't need to know my name."

"I admit I'm no match for you, but I am the Void Ruler! I rule over the void and s.p.a.ce! You can't possibly kill me!" the Void Ruler said confidently.

He managed to recover the dignity of a Source Being.

Even though he revered Chu Kuangren, he was not as afraid as before. "Your slash is terrifying. If I didn't transfer a part of my energy to the void, I would be dead. However, I am alive, and you won't have the chance anymore! If I want to leave, no one in the Infiniverse can stop me!"

He was right.

The Void Ruler was the strongest in controlling the s.p.a.ce and void.

If he wanted to leave, no one in the Infiniverse could stop him, not even Chu Kuangren with the Infinity Domain.

The Void Ruler must have a technique stronger than the Infinity Domain.

"Young Monarch, I will remember you and come back for revenge one day. Until then, not only you, but all the people around you will die! I will make you watch as I annihilate the entire human race!" The Void Ruler cackled.

He then glimmered in white sparks, and a spatial fluctuation spread.

"Run? Think again!"

The Tempest King and the others got nervous.

If they allowed the Void Ruler to escape, he would bring nothing but death and destruction when he came back.

They all used their cultivation techniques to stop the Void Ruler from leaving, but it was useless.

All the cultivation techniques were stopped by the pillar of light from his body, which released a powerful spatial fluctuation.

"See you. I will be back!" The Void Ruler cackled.

With that, the pillar of light merged into the void and disappeared.

However, everyone was shocked because the Void Ruler was still there after the light pillar disappeared.

"What is going on?" The Void Ruler was confused.

He stood on the spot and looked at everyone awkwardly.

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