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Chapter 1045: This Natural Acting Skills

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w.a.n.g Mingxiao couldn’t help but shake his head when he heard that. “I just came too, but I just saw a few of Qinghuan’s scenes. They were filmed very well. The next scene is still hers. The director even chatted with her alone for a while just now. It should be a relatively important scene.”

Jian Yiyi was jealous, but she couldn’t show it on her face. She could only laugh dryly. “Is that so? It must be hard on Qinghuan and she didn’t sleep all night.”

After filming, Jian Yiyi, as the third female lead, only acted in a few scenes in school. Most of them were scenes on the way to school. Although she had lines, they were boring. Jian Yiyi felt anyone could act in her silly and sweet role. There was no challenge at all.

Qinghuan was different. She had to pretend to be beaten up by her stepfather, bullied by her cla.s.smates, and act out all kinds of tragedies in her life to acc.u.mulate her resentment points. Only then would she feel satisfied after killing someone and taking revenge.

Moreover, after her role became evil, there was even more room for the actress to perform. This made Jian Yiyi, who was born to be an actress, want to try it even in her dreams. However, she was not the main character.


When Qiao Shuyi heard this, she said, “I think your cla.s.smate acted very well. Yiyi, watch more and you will learn a lot.”

Jian Yiyi’s expression froze. She turned to look at Qiao Shuyi and asked, “Mom, do you think I didn’t act well?”

Qiao Shuyi was stunned. She didn’t expect her daughter to have such a big reaction. She couldn’t help but deny it. “That’s not what Mom meant. Your roles are different. I mean for you to learn from each other. Perhaps you will act in such a role in the future. Wouldn’t you have experience then?”

Jian Yiyi gritted her teeth and turned around angrily.

Qiao Shuyi looked at her daughter’s back in surprise. She felt that her daughter’s temper had changed a lot recently. She often lost her temper for no reason or misinterpreted her words.

Although she was very willful in the past, she was at least reasonable. Now that she had suddenly become like this, Qiao Shuyi thought she was under too much pressure.

Soon, the next scene started. When they heard it was the first scene of the murder, almost everyone in the production team ran over to watch.

“No… Dad, no…”

“Please… Dad… don’t…”

Beside the haystack in the backyard, Ye Zheng cried until her throat was hoa.r.s.e as she struggled and begged for mercy. However, the middle-aged man on her became even more unrestrained. The man’s red face magnified and shouted in front of her, and his smelly breath landed on her face.

Her stepfather suddenly covered her mouth with his hand to prevent others from hearing her shouting. Her stepfather laughed lewdly and growled, “d.a.m.n girl, I’ve raised you for over ten years. Why are you so d.a.m.n unwilling to serve me? Anyway, you’ll get married in less than two years. Instead of letting others benefit, let me have a taste!”

Ye Zheng’s eyes were filled with pleading and fear. Tears filled her face. She protected her clothes with one hand and fumbled around in panic and fear with the other, as if looking for the last straw that could save her.

The real tears made everyone’s hearts clench. The director behind the camera was so excited that his eyes lit up. Such natural acting skills could affect the audience the most. At this moment, Qinghuan had completely integrated into the role. She knew in her heart that she was Ye Zheng.

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