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Chapter 1291 - 1291 The High Priest of the Ancient Sect!

1291 The High Priest of the Ancient Sect!

Although Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong denied they had saved the old man, Xiao Zhen had no intention of explaining further about the Ji family’s doubts. He only said, “Although Old Master Ji has already recovered his heart rhythm, his vital signs are still weak. I suggest you contact a formal hospital as soon as possible to treat him.”

“Leave the rest to the hospital.”

As Xiao Zhen spoke, he had already packed his things. In the end, he said, “I hope everyone present can keep what happened today a secret.”

When the Ji family heard this, they nodded in agreement. “Don’t worry, Divine Doctor Xiao. We won’t talk nonsense.”


From the Ji family’s att.i.tude, although Xiao Zhen did not admit that he had saved the old man, they still believed that he saved him.

Xiao Zhen didn’t explain further. He nodded at the other party and walked out with Zhi Tong.

Everyone turned around and went on their way. Xiao Zhen’s distant and cold temperament made everyone present swallow the questions in their hearts. They didn’t even dare to ask him.

As soon as he came out of Old Ji’s bedroom, he b.u.mped into Jian Ai and Ji Haoyu, who had just gone upstairs.

Xiao Zhen looked at Jian Ai. There was something in his gaze. Jian Ai understood and said to Ji Haoyu, “Go in and see Grandpa Ji first.”

Ji Haoyu knew that Jian Ai had something to say to her friend. Hearing this, he nodded and bowed deeply to Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong. It was obvious that Ji Haoyu also thought that these two people had saved his grandfather.

After Ji Haoyu entered the house, Jian Ai followed Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong downstairs.

They stopped in front of the villa.

“Xiao Zhen, do you have something to say?” Jian Ai went straight to the point.

Xiao Zhen looked at Jian Ai and nodded. “I believe it’s not difficult for the Sect Master to tell that Zhi Tong and I are not responsible for what had happened today.”

Jian Ai couldn’t help but frown. She had indeed realized that there was something else about Xiao Zhen’s expression from the beginning. Coupled with his words from before that he couldn’t treat the dead, Jian Ai was indeed puzzled about the entire matter.

However, other than that, she could not think of a way to make Xiao Zhen do this. After all, the truth of the entire matter was not something that could be guessed with imagination.

Jian Ai looked at Xiao Zhen and asked, “What happened? You said that you didn’t save him. Could it be that there was a third person tonight besides you and Zhi Tong?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Jian Ai’s expression darkened, as if she had grasped a premonition because of these words. On second thought, Xiao Zhen had used an extraordinary amount of time to rush over tonight. Could it be…

“Who did you meet on the way here?” Jian Ai blurted out instinctively.

If he had not been delayed by something on the way, Xiao Zhen would have arrived earlier.

Xiao Zhen nodded and looked at Jian Ai. “Sect Master is right. Someone else saved him tonight.”

“Who is it?” Jian Ai subconsciously asked.

Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong looked at each other. Then, Xiao Zhen lowered his voice and said, “The High Priest of the ancient sect!”

Jian Ai was speechless.

High Priest?

This answer surprised Jian Ai!

Jian Ai was unfamiliar with the High Priest. However, Bai Zhou had mentioned him once.

Bai Zhou said that other than the twelve guards and dozens of ordinary disciples, there was an extremely special person in the ancient sect. That person was the High Priest!

Since ancient times, the High Priest of the ancient sect was second only to one person in the sect. However, other than that, Jian Ai knew nothing else about the High Priest.

However… what shocked Jian Ai was why the High Priest suddenly appeared in Baiyun City, and why he wanted to save Old Master Ji.

Moreover, how did he expect Xiao Zhen to interfere in this matter and find him on the way here?

“The High Priest’s abilities are unfathomable. When he suddenly looked for me, I was also very surprised,” Xiao Zhen said truthfully.

Zhi Tong also said, “Moreover, after the High Priest appeared, he directly revealed his ident.i.ty and intentions. He seemed to have predicted that Brother Xiao Zhen would come to the Ji residence, so he entrusted him with this matter.”

Jian Ai couldn’t wrap her head around the truth.

In the end, the question Jian Ai was most curious about was why the High Priest would interfere in the Ji family’s matters.

Could it be that the High Priest was from the Ji family?

Otherwise, as the High Priest of the ancient sect, shouldn’t he look for her, the Sect Master, first when he suddenly returned to Baiyun City?

Since he could even calculate this matter, Jian Ai believed he could also determine who the current Sect Master was.

“Sect Master, if you’re curious about the High Priest’s ident.i.ty, why don’t you ask Bai Zhou?” Xiao Zhen seemed to have seen Jian Ai’s confusion and said slowly, “Because the High Priest cultivates in seclusion all year round, this is the first time I’ve seen him today. Perhaps Bai Zhou will know more!”

Jian Ai looked at Xiao Zhen and asked, “You also think that the High Priest is related to the Ji family?”

Xiao Zhen nodded without denying it. “He suddenly appeared with a very clear goal. It was to save Old Ji’s life. No one will believe that he has nothing to do with the Ji family.”

Jian Ai thought so too.

“How did he save Old Ji? Old Ji’s bedroom had sealed floor-to-ceiling windows. Did you send everyone away to make it easier for the High Priest to do things?” Jian Ai asked.

However, she was destined not to receive an answer to her question.

This was because Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong did not know how the High Priest did it.

“Things have exceeded our understanding of nature. The High Priest was not at the Ji residence at that time. Instead, he cast a spell to save Old Ji on the mountain behind the Ji residence!” Xiao Zhen said.

Jian Ai was in disbelief.

This High Priest was mysterious and powerful. His ident.i.ty seemed to be related to the Ji family. It had to be said that she was too curious!

However, Xiao Zhen and Zhi Tong knew little more than her. If she wanted to know more about the High Priest, she could only ask Bai Zhou.

It was unknown if the High Priest had contacted Bai Zhou when he suddenly came to Baiyun City.

“I’ll find Bai Zhou when I have time. You two have worked hard tonight,” Jian Ai said.

Xiao Zhen looked up at the Ji residence and slowly exhaled. He instructed again, “Sect Master, the people who saw Old Master Ji die with their own eyes today are all from the Ji family. There are also the medical staff who saved him. Remember to remind the Ji family not to tell anyone about what happened tonight. Otherwise, it might bring us unnecessary trouble.”

“I know. I’ll handle it. Don’t worry,” Jian Ai nodded and said.

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