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Chapter 430 - Finale

"Master, when we were at Salko Temple, we discovered a huge secret. The headquarters of Salko Temple is not on Blue Planet."

"They discovered a New World. The headquarters of Salko Temple is located in that world. Many people do not know this secret."

Flanders could not believe that the headquarters of Salko Temple was no longer on Blue Planet. He immediately entered the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage. In the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, he could sense the coordinates of Salko Temple.

He carefully observed the coordinates and Flanders found something interesting. The headquarters of the Salko Temple was actually in the s.p.a.ce near Blue Planet.

If he wanted to go, he could go at any time. But it was extremely dangerous for Flanders to enter the headquarters of the Salko Temple alone. He would not go.

Coming out of the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage, Flanders felt that he could take down the Salko temple now. But before attacking the Salko temple, he had to subdue Vivian and Hansen first.

The two of them also brought a lot of A+ rank powerhouses, which was a huge force. Flanders had to take them down.

Flanders was now strong, so he did not have to act in secret anymore.

He brought all the people from the s.p.a.ce pa.s.sage to the temporary camp of Salko Temple in the Ancient Forest.

"Captain Somerfeld, who is this young man? I have never seen him in the temple."

Hansen questioned Somerfeld with a doubtful tone. Hansen had a telepathic feeling that he could sense danger from anyone he saw.

This talent was a bug, but it also had a huge weakness. It required face-to-face contact.

The moment he saw Somerfeld, his heart beat wildly. He knew that the captain might have betrayed him. He could not believe that his captain would betray the Salko Temple.

"Hansen, I know your ability. Even if you sensed something, it's too late. Surrender!"

"Somerfeld, you really betrayed the temple. I won't let you go."

"You ungrateful guy. Have you forgotten how the temple trained you?"

No matter how Hansen questioned, Somerfeld did not seem to mind.


"You're good. I need men like you."

When Hansen heard the young man's words, he could not believe that such a young man could make so many powerful men of the temple submit.

"I don't know who you are, but it doesn't matter. You can't bear the consequences of offending the temple. It's not too late to surrender."

Hansen was attracting Flanders while Vivian was secretly sending a message to the headquarters of the Salko Temple.

"Vivian, don't waste your time. The s.p.a.ce around here has been sealed by my magic. Your message can't be sent out at all."

Somerfeld knew about Vivian's ability. He could communicate with the headquarters from a long distance. This kind of mind magic was very domineering.

"Not bad. I'm so happy to meet two humans who are proficient in mind magic at once!"

Flanders did not want to waste any more time. He activated his Domain of Fear and instantly enveloped everyone present.

"Brothers, for the temple, let's fight!"

Hansen immediately mobilized all the temple's A+ rank elders to start fighting. However, they were deep in the Domain of Fear. They were all bewitched by the illusion.

Soon, all the A+ elders of the Salko temple were subdued by Flanders, leaving Hansen and Vivian alone.

The two of them were wrapped in a black water ball. At this moment, they no longer had any magic power. The two of them were like two lambs waiting to be slaughtered. Flanders had successfully subdued the two of them.

Three days later, the Demon of Fear system had successfully upgraded, and Flanders had also advanced to S rank. He could now be said to be the most powerful existence on the entire Blue Planet.

He was protected by the entire blue planet. After Flanders advanced to S rank, he could clearly feel the will of the Blue Planet.

He felt that the entire Blue Planet seemed to be encouraging him to destroy the Salko Temple. It seemed that the will of the Blue Planet was also dissatisfied with the actions of the Salko Temple.

Using the resources of the entire Blue Planet to fund other worlds, it was impossible for the Blue Planet not to have objections. In fact, the old temple master of Salko Temple could also feel the Blue Planet.

However, what he had to do was to put the benefits of Salko temple first. As for the Blue Planet, they did not care too much about it.

What made Flanders happy was that there were already 800 A+ rank ghosts in the ghost altar. Looking at this enormous power, Flanders's confidence soared.

After Flanders advanced to S rank, what he did not expect was that his Seven Chains of Desire had actually broken through. Now, his little scarecrow had six chains on its body, leaving only the last chain that had not broken through.

What a pleasant surprise. Even Flanders did not know how he broke through. The most difficult part of the Seven Chains of Desire was the white chain, which was the most important hurdle.

As long as the white chain broke through, the remaining chains could be mastered sooner or later.

Flanders studied it carefully. He found that he wanted to break through the white chain, it was better not to deliberately cultivate it. The more one forgot about it, the faster one would cultivate it.

This white chain represented laziness. One had already cultivated to five chains. The foundation had already been laid. The rest did not need to be cared about. The white chain would be formed naturally.

However, there were many people who did not understand. They had spent countless amounts of time and energy, but in the end, they still had nothing.

Flanders told this news to the Scott family. The Scott family's old patriarch came to a sudden realization. They finally knew where they were wrong.

The Salko Temple urgently recalled the elders in the Ancient Forest. The Salko Temple had encountered a crisis in the New World. The New World had been discovered by the Abyssal magic region.

The Abyssal magic region had invaded the New World. The endless number of Abyssal magic region warriors had overwhelmed the Salko temple. In just two days, they had turned into a disadvantage.

The Salko temple could no longer keep it a secret. They recalled all the A+ and S rank elders. The New World belonged to them, and they were going to fight to the death.


"The heavens are really on my side! Let's attack while they are weak."

When Flanders heard about this, he immediately decided to take the opportunity to destroy the Salko Temple.

Even if the people of the Salko temple knelt down and submitted to him now, it would be useless. Flanders had to destroy this magic force.

Flanders brought the members of the Salko temple that he had subdued to the headquarters of the Salko Temple. After arriving at the headquarters, Flanders laughed wildly.


"Foolish Salko Temple, this is the consequence of offending the scarecrow!"

Flanders opened the spatial rift, and the specters surged out like a tide. Flanders had been maintaining the stability of the spatial rift.

As long as the spatial rift did not disappear, it did not matter even if the ghost strange creatures died in battle. They would be resurrected in the ghost altar.

Then, they would once again enter the headquarters of the Salko Temple through the spatial rift to partic.i.p.ate in the battle. Flanders's move caught the Salko temple by surprise.

All the members of the Salko temple who had been subdued by Flanders also made their moves. Under the desperate attacks of the ghosts, the Salko Temple was forced to retreat.

In the end, only the old temple master was left. He was so old that he could hardly move. He only had one chance to fight, and after using it, he would completely disappear from this world.

The old temple master began to gather magic power. His body was rapidly recovering, and soon he returned to his young state.

Almost anyone was his opponent. Flanders saw the old temple master and immediately accepted the battle.

No matter how strong the old temple master was, he still had no chance of winning against Flanders.

His attack landed on Flanders's body and was perfectly neutralized by the Battle Demonic G.o.d's body. However, when Flanders's Explosive Fist landed on the old temple master's body, his internal organs were instantly ruptured.

The old temple master's condition began to deteriorate. He gradually returned to his old appearance.

He wanted to say something, but his internal injuries made him unable to speak. Then, he fell to the ground and died.

Soon, the entire Salko Temple headquarters was occupied by Flanders.

"Master, I have a request!"

Somerfeld already knew that the Salko Temple headquarters was in the New World. He could not bear for the people of the New World to be ma.s.sacred by the monsters of the Abyssal magic region.

He wanted to save those people. After Flanders heard that, he did not immediately agree. Instead, he called the ghost king.

"Ghost king, my promise to you is always valid. If you want to leave now, I won't stop you."

"I have a request. There are still many humans in the New World. They are being chased by the monsters of the Abyssal magic region. I want to ask you to save them."

When the ghost king heard that it was the monsters of the Abyssal Magic Region, his eyes immediately turned red. There was an irreconcilable hatred between the ghosts and the Abyssal magic region.

They did not reject Flanders. Flanders brought everyone to the New World.

With the powerful ghost strange creature army, the Abyssal magic region was simply not a match for them. They were mercilessly killed.

Flanders found the Abyssal pa.s.sage. He now had many fear points. He used them to exchange for 50 s.p.a.ce sealing stones.

The Abyssal pa.s.sage was sealed tightly by Flanders. Even if he knew the coordinates of the New World, it would take him tens of thousands of years to break through the 50 layers of seals.

As for 10,000 years later, that was not something Flanders could control.

The ghost king felt that the underground of the new world was very suitable for sleeping. Since the ghost clan had chosen this place, Flanders naturally would not stop them.

After Flanders left the New World, he felt a little bored. It was the kind of boredom without an opponent.

He wanted to live a peaceful life for a period of time. He re-sealed the gates of h.e.l.l. This time, the seventh fallen angel was furious. Seeing that the seal was about to be broken, he ended up sealing it again.

The spatial array master told him that it would take at least 1,000 years to break the seal this time.

"My Devil's Heart!"

No matter how upset the seventh fallen angel was, he was still unable to break through the seal.

Flanders lived a happy little life. Emil, Warfarin, and Joanna happily nestled by Flanders's side.


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