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1448 It’s You (4)

Him? Mu Canghai raised his brows in confusion. Was it Qu Lanyi? Or someone else?

“We’re here!” Er Lei’s voice sounded. Yun Feng also clearly felt that the Dragon Palace was traveling in a vast area, leaving the narrow dark pa.s.sage. Looking at the light spot on the Finger Spiritual Jade, Yun Feng had a smile in her eyes. How long had it been? She wondered how he was.

“I’ll go out first. You should stay here.” Yun Feng was worried about Mu Canghai. Mu Canghai could only nod. Since there were people Yun Feng knew nearby, he could be at ease. Seeing how happy Yun Feng was, he should be a very good friend. However, which friend would appear here?

“I’m going out,” said Yun Feng. Mu Canghai nodded. “Be careful.”

Yun Feng nodded and her body instantly flashed out of the Dragon Palace. A beam of purple light also appeared. The moment the Er Lei appeared, the silver snakes danced crazily. They thought there would be a strong dragon breath, but the two of them obviously couldn’t feel that aura. In its place was another familiar aura!


“F*ck, how long am I going to be locked up here? I want to get out!” A furious roar came from the depths. The smile at the corners of Yun Feng’s mouth became bigger. Er Lei’s eyes glittered. Then, his body suddenly darted forward and he roared, “F*ck you! I’ve finally seen you!”

Er Lei ran deeper as he cursed. Even though his words were rough, he couldn’t hide the excitement in them. Yun Feng also followed him with a smile in her eyes. Thinking of that familiar figure, she couldn’t help but think back to many years ago. How long had it been… She didn’t expect to meet him here.

“Ao Jin! F*ck you, get out here right now!” Er Lei’s earth-shattering roar resounded throughout the entire cave. The wall shook slightly. After a few seconds of silence, a voice burst out. “Lei! Why are you here?”

The smile in Yun Feng’s eyes became deeper. The familiar voice and the familiar aura. Everything seemed to have returned to the time when she met Ao Jin. At that time, she accidentally broke into a place in the Great Crack and met Ao Jin, who was trapped inside. The scene today was so similar. Yun Feng sped up a lot. How was Uncle Flirtatious right now? What would he become? Yun Feng was especially excited to reunite with her old friend. Yun Feng sped up and rushed deeper. She saw a hazy light at the end. Yun Feng sped up even more and the light became bigger and bigger. Yun Feng jumped in and saw Ao Jin… an extremely familiar figure.

The messy uncle image appeared again. He was really the same as Er Lei… sloppy. Yun Feng thought of Ao Jin’s originally handsome appearance and then looked at the figures of the two men in front of her. She really couldn’t tell what kind of awkward feeling she was in her mind. In the end, she smiled.

Ao Jin, who looked like a messy uncle, hadn’t had time to catch up with Er Lei when he suddenly heard a voice that he hadn’t heard for a long time. He turned around and saw Yun Feng, who was standing not far away with a smile and had already grown up. Ao Jin still couldn’t accept it. After all, Yun Feng was just a half-grown child when he met Yun Feng, but now… she was a beautiful woman.

Those golden eyes narrowed. Ao Jin immediately ignored Er Lei and rushed over in big steps. His speed was so fast that Yun Feng was picked up by a pair of strong arms before she could react! “Kid! It’s you!”

“Put me down! Put me down!” Yun Feng’s face completely flushed. She wasn’t little anymore. But Uncle Flirtatious raised her so high like he was holding a child! Looking at Yun Feng’s flushed face, Ao Jin was a bit dazed. How many years had it been? He hadn’t seen her again since they separated in the Yun family that time. He originally wanted to find the girl, but he didn’t expect things to turn out this way. They met here!

Ao Jin held Yun Feng up and immersed himself in his own thoughts. He looked at Yun Feng foolishly with his golden eyes. Yun Feng blushed and roared, “Uncle Flirtatious! If you don’t put me down, I’m going to attack!”

“What? Kid, what did you say?” Ao Jin was still in a daze. Yun Feng blushed and immediately extended her finger. A beam of white light suddenly flew out of Yun Feng’s bracelet and two rows of sharp teeth bit Ao Jin’s arm fiercely!

“Argh!” Ao Jin suddenly cried out in pain and quickly put Yun Feng on the ground, trying to save his injured arm. The sharp teeth retreated the moment Yun Feng was released and the white light returned to Yun Feng’s shoulder like lightning. Meatball looked straight at Ao Jin with the same provocation and threat in its big eyes. Its little body also arched completely, as if it wanted to say, “I dare you to touch Yun Feng again.”

Ao Jin finally came back to himself. He looked at the bleeding wound on his arm and smiled wryly. “Its teeth are still so powerful. I can see blood after just one attack.”

Er Lei walked over and looked at Ao Jin unhappily. “You deserve it! You forget your friends when you see a woman!”

Ao Jin was stunned for a moment. Then, he smiled a bit embarra.s.sedly and looked at Yun Feng with his golden eyes. “Kid, it’s been so long. Did you miss me?”

Yun Feng was a bit embarra.s.sed. Was Ao Jin still calling her a kid? Even though she looked very young, she was really almost thirty years old and her mental age was much older than thirty! Er Lei glanced at Ao Jin weirdly on the side with a conflicted look. “What’s wrong with you? Why are you talking like this? I’m so freaked out!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “It’s been so long. Uncle Flirtatious is still the same as before.”

Ao Jin was stunned again. After thinking about his current image, his expression suddenly changed and golden light immediately surged out of his entire body. When he appeared again, he had already returned to his original handsome appearance. His soft and elegant golden hair and facial features that were like sculptures, as well as his eyes that were glittering with faint golden light. The change from his messy uncle appearance just then to his current handsome man was extraordinary.

“F*ck! You said back then that you and I would look like this after transforming!” Er Lei roared in dissatisfaction. Ao Jin glanced at him with his golden eyes. “If you’re dissatisfied, you should return to your original appearance.” Er Lei’s purple eyes immediately widened. “I don’t want it!”

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