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Chapter 55: Worth?

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When they arrived at the town, Gu Shouxin and Cai Xiaolian did not go to the gathering place of hawkers, because those who went there to buy things would not have their target customers.

They arrived at the West City of the town. The West City was close to the pier. There was a street here with restaurants, inns, dim sum shops, and other businesses.

Of course, there were also hawkers who set up stalls, but there were not many.

A family of four found a stall selling jade and rouge and set up their own stall next to them.

Behind them, there was a dried fruit shop and a pastry shop.

The stall next door saw that they had brought out bowls and these, and only then did he heave a sigh of relief.

He did not want anyone to come and steal his business. There were too many stalls selling jade and rouge on this street. Although the things they sold were not real and were fake, the little girls and young masters of the town also liked to come here!

It was good that they were not here to steal business!

“Hey, Brother, what are you selling here? All these pots are for food, right? Why don’t you go to the North City? The North City sells a lot of food!” the stall owner next door asked curiously.

“Ah? The North City sells food? We don’t know yet! This is the first time we’re selling things, so we don’t know the situation. But since we’re already here, we’ll just set up here today. We won’t disturb you, right?” Cai Xiaolian asked with a smile.

Gu Xin blinked her big eyes. They had just pa.s.sed by North City! Why did Mother say she didn’t know?

“Won’t disturb, won’t disturb! Sister-in-Law, what is this?” The stall vendor shook his head and sniffed. He felt that the food in the basin was a little fragrant. He was a little hungry.

“We made our own pastries! I won’t tell you about it first. We’ll talk after we set it up!” Cai Xiaolian said as she began to tidy up.

Their ox-cart didn’t rush over here. Instead, they went to the livestock market to look for an acquaintance.

This acquaintance was a man from San Cha Kou Village. He was a good man with the surname Guo. People called him Uncle Guo. He was responsible for driving the cart from the town to San Cha Kou Village and the surrounding villages. He made two trips every day.

He placed a tray on the back of the cart and took out a large plate. The cut cake was still in the shape of a large bowl. It was neatly placed there.

“It smells so good, Sister-in-Law! What kind of food is this? How much is it?” The stall next door saw the real face and couldn’t help but ask again.

“This is called a cake, a cake made from eggs. Three for a hundred, one for thirty-five yuan. Brother, do you want one?” Cai Xiaolian explained, and then picked out a piece.

“What? Thirty-five yuan for one? You’re robbing money! What egg?” the stall vendor said in surprise.

“Uncle, we’re not robbing you, we’re doing business! Don’t talk nonsense!” Gu Xin mustered up her courage, clenched her fists, and spoke unhappily.

The people outside were really bad. Her eldest cousin was right. It was obviously a good thing, but these people wanted to buy it, yet they wanted to lower the price. They were really bad people!

Was it easy for her father to get rid of the egg whites in the morning?

Moreover, she had secretly added a bowl of water when her sister was boiling the egg whites. There were jade beads in the water.

Jade beads were a divine item given by Little Carp. It was too much!

“Little sister, I’m not talking nonsense! Look at the red bean shop at the back. There are people’s favorite pastries in the town, like the one your mother is holding. It’s only ten per wen, and your mother is selling it for thirty-five coins. Isn’t that robbery?” the vendor explained patiently.

Gu Xin pursed her lips. She didn’t know how to retort. She stared at the vendor, unhappy.

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