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Chapter 994: In the Flick of a Finger, We Meet Across Time and s.p.a.ce !_1

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The Daliang Kingdom had experienced six generations of emperors. It was now the twenty-fifth year of Emperor Xuande’s reign.

It was rumored that when the battle between Emperor Taizu and the remnants of the previous dynasty reached its climax, a fire suddenly descended from the sky. In one night, the remnants of the previous dynasty were all wiped out.

Now, Daliang’s national strength was growing stronger and stronger.

The current Emperor Xuande had a clean administration and established Xuanwu Guards to monitor the martial artists in the world.


County City, Zhang County.

Liancang City.

The snowflakes were mixed in with the northern wind, blowing on the faces of every pa.s.serby who was in a hurry.

A few random soldiers in cotton-padded jackets leaned against the city gate and shouted at the people entering the city.

“It’s almost curfew. Those with money can stay in an inn. Those without money, go, go, go over there.”

Most of the people who entered the city through the east gate were poor families, and there was not much money to squeeze out.

After collecting the entrance fee, a few lazy men chased away the people entering the city like they were chasing away flies.

After entering through the east gate, the slums that the soldiers had mentioned were located in the east.

Su Mo was wearing a tattered long coat, and the wrinkles on his face were mixed with coal black. He looked like a pitiful old man who had reached the end of his life.

After the soldiers took a look, they naturally regarded him as a refugee from the county city and drove him to the so-called slums.

It was already the middle of winter. No one knew that it had been more than three months since he came to this world.

After looking at the white papers hanging on the city gate, Su Mo strode in as if nothing had happened.

When Su Mo’s figure disappeared into the wind and snow, a piece of white paper hanging on the city gate was blown by the cold wind and fell to the ground.

The leading soldier cried out in bad luck and spat on the back of the paper, staining it again.

After tidying up the crumpled paper and sticking the big words on the t.i.tle, he led his troops back to his original position.

“Sir, is this a wanted criminal? The person who just entered looks a little similar.”

A thin man with a simple and honest face said timidly.

“ Shoo, shoo, shoo, which one of them isn’t the great thief of the ocean? Take the demon-crus.h.i.+ng devil Su Mo for example. It’s said that all the people killed by this devil had their veins broken, and even their hearts were smashed into pieces. The scene is so terrifying.”

“From the initial reward of 30 taels of silver, this person had been chased by the government and committed crimes everywhere. Now, he is a demon with 500 taels of silver and has the strength of the peak of Ming Jin. How could such a vicious person mix with you bitter people and enter the city?

As he spoke, the commander seemed to feel that more people were blocking the city gate to listen to the story. With a wave of his hand, his subordinates kicked and beat them up, scaring the people so much that they rolled and crawled.

Su Mo did not hear the people behind him talking about him. He hurried into the city and after a good meal at the inn, he called the waiter to open a room and rest.

The most dangerous place was also the safest place.

The reason why Su Mo, who had been walking on the edge of the blade, had never been caught by the authorities was not only because of his strength at the peak of Ming Jin, but also because of his audacity.

The inn they were staying in today was only two hundred steps away from the government. Opening the window of the room, one could directly see the officers entering and leaving the yamen.

No matter how hard these people thought, they would never have thought that such a great thief would actually live beside them.

Name: Su Mo

Age: 68

“Cultivation: Peak of light Jin (Qi and blood decline)

[Technique: Level 1 Vajra Palm, Level 1 Verdure Glider, Level 1 Vajra Force]

After activating Profound Insight, Su Mo nodded in satisfaction.

When he first transmigrated to this world, he discovered that although there were no immortal cultivators in this world, they had gone further in martial arts than the world he was in.

It was even rumored that there were martial artists at the peak of the Transcendent State who almost shattered the void and ascended.

Although there was a time difference of 800, he never dared to forget that the world where his true body was was in was in imminent danger.

If he didn’t make any progress within a year, he would only die if he went back. The world was different, so the language was different. Fortunately, Insight could help him understand the meaning of the words. In a world with a low level of culture, the language would not be complicated.

In just a month, basic communication was no longer a problem.

In the remaining two months, he went to several large martial arts centers in several places, hoping to obtain martial arts techniques by asking for advice. Other than the fact that his physical body cultivation was at the peak of Bright Jin, his martial arts techniques in his previous life were extremely lousy. It was no wonder that Profound Insight did not take notice of him.

Unfortunately, no martial arts school was willing to take in a 68-year-old man as a disciple and teach him martial arts.

Helpless, Su Mo could only ignore the morality of the martial world and attack at night to steal the cultivation technique.

in this world, time was getting shorter and shorter. With Su Mo’s skills and strength, he could take a roundabout route to save the country and obtain the secret manual.

For example, he could completely subdue the martial artist who inherited the Vajra Palm. There were also the two hall masters who followed him. There were at least hundreds of ways to beat them into obtaining the secret manual. “However, I do not wish to do so…” Su Mo sighed in his heart.

Time waits for no one. A minute of delay would be a crisis. He was not a newcomer to the martial arts world, so he knew how to make a choice.

His martial arts were improving. The current him could completely suppress himself when he was at his peak. However, right now, the more important thing was how to escape from a near-death situation.

The night pa.s.sed without a word. The next morning, after smearing the coal black on his face again, Su Mo leaped out of the back wall of the inn..

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