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Chapter 1092 Did His Best,Still Not Enough...

'Don't tell me he is going to pull this off...'

Marquise Sebastian palms sweated a bit as he watched the stream of the game in his castle.

The only reason he had no problems getting eliminated this early from the game was his confidence in Felix's inability to win this game.

In his eyes, Felix was simply against too many odds and the time wasn't his ally...However, the more he watched, the more nervous he got.

"Just relax...He has just tied up with forth ranker's score." Marquise Sebastian exhaled to calm himself, "He is still way too far from the first ranker.'

Even Felix didn't seem too pleased by his latest victory after glancing at the ranking.

'I have to slay four celestials to catch up.' Felix frowned, 'That's if the other teams failed to kill anything for the next six hours or so.'

Felix wasn't liking the sound of this because he knew that the celestials' sp.a.w.n wasn't infinite...There was a limited number of them and if they got slain, a G.o.d would be sp.a.w.ned.

Felix understood that dealing with that G.o.d wasn't going to be a smooth experience.


A couple of hundred kilometers away, another player wasn't having the best experience at the moment.

It was non-other than Aquamia, who found out about the elimination of her partner a few moments ago.

'f.a.gur! You stupid b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Couldn't you just wait for me?' Aquamia cursed while halting her chase.

Now that she had lost her partner, Aquamia wasn't too sure any more about hunting down Felix.

She wasn't delusional to believe that she could dominate Felix alone...Especially, when she knew that he had water abilities as well.

So, she could only keep cursing Felix and her partner while surfing in the opposite direction.


Minutes went by then hours...Before long, only one hour left in the lifespan of the game.

Felix's fans didn't seem as lively as always. All of them were either disappointed or placed in utter despair.

It was clear that despairing viewers must have gambled on Felix heavily to win this game.

Unfortunately, the score was frozen like this for the past hour.

//1)Mipopo/Daydreamer's team: 1,500k points

2)Jaygat/Elder Forrester's team: 1,350k points

3)Knight guard N8/Garr's team: 1,200k points

4)Unpaid Landlord/Marquise Sebastian's team: 1,200k points.

5)f.a.gur/Aquamia's team: 950k points.//

"Landlord has really done an amazingly remarkable job on his own to bridge the gap to this extent." Ulfang shook his head, "Too bad, the others are just as good."

The fact that Felix could be considered as third was quite admirable...To highlight just how diffuclt was to hunt celestials alone, Aquamia barely killed one after f.a.gur got eliminated.

Meanwhile, Felix had slayed seven in total without counting the first one!

"This is really an unfortunate game." Selphie sighed in frustration as she watched Felix searching for celestials with a solemn expression.

She knew that he wasn't going to find one any time soon since there wasn't a single celestial sp.a.w.ning anymore!

The last alive celestial was currently fighting Mipopo and Daydreamer...Everyone knew that the moment they slay it, the game would step into the second phase.

The G.o.d's Raid!

"Can Felix slay the G.o.d?" Elnora wondered, "He is always creating miracles, why can't he do it again? He will be earning five million points and instantly win the game."

"Easier said than done." Aegnor shook his head, "It's not called a G.o.d's raid for no reason. Clearly, they made the ent.i.ty so strong, it wouldn't be possible to slay him without all the teams working together."

"There are only eight players left." Elnora added, "In fact, there are only six players left since Mipopo and Daydreamer would do their very best to make it impossible for others to slay the G.o.d."

Selphie, Aegnor and Baron nodded in agreement. They knew that Mipopo and Daydreamers would be securing their victory in this game after the celestials stop sp.a.w.ning.

The only way for them to lose was to either get directly eliminated or slay the G.o.d and earn those five millions.

So, why bother join the raid and help their enemies?

"Knowing that it's banned for teams to ally together, it will be extremely challenging for those six players to trust each other or even communicate properly." Baron mentioned.

"So, what are you saying?" Carwen said softly, "Is this game really over for Felix?"

"Unfortunately, the odds say so." Aegnor sighed.

Aegnor's pessimistic view was doubled down by other viewers as almost everyone believed that the game was going to end in favor of Mipopo and Daydreamer.

Even the primogenitors thought so, and it didn't feel good to them.

"This is quite embarra.s.sing to be honest." Erebus coughed, "The non two champions winning over us."

"It happens." Cherufe chuckled, not feeling too bothered by the thought...He knew that in empyrean rank, everyone was a force to be reckoned with even if they represented no one.

"I am quite satisfied with seeing that little cutie finally lose a game." k.u.miho giggled, "I am curious to see his reaction."

k.u.miho was also part of the bet as Knight Guard N8 represented her in this game.

Since the Hive Race weren't descendants of any one of them, naturally they weren't obliged to be sponsored by just one primogenitor.

In this case, Siren and k.u.miho had shared custody of them.

"You sure likes having your hopes up." Lady Sphinx remarked calmly.

"I am not raising them if the result is certain." k.u.miho replied with a faint cold smile...She still wasn't over the last game, when she lost three monoliths at once.

"We will see about that."

The moment Lady Sphinx said so, Queen Ai announced throughout the entire moon:

"Congratulation, All the summoned Celestials have been slain! Please prepare for the G.o.d's Raid. He will be sp.a.w.ned in one minute at the dark side of the moon. You have been given the exact coordinates."

Queen Ai repeated the announcement two times, making everyone feel crestfallen but Mipopo and Daydreamer.

'I am still short of three celestials...' Felix clutched his fists with a disheartened expression after seeing the new ranking.

He really gave it his very best and still, it wasn't enough.

Felix was sensible enough to understand that it wasn't the best time to mope around or blame his luck over this situation.

He took a deep breath to ease his agitation and began a new journey towards the dark side of the moon.

This time, he used his slingshot technique to help him arrive there faster than anyone else.

He didn't use it before because it was extremely diffuclt to see anything while traveling at such crazy speed...He didn't want to go past celestials.

Although Felix wanted to go there as quickly as possible, he had no intentions of fighting the G.o.d alone.

He knew that the G.o.d posessed five times the strength of a celestial and also all of their abilities!

All of their abilities in the sense that the G.o.d would be a strong mentalist, elementalist, and also possess five times the physical strength of a barbarian celestial!

No matter how Felix thought about it, he saw no way to win against this behemoth on his own.

Still, he was going, knowing that no other option was left...


In a few moments at best, Felix landed at the dark side of the moon.

It might be called the dark side, but it was equally lighted like the rest of the moon. This wasn't modified by anyone as it was a natural occurrence.

That's because the sunlight fall equally on all sides of the Moon...It was only 'dark' to those viewing from the near planet due to a phenomenon known as 'Tidal Locking'.

Anyhow, Felix buried himself deep underground and made his golems close the hole before sending them away.

Then, he drank the same potion that provided him with perfect invisibility in his previous game.

Felix brought just one and saved it for this phase, knowing that he would be needing everything if he was placed in this d.a.m.ning scenario.

"Landlord has turned himself invisible near the sp.a.w.n area of the G.o.d." Ulfang commentated, "Is he considering last hitting the G.o.d in case other players decided to fight it?"

Some thought that it was a smart idea while others believed that Felix was shooting himself in the foot.

"If he also hid, this will bring the numbers to merely five players. I doubt they will dare a.s.sault the G.o.d with such a few numbers while knowing that three players might be spying on them." Aspidochelone mentioned.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much." Siren chuckled, "That kid has still underestimated the prowess of the G.o.d."

Even if Felix heard her, he wouldn't know what she was talking about.

He was confident in his potion, the depth of the hole, and lastly, the isolating gemstone cube, where he was hiding in.

Suddenly, Felix was forced to squint his eyes after a blinding flash of light emerged a couple of kilometers away from him.

He was forced to do so while his vision provided him with merely infrared light!

For everyone else? All of them ended up closing their eyes shut, feeling like they were staring directly into the sun!

Ulfang swiftly dialed down the brightness to help his fellow viewers. Everyone started opening their eyes slowly after the light became gentle.

When their eyes landed on the source, everyone was was frozen in place with stunned expression, incapable of comprehending what they were seeing.

"Is that an actual G.o.d..."


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